Location: Holland Longtail Think the river boats bhnautika mentioned are know as longtail boats.
The flat bottom makes it plane easy and becouse it is not to wide it will be quite efficient when it does not plane. When rechargeable batteries are not permitted it is very unlikely the solar panels alone will provide the power needed to plane. Please forgive missing prop, this is just a very basic scetch, hope proportions or sort of right. Location: Holland Planing solar models Great to see you have this experience already, sorry if my remarks about hulls not planing offended you. One of the problems is that you need to get to planing speed so the hull also must be efficient in non planing mode. Perhaps you can post a new thread asking for advice on a book on powerboat design that explains the basics. As the race track is in a straight line it is a very good idea to tilt the solar panels towards the sun. Location: Perth, Australia Solar Boat Design My son is also wanting to build a model solar boat but is uncertain on hull design, motor size and propellor. Location: australia Dill the main decision that needs to be made is, do you want to go fast or slow and the available power you have. Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, is your son involved in the same competition as my son and students are? Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, if you're in australia there is the opportunity for your son to enter solar challenge if you wish. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. While searching the internet I stumbled on this forum and thought maybe someone can help me out.
Sorry for rambling on, I wanted to get all the questions out there and give a little back ground of what I'm doing and where I'll be boating so I can get the best advice. Pontoons » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Can anyone ID this boat make and model?
Location: Vancouver Carlson's Hulls program outputs DXF files of the bulkheads and planks for plywood boats.
TouchCAD is a MUCH more powerful modeler and unfoler than any other the other programs suggested. Location: Philippines tugboat design for thesis Hello there, im a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering student here in NAMEI Polytechnic Institute, Philippines.
Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames Do you want the Naval Architects who post here, to design a tug for and write your thesis, so that you become a Naval Architect who cannot design watercraft?
Originally Posted by Pericles Do you want the Naval Architects who post here, to design a tug for and write your thesis, so that you become a Naval Architect who cannot design watercraft? I know people on this site are probably fed up to the port holes with members asking for Dutch barge designs. Timothy Spall's barge has been all round the UK and Ireland - it hasn't seen fresh water for a long time.
Hull: Traditionally flat-bottom with rounded chines, but a shallow V might work better at sea.
They will be able to certify the vessel more easily, and it will be built professionally - compound curves, fitted joinery, etc.
6) buy metal, cut it, weld it, paint it, add ballast, tanks, engine, rudder, controls, generator, etc. The first thing I need is some hull lines and basic hull shapes to have a play around with, I don't know if anyone out there can point me in the right direction just to get the basic shape to have a play around with then put some idea's on the forum to get comments. My plan is to use it on the broad canals of UK but mostly the Europe broad canals including the Canal Du Midi and if possible the Rhine. Location: Luxembourg Most barge designers don't publish their plans free of charge. Also check out sales of recent barges - you will find photos of hulls, which may give you an idea of the general design. So, if you want to actually cruise the canals, check out the used 'plastic' boats as you will be far in front of a new build budget-wise.

A new build steel barge with well thought out GA can be a lot smaller than a typical barge conversion and still deliver 4-6 berths easily. I need to do a bit more digging around but 20m x 4.0m looks about the right size for what I want.
Location: Leeds I've enabled my email (I think) but not sure how to activate PM ? This gives you the web site for each region, where you have specific details about the gabarit of each canal.
06:16 PM  How to determine the frame spacing for deck cargo barge using ABS Steel barge rule? Most boat design software is so complicated you don't know where to get started - which is the same as most software. The worst part is when the help doesn't work or solve your problem and the customer service is lousy. As I mentioned on the previous article, I had searched everywhere for boat design software and finding 3D Boat Design was a wish come true. You see some companies, on purpose make boat design software almost un-useably difficult so that they can rack up costly support tickets and squeeze as much money out of as possible. However unlike these other companies, 3D Boat Design has a full range of tips and an FAQ with support included with every purchase. I then decided to test my hull, because the software has great hydrostatic calculations that tell you how to improve your hull. The great thing about it is that it accommodates amateur designers like myself and professionals who would make full use of its many features with things like the Delft series resistance calculation and The KAPER resistance method. As well as having great fun designing your own sailboat you get free upgrades and can use it on as many computers as you want.
So, in conclusion, regardless of whether you want to build a boat yourself or just design boats as a hobby or business, the 3D Boat Design Software is the one tool you can start with and you won't be disappointed! It is possible, like I said before, to use this boat design software to start your very own boat design business.
Just create a design and turn it into plans to be sold as a boat building kit, just like so many others are doing. This is powerful boat design software and yet simple enough for a novice to use and be successful with, right out of the box.
It is hard to imagine being able to get your hands on such incredible software at such an affordable price. I fully recommend this software to anyone wanting to mess around with boat design or start your own professional boat plan business.
Single alike boats Plans Angstrom unit resource for the manakin gravy holder Builder and RC Power Boat mannikin Builder.
A model wooden boat Boat builders resouce with free plans and blueprints to rc model boat plans free download on RC Hardware with Wiring Diagrams for basic RC Boat and Ship layouts. Offers patterns plans and innocent RC exemplary tug pictures for the This hull configuration is adaptable to almost every tug boat type from harbour Tug to.
The propellor in the pictures is tilted very much this also is not very efficient, i'd place the engine as low as possible to make it more efficient, also good for balance. Perhaps you can make them adjustable to compensate for the sun angle at the time the race is run. A lightweight catamaran will move along with much effort where as planning hulls need more power. It has two tags on the back of the boat but they are faded and I can only make out the stamped numbers. I have a jet drive that bolts onto the 70hp and I think the V bottom could be a little flatter but should work. It would be perfect for designing interiors because you could actually make components to add or remove from your model.
There are several sheet metal unwrapping programs around, but nothing like this little beauty - or am I wrong? Im currently working on my lines drawing but cant finish it because i cant find a good picture that i can get ideas on. I've visited lots of the post's offering advice and links to sites but I'm wanting to produce a full CAD model in Soildworks of a Dutch barge that is capable of being DIY built.

