This summer, invite your children to experiment something different that keeps them busy and happy. If you have a teenage daughter or son, you can teach them to make sophisticated DIY objects. I wanted to build R2-D2 for my son's birthday party but didn't want to spend two years and $10,000 so I went with a non-moving (for now) cardboard version. How would you like an incredibly strong, cool, and cheap building material for making lightweight tables, chairs, shelves, or anything else you can think of. This instructable shows you how to construct a miniature Ames Room from a layout using paper.
In school for the last five or six years, I made a handful of cardboard chairs for various studio projects, design competitions, and to furnish my apartment. In this instructional will be teaching how to make war games terrain pieces,For use with Warhammer scale Models,Or Trains Etc.
When you build things a lot, you tend to take for granted the things you have picked up over the years.
This tutorial will show you how to create PDF files out of your PDO using Pepakura Viewer ! The best part of Borderlands is Claptrap, the CL4P-TP general purpose robot.I wanted to include Claptrap at my wedding, and to give him a job to do, so I decided to make a Claptrap card box to guard the gift table. Yukon Educational Theater approached YuKonstruct earlier this year to ask if the makerspace and Chris Lloyd, who designed the cardboard airplane costumes, would be interested in building the effigy for Burning Away the Winter Blues. Honeycombs can be found in a vast variety of structures, especially as core infill for composite sandwiches used in aerospace structures as well as your everyday kitchen door. Sometimes, the plastic fan blade of a fan can be prone to breaking, rendering the fan useless, even though the motor is still able to run well. This instructable is part of the Instructables Build Night with Dodocase at the Taipei Hackerspace.One difficulty with the Dodocase VR is that one has to hold them in their hand to use it (even with both hands, ideally).

Just like my Faux Fireplace, I also saw something out at a store like this, and this time it was very well crafted, but way more money than I was wanting to spend, so I figured I would make my own.
Since their advent in the Middle Ages, clocks have been made in a seemingly infinite range of styles.
This is a cheap, easy to make and attractive solution to storing all the things that (like me) you cannot bring yourself to throw away.I chose a standard sized (33cm x 46cm) cardboard stock box for this project as it allowed me to use all the available space on an over the door shelf.
What's better than making a toy for a child out of upcycled material that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the adult eye?
For publish my project on instructables, I need to take lots of photos and needed a handy place to quickly take the step-by-step project shots that has a plain background and lots of light.
Here's one of the very simple projects anyone can do with really little tools and materials. Did you ever dream of a technical device that lacks of basically everything that it is made for? It's always been cool to see the car commercials depicting the clean, crisp, curvature of cars (namely the Infiniti commercials).
Cicero flying field - lincoln beachey, The origin of cicero flying field is rooted in the efforts of one man, octave chanute, chicago rail and civil engineer, and devoted ‘aeronauticist.’. By filling beeswax in the core of big seashells, they can construct a t-light candles or candle holders.
An Ames room is a distorted room that gives the optical illusion of depth, distance and varying size.
I have been making these for around 10years due to the highly expensive prices pre made buildings will cost you most likely in the £100s and 100s.
In this Instructable I will walk you guys through the design and build process of making a cardboard chair. Along with that, we've stepped up learning to upcycle and repurpose the unused, unneeded and unwanted.

For certain applications it is useful to have section-varying honeycombs to perfectly match your profile.
A non-functioning fan can be very inconvenient, especially when all you want to do is cool off on a hot summer day. Even in the present day, they continue to be reinvented, with do-it-yourselfers coming up with ever more creative designs.
So I decided to spend the best part of two days making a pair of cardboard binocular microscopes. Although many of you will think this tube shape is not really practical to be a shelf, and  you wont be wrong, it's very eye catching and most certainly wont go unnoticed. This robot's entire body is made from cardboard.making this bot consisted of cutting cardboard and adding servos to push up each cardboard piece. With two and a half 4'X4' sheets of heavy duty cardboard, paper templates, and a box cutter, you can make this comfortable and sturdy piece in a few hours.
Originally, I thought one would suffice but I wasn't satisfied with the results so went ahead and made a second scope. The outcome of this Instructable will be a 1:1 black or blue PlayStation 4 controller completely out of paper and function. If you want you can decorate the coin bank with cardboard, stickers or paintings as you like.

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