Location: Kotka, Finland Designing Origami Boat in Rhino This thread is started to make clear that there is nothing mystic in designing origami boats. At first I design a decent hull shape (I use mainly 3 x 3 point surfaces and operate with point weigths and centerline cutting to tuning the hull). Thirdly I unroll the planks, orient them below topside plank and cut the others at the middle. Location: Australia That's cool but I have to wonder what the advantages of origami boats are in practice.
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The Paper Jet is designed primarily as a training boat, with the intention that it can cater for a wide range of sailing skills.
The same features that I designed into it for club use will allow a family to use one hull as the platform on which Dad can have his excitement of blasting across large expanses of water but junior can sail the same boat (if he can pry it loose from Dad's grip) with a smaller rig and at slower speed. I did not try to produce a design that will sail the pants off any of the other skiffs or single-handers. Much of the rigging uses details borrowed from gaff rigs, using lashings and soft eyes instead of stainless steel hardware. The mast, boom and bowsprit are hollow timber, constructed by the birdsmouth method but modified to produce a very attractive striped appearance.
For those wanting an easier rig to build, the wooden mast can be replaced by a round aluminium tube with rivetted track. After completing the hull skin, it can be released from the building stocks for the remainder of the work.
The detailing that I worked into this design is simple but it gives loads of opportunity for showing off your woodworking and finishing skills. The hull shape is hard chine, with a V-bottom that twists from vertical at the bow to almost horizontal at the transom. Although intended as a training boat, the Paper Jet is not suited to learning the most basic sailing principles single-handed.
It seems to me that in some ways they could be as difficult to build or even more difficult, compared to just making a chine hull out of seperate panels.
People do seem to be rather taken with the idea of origami boats though and I was wondering if it had any advantages over other methods of construction.

Choice of method - especially for the home builder - is not just a matter of logical decisions. Notebook doodles with lettering, girl's legs, bag, eyeglasses, flat shoes and sneakers.
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There were multiple events happening simultaneously during the festival so the layout needed to be simple enough for readers to navigate quickly from section to section. I wanted a boat that will allow a club to race it as a class boat that will give exciting sailing to those who have the skills but will also allow less experienced sailors to develop their sailing skills in the same boat at a much lower level of performance. It is fast and it is exciting to sail with the Turbo rig, but from the outset (this boat was in the back of my head for over 10 years) it was intended to provide an economical path for sailors to progress between boats like the Optimist and the costly single-handed skiffs without having to trade up their boat each time to go the next step.
The wooden mast has two interchangeable topmasts and two mainsails of very different sizes. These tie the standing and running rigging to the hull and boom with greater strength than thru-bolting stainless straps to the wooden structure, also reducing cost and weight. This is achieved with alternating strips of cedar (for lightness) and poplar (for strength and stiffness). The entire boat is built from 4mm plywood, so it is very light and needs more internal support than is normal with thicker plywood. The stocks continue to serve as a support for working on the boat either right way up or upside down, depending on the work that is being done. I used cedar for lightness along gunwales and for the wing leading edges but capped them with poplar to give a nice contrast while adding strength and stiffness to the structure. The wings are intentionally low and horizontal so that the leeward rail will immerse if the boat is over-powered in gusts, adding buoyancy to leeward to help her recover. The standard plan package comprises 16 fully detailed drawings, full size paper patterns of all of the plywood components and how to set them out on the plywood sheets, as well as a 50 page manual with 200 photos and step-by-step instructions. We recommend double-handed training until the student has enough expertise to sail single-handed. Their shape, dimensions and coefficients are contollable if you just check the hydrostatics before developing plates.
One may choose origami because one likes the way and feeling of bending a steel plate to itself.
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They can build a Paper Jet at the cheapest level or the level that they think that they can handle and progress from there. These items, along with a jib, asymmetrical spinnaker and retractable bowsprit, are used in different combinations to give the different rigs. The sail track is a length of plastic pipe that is split along one edge and epoxied to the mast and faired in at the sides or an awning track can be used.
If it is to have the buoyant characteristics of the wooden mast then the aluminum tube must be sealed both ends and at all rivets and rigged with external halliards. I did this by fabricating a full-length plywood ladder-frame backbone that has interlocking transverse plywood frames. If you intend to build from a kit, do not buy the plans from us, the package will be included in your kit order that you make with the kit supplier, except for the full-size patterns.
The panels will be pre-cut for you and held in the sheets by tabs, ready for you to release them. For single-handed training first learn the basics on a Sunfish or similar boat then move to the more performance oriented Paper Jet. With wine most of its functionality is too unstable to be useful, but if you start with any hull with the correct number of chines, rename it to default.hul, and do saving by exiting, and answering yes to the save question, it is possible to design any hullform.
Or one may choose a frame first method because one likes the rithm and symmetry of erected frames. If you will be uncomfortable hiking out on a flattish deck then I recommend that you rather build the Argie 15 for a more comfortable sailing experience.
Meanwhile, as long as Dad is not out sailing, the kids can use the same boat at a more basic level. The mast is supported at gunwale level by an X-shaped brace that distributes the loads, stiffens the hull and gives two mast positions. This necessitated securing the framework to building stocks for rigidity until the hull skin was complete. Kits are available from suppliers in various countries, to be ordered directly from those suppliers.
This allows a quick change between the standard and Turbo rigs because everything from the hounds downward remains unchanged when the topmast is changed. With the wooden mast she floats on her side and waits while lines are uncleated etc for righting and the immersed wing prevents her from blowing away downwind.
These wings are designed to cancel out that tendency and also serve as additional planing surfaces. With time and skill improvements they can move into more costly boats if they feel the need.

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