I've looked into the possibilities of buying a ready built or part built 'sail away' but the cost's is a little more than I can realistically afford. A good friend of mine is a certified welder and has offered his services free (apart from materials) as I help him out with projects from time to time and I've access to a modern engineering workshop. Rear cabin and I would prefer it not to be collapsable but if in needs to be for the air draft to navigate the canals then so be it. I've not decided on LOA and beam yet that will be decided on when I start modelling but it needs to be big enough to live aboard for long periods of time as it will be where I intend to live. I'm just checking out the size restrictions in the canals around the area where I plan to build which will be Yorkshire (hopefully sooner rather than later). Your all geared up to start transforming a photo with Adobe Photoshop or making budget sheet with Microsoft Excel, but then the problems start. It is used by 200,000 amateurs and professionals, who all use it to design their own boats in the simple to use 3d environment.
Well, as I was building this website, I was suddenly struck by the possibility of designing a boat, instead of reviewing loads of other boats - just for fun, I wasn't actually going to build it, but I just wanted to make all sorts of wacky designs, just like when you doodle as a kid!
It was only $37.95, which is about as low as you going to get with software of this calibre and topic. So I learnt all about the software, which wasn't hard as it has a very shallow learning curve and I got the gist of it very quickly. I first had to make the shape of it, which wasn't very difficult, because 3D Boat Design has simple 3D scaling, moving and rotating of shapes.
It ended up looking a bit like a GP14 - probably my unconscious mind working in the background!
Usually, you are told just the opposite as the software developer tries to justify ridiculously overpriced programs. Here's the ULTIMATE gift guide to model rc boat plans free the Top Toys For Christmas 2012.
They also solved the shaft trough hull problem (please see picture, the bow ends in a very high point, would like an explanation for this but think students can omid it). As mentioned before wheight is a very important factor here, the less weight to lift out of the water, the easier it planes.
I usually boat around larger lakes with small chop, sometimes the waves get to be around 2'-3' but not that often. There is a difference in the attitude you'd receive between asking for ideas, and asking for plans to plagiarize.
The boat ane made is from the category Free RC Model Mono Hull gravy boat Plans model Wildthing. AsTec Models specialists in fast electric rc pelt along boats and have everything you need to to a lower place you will see plans for vitamin A routine of iron hydroplane projects. Free Model Boat Plans angstrom compiled list to assist you locate free model ship and gravy boat plans for model building atmospheric static scale RC power gas soaring steam and. From that time onwards I've always retained an interest in cardboard modelling, hoping one day that there would be a computer program that would allow me to make models of my own designs. I'm an engineer and have access to software etc for modeling but I know very very little about boat design. 11.99 Buy It today Free shipping Vintage RC Model Boats Plans Engines 1969 Magazine Monterey Lobster sauceboat RC fashion model Laser turn off Digital Plans. I also picked up another aluminum before buying this one and I'm not sure which one to go with. Last night I found two such a programs called TouchCad and Touch-3D, but it seems they're designed to run on the Mac. The company offers a way to run the programs on a Windows platform, but this requires a mac Emulator which effects both operating speed and price. I'm wanting to be able to use the broad canal's of UK and Europe so a hull design that is capable of crossing the channel and has 4 berths (maybe 6). RG sixty-five Class Multihulls three models Mini 40 F48 free rc model monohull boat plans class 2M category and 3M Class.

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