KHR-2HV is a big hit in Japan, users have relied on Kondo Kagaku robots since they are the most sturdy robots in the market.
Realise complex motion with an easy input?I It is easy to make complex motion thanks to the teaching system.
80 patterns of motions can be input The memory can store up to 30 steps per pattern of motion which represents a total of 2400 steps. 24 degrees of freedom is possible at most The robot is equipped with 19 degrees of freedom (19ch=19 servos). Firm arm brackets Thanks to the firm arm brackets, the shoulder can move up to 1.4 times of angle, which enables more various motions.
USB connection Connected to the computer with USB adapter, the robot can be operated more easily.
Reinforced resin-treated servo armKondo Kagaku has developed a new resin-treated servo arm which enables easier assembling and smoother movement.
New motherboard with concentrated control system You can elaborate the control of individual settings (thanks to the ICS servo control setting tool).
Cable guides They enable to put together the leading wires along with the body and guarantee smooth moving.
17 KRS-788HV servo motors They are sturdy and they perform realiable torque and precise motions.
Wireless control (sold separately) You can call 80 types of motions datas at once and operate the robot. Much more movable knee The new design expands the movable range of knee joint and realizes more dynamic motion. Building robots may have become a new favorite pastime; many are designing and creating their own innovative way to display their love for these new friends. Kevin Kelly and his son have created a beautiful full sized robot sculpture made of a five year kept supply of Styrofoam.

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This kit allows you to build a robotic arm that can grasp anything up to 1.7 inches in width, lift objects weighing up to 100g, using its LED to provide you with a search light, and much more. The wired control robot arm kit comes disassembled so it’s an ideal way to learn about basic robotic technology. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness. A video camera would be mounted to the wrist so that not only do you see what you are gripping, but the arm ends up being a cool articulated navigation camera mount as well. I have one of these robot arm kits and took it one step further by making it web controlled.
The Challenge: To build a robotic arm which could reach over a barrier and extinguish 3 candles in as short a time as possible. Technical Approach: I built a hydraulically-operated robotic arm that had six degrees of freedom and extinguished flames with a combination high-speed fan and water jet. Selected Design Features: Excluding the base, the robotic arm was entirely built on a milling machine and lathe, and contained over 33 individually machined parts.
Now DIY is not one of my strong points and I had to be nagged into it but the techniques are basically simple. It's amazing how much pleasure my children William and Catherine got from just learning how to make something move.
You'll also find making kids models is a really cool way for teaching homeschool design and technology. As you can see, I had two keen helpers to gather everything together for these homeschooling activities! More helpful is to give a quick round up of the basic methods, which you can apply to build a dinosaur robot or when you're deciding how to make other cool dinosaurs.

As you'll see, some of the techniques came in handy when Catherine went on to build her own dinosaur Velociraptor. If your children would like how to make a different sort of homeschool model, we've got advice on the best model kits for airplanes.
KHR-2HV is the up-graded version of the KHR-1, well- known as the first humanoid robot kit in the world. You could build a robot to take out its robot rage on other fighting rivals, a giant robot to market your soft drink, learn how to make robots for competitive fighting or perhaps simply create a beautiful art sculpture from Styrofoam.
It is amazing to see the great detail carved in all the pieces and its size compared to the kid. If you know anyone that wants to come up with next great invention then this would be a perfect way to get them started. The intent was to simulate techniques used in battling the Kuwaiti oil fires left in the wake of the Persian Gulf War.
Unless otherwise noted, original content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike v3.0 license. I was never happy about leaving the children unsupervised a€“ a heated bradawl in the eye comes agonizingly to mind. It has five motors all controlled via the hand set which allows you amazing, precession movements. Medical syringes acted as hydraulic cylinders, and different food colorings were used to help trace leaks and to visually assist in the control of the robotic arm. When tested, the robotic arm was able to overcome an 18-inch wall and extinguish all three flames within 18 seconds.

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