Students in Dawn Ray's AP Calculus class at Hickory Ridge High School built and tested model roller coasters as part of a class project last week. Juniors and seniors at Hickory Ridge High School completed projects this week that Advanced Placement Calculus students before them had never done. Making a model roller coaster is a great way to study physics and the science around structural integrity. Build a Model RollercoasterReview the roller coaster design plan completely before beginning.
Build a Model RollercoasterPlace Popsicle sticks for the ground level on a stable base and secure with glue.
Build a Model RollercoasterGlue subsequent Popsicle sticks per instructions on roller coaster design.

Use craft glue rather than Elmer’s glue to provide additional strength for the model. This is an instructional video of how to build a roller coaster that can handle the weight of an adult. This is the first update of my re-creation of the homemade roller coaster, Cosmic Treasure. My 13th K'nex model roller coaster, featuring a "thrill lift".The music in this video is "Wonderful" by Jeremiah Pena.
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But prepackaged kits may limit your design options or may be prohibited from a science fair.

It should provide step-by-step guidelines on how to build the track, what types of materials are best and the finished size of the track. Homemade models can be made with many different materials but the most common are toothpicks, balsa wood, Popsicle sticks and foil.
Measure carefully to ensure the Popsicle sticks for the track are parallel to each other, like a railroad track, so they will hold the marble safely. Wooden materials are not usually flexible enough to build a model with loops or corkscrews.

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