If you would also like to have a place to hang your poles, hammer in a few nails into the front of the board to hang them from. This summer, we took down the rack, as with 8 pairs of alpine skis, 2 pairs of tele skis and 3 pairs of xc skis (which we strapped and then hung), we had outgrown it (even stacking skis 2 deep in the slots). Hanging your skis in a slot of whatever sort using the curve of the tips is not good for their rocker (presuming you have skis of recent enough manufacture to have rocker. BTW, Bringthekids, based on your photo and my non-expert analysis, it looks to me like the only skis in your family quiver that might have relatively mild rockerrocker are the two smallest childrens skis. Soul Poles began in 2010, with Friedman at the helm and and Park City engineer, Mike Wong, in charge of designing the poles.
As for the other materials, like grips, straps, baskets and tips, all are made in the US and mostly from recycled materials. I toured the factory and made my very own poles while Friedman and his crew explained the process, the materials, and their mission, “No snow. Soul Poles isn’t just about producing the most sustainable ski poles in the industry. This year they also started a neat, new program for kids, the Bambino, where as your kid grows, Soul Poles will replace the bamboo for a longer shaft for just $30.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Come have an evening in Whitefish and make sure to stop by to see what super strong environmentally friendly ski poles are like.

Now we have cheap metal brackets at two foot intervals from the floor to ceiling so that the skis can lie flat suspended in two spots. After a long search, he found a family of bamboo growers in Guangzhou, China that took him under their wing and taught him all about the rapidly renewable material. An injection molder in North Carolina uses 100 percent recycled PET plastic to make the grips and straps. They’re also out to lead the charge, encourage other companies to reduce their impact and hopefully set a new standard for snow sports and the outdoor industry.
One addition we made was to install screw-in hooks (like the kind you hang bikes with) parallel to the ground and pointing out into the garage to that we could hang ski poles from them. Since it's snowing practically everywhere now and dreams of skiing weigh heavily on our minds, we decided to take this opportunity to get a tour of the Soul Poles facility in Park City, UT and build our very own set of ski poles.
Every year, Friedman was handed a load of new gear specifically sized for him that by the end of the year would be go to waste. I selected a set of pink and purple zero waste, regrind grips and baskets made from the excess plastics left behind after the main injection molding. You can see this in their minimized packaging materials, their zero waste practices inside the factory and how they give back to non-profits and support artists, like R.
Every pole is also under a five year warranty, and Soul Poles will replace the bamboo, grip or basket for free if anything happens to it. They’ll be driving to select cities in the West through April and you can be part of the hand building process. You could build shelves, add graphic art, and the measurements will definitely be the right size.
Started by former ski racer Bryon Friedman, Soul Poles set out to create a handmade product that minimizes its impact on climate change, thus helping our snowpack.

The baskets are not yet recycled, but the team is working to come up with a new design that can handle stronger loads and use recycled plastics.
Otherwise, if you’re in Park City, you can set up an appointment for you or your crew to build poles in the factory. Once in the US, at the Soul Poles factory in Park City, UT, the bamboo is dried in a kiln and soaked in a special veggie oil mixture to help seal and protect them.
The parts arrive in the Park City facility and a team of dedicated builders work on putting them together. I also got to choose my own set of shafts, which had a unique marking on the bamboo, a signature from the person who cut the poles. Prices start at $99 for a basic set of poles and can be upgraded with custom additions like torching, engraving or limited edition hand painted ones. Bamboo poles are cut to size, grinded down, and grips and tips are stuck on with a re-heatable, non-toxic glue. After the poles were all assembled, we taped up the shafts and turned on the torch to add a custom touch – charred stripes. Finally, the last step was to laser engrave the shafts with Soul Poles logo and a name – lilbridge.

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