With the summer heat slowly entering our lives (and homes) this year, all of us are searching for ways to keep us protected. The relatively inexpensive DIY project requires a bit of technical awareness, but the great thing about it is that it can be easily implemented by anyone without a degree in this field. I am breathing a sigh or relief after this one.  It actually was a lot easier then I thought it was going to be, but we went back and forth for so long trying to make a decision about exactly what we wanted that I am glad to have finally made a decision and gotten on with it!
And today I have a very long and detailed tutorial for you, in case you ever decide you want to tackle a project like this. The last step will be painting, but I have something special planned for that and will share that in another post. We started by putting wood glue into the routered out section along the side pieces (one at a time).
We used a large clamp to hold it in place while we glued and nailed… making sure to keep things flush before nailing. We just need paint… and I have a very special paint project in mind for it, so that will have to be a whole other post!!
But it is pretty exciting  have a functioning fan after being without one since last August! Here is how the Broan insert looks from underneath (we will be painting the plywood that buts up to it as well)… And it even has some great little lights! We have found the vent itself to be reasonably quiet so the noise definitely hasn’t been an problem. Wow Krista, that’s quite the To Do List but the results sound like they will be fabulous. If you want to be up to date on all the latest official scheduling details, make sure you sign up for our online schedule! While there is a printed schedule in our con guide like one might expect, sometimes things change after it’s been printed. If you are an Exhibitor, sign up and make sure you put your booth location and details of what you’re selling in your profile so patrons can find you.
Ultimately if you want to know how to become a DJ fast, building a fan base is what it’s all about. About the Author: Ben Drohan is the original founding partner and creator of DJ Master Course.
Here’s a nice instructional video by Amit Ranjan showing how he made his own air conditioner out of a few spare parts.
Believe it or not, this is essentially what’s happening in an ordinary air conditioner (for half of the cycle). Instead of water as a coolant, a typical air conditioner uses a gas refrigerant (like R22) to absorb heat from the air. Can you make a self-running air conditioner that uses less power… that could potentially be run on energy from, say… the Sun?

With the growing interest in renewable energy, many experimenters are looking at old technologies like the Icy Ball ammonia refrigerator and adapting it with new combinations like the class of volcanic rocks called Zeolites. Traditionally the limitation of evaporative coolers is that they don’t work in humid climates.
This entry was posted in All Posts, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and tagged ac, air conditioning, DIY, evaporative cooler, off-grid, refrigeration, solar, swamp cooler, zeolite by Mobile Rik. Mobile Rik is an avid rockhound, nature-junkie, and off-the-grid experimenter living "the simple life" in my full-time tiny-house on wheels.
This site is a collection of cool stuff I found while prepping for life on the road (and "off the road") in my full-time tiny-house on wheels -- my simple home-built DIY truck camper.
Stay tuned for a few future articles on evaporative cooling, especially as applied to refrigeration. Hey, What Happened To The Fancy Site Design?To comply with the new (urgent) mobile guidelines, I've temporarily switched to a simpler theme. Mobile Rik is an avid rockhound, nature-junkie, and off-the-grid experimenter living "the simple life". To create a cool ambiance in your home, you not only need a good structure but also good air circulation.
Begin by wrapping copper tubing around the back and front of the fan; make sure you do this in a spiral manner.
Coming soon… We also plan to add some more molding along the sides (after the tiling has been completed up to the sides of the fan) as well as add some beautiful corbels underneath it. But never fear, because NWFF has an online schedule that is the most current and up to date. You can also link to your homepage, DeviantArt, Flickr, Etsy, Kickstarter, and anything else you have online! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Northwest Fan Fest is three amazing days packed with celebrities, exhibitors, and tons of programming on a huge variety of topics and interests. When ice-water is pumped through the copper tubing, the heat within the warm forced air from the fan tries to equalize with the cold water in the tubing.
It turns out that because the concept of a heat pump is so straightforward, it’s possible to play with different combinations of liquids, gases and materials that boil and condense at temperatures and pressures that can be hit without requiring so much energy. But a number of researchers have come up with clever ways to pre-dry the air, so that evaporative coolers can work in any climate. Since I’ll be spending most of my time in the dry air of the Desert Southwest, an evaporative refrigerator (like the Zeer pot) ought to work really well. What’s interesting to me is that some of the maintenance required may fit right into a camping lifestyle, ex. Be careful to connect the copper coils to the reservoir below with some flexible plastic tubing.

Add yourself to panels and events and get daily notifications about your schedule for the day, as well as email notifications if panels are canceled or moved. Featuring musical performances, comedy shows, contests, massive gaming tournaments, and a Saturday street festival, there is something for everyone at NWFF!
This includes the type of DJ gigs you play, how frequently you play, where you play gigs and the size of the crowds that you attract. In a sense the ice water in the tubing steals the heat from the air and delivers it back to the ice box. In the case of the homemade AC unit, you applied this energy before you started, by making the ice water!
Those who live in a dry climate like the Desert Southwest grew up with evaporative cooling systems, which cool the air by blowing hot dry air across a water-soaked mesh. And with the cleverness of the DIY community, you don’t even have to spend money on a full size air conditioner, especially if it can come at a high price. Connect social media to see what your friends are signed up for, and what interests you share! The music industry, like any industry, depends on commercial success in order for it to continue to grow.Electronic dance music, is the fastest growing genre of music in the world, largely due to the popularity of club events, touring DJ’s and festivals around the world. In doing so, it melts the ice, but if you have enough, you can keep this effect going long enough to get to room feeling comfortably cool again.
Now, the pumps will circulate the water from the reservoir up through the coils giving the chilled air you are yearning. Every DJ has to take the responsibility of developing their own fan base, especially at the beginning of their career.The best place to start is with your friends. Promoters will often give you an opportunity to play on a local night, when you get the opportunity and a promoter has decided to put you on at a local club night, not only will they be paying special attention to the music that you’re playing, they’ll be looking for things like attendance and how you interact with the crowd. Round up all your friends and pull as many favours as you can because getting all your mates to come down to the show and go crazy during your set will definitely get the attention of the person who hired you in the first place.Another way a lot of DJ’s have launched their career is by starting their own party or regular club night at a small local venue. There are a lot of places that are always looking for ways to bring in clientele who will be open to new ideas.
Get together with a group of friends that also DJ who are also looking to kick start their own careers.
By joining forces you’ll expand your outreach through your friends and have a better chance of bringing in a decent crowd. Word can travel very fast in a local area and you might be playing several places around your city or hometown before you know it.If you are at the stage where you have started developing your own DJ brand, you’ll want to utilise social media as soon as possible.

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