Carol Levitt's second grade class at the Village Community School used the High Line to study a number of topics this past spring. The High Line in NYC, a raised urban park that was formerly an elevated railway, has recently inspired some building ideas and designs for and by children. Check out the “High Line Children’s Work yard Kit,” a set of loose parts for children to build with- on site – at the High Line.
Very excited and honored to announce that Learning Materials Workshop has just received Dr. Karen Hewitt’s new toy Coloraturo, based on the Italian word “coloratura,” refers to elaborate melodic variations in vocal music like “runs, trills, wide leaps, and similar virtuoso-like material.” The multi-hued forms of Coloraturo inspire virtuoso constructions…in a visual form. I just came across this amazing video which is described as a “Rube Goldberg machine with a twist.” Be sure and listen to it with your volume turned on as the sound and the visual component are both important.
I have always been aware of children’s interest and attraction to color- especially subtle color differences. I started with a color sequence going from red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple with gradients in between. I was also fascinated by some images of Le Corbusier’s Pavillion Suisse sketches and color schemes for the student’s rooms that I saw in the book The Architectonic Colour by Jan de Heer.
Learning Materials Workshop is very excited to introduce 3 new products to our lineup: Coloraturo, Tavolino, and Villetta. Coloraturo, a new block set created by award winning toy designer Karen Hewitt, will delight and captivate the imagination of children and artists of all ages. Inquisitive hands will transform Villetta into a village of colorful cottages, a tower of balancing prisms, or an abstract sculptural masterpiece. As a designer of open-ended building toys, I am fascinated by Marbelous.The concept of adult furniture merging with children’s playful ideas brought back memories of my childhood fantasy play. Lanks notes  “The Dutch design couple Ontwerpduo took inspiration from childhood notions of play, when even pieces of furniture were used as backdrops for elaborate fantasies. I will be at the “Constructing Modern Knowledge Conference“ on July 14th with a large selection of Reggio Children publications for you to view and purchase. Mattel toy company chose the American Institute of Architects convention in New Orleans to debut Architect Barbie, the latest of the annual career-themed dolls.
Like “Art”, the objects (the blocks) needed an audience but in this case a physically engaged audience– players (kids or adults) – who disassembled (or knocked down) the blocks and created their own forms. IN-STORE EXPERIENCEWe are completely dedicated to children and know how important it is for them to have a real experience in our stores, so we give them the opportunity to meet their favourite characters and play before they pay.

Official winner announcementLadies and gentlemen,let us first thank all the racers and fans for this great competition.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. One element was this structure, which the class constructed as a model of the structure in its current use as a public park.
I can just imagine Carolyn Pratt, the early childhood educator who “invented” the large scale unit blocks in the early 20th century, bringing her young students to explore the High Line. I immediately thought of the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ] Workshop I led for early childhood teachers in Washington DC in June.
I have been playing around with a more varied palate for a new design building on Colorframes a block set I designed several years ago.
For the prism pieces I chose a darker and lighter shade of each of the seven hues as long as they did not repeat the same hues on the interlocking squares.  Each piece always had some of the wood left unpainted since the grain of the wood provided some interest in itself.
This smart toy functions both as a designer art piece and a high quality children’s building toy providing endless experiences with color in both two and three dimensions.
Create with a rich assortment of 90 of our most popular building blocks, bobbins, and tubes. This artful open-ended building toy expands the possibilities of building ideas never before imagined.
My parents had a double-decker glass coffee table in our living room in a small apartment in Manhattan.
The world of adult furniture and the world of children’s toys don’t seem to belong together,” writes Ontwerpduo’s Tineke Beunders. This should  be a fascinating interactive, four day conference with prominent speakers in the field of education including Dr. Watch as architecture professor Despina Stratigakos and architect Kelly Hayes McAlonie discuss the new doll that they helped design, while Times-Picayune architecture writer Doug MacCash sizes up Barbie’s 1979 and 2011 dream houses. For almost a decade, The Toy Store has been a favourite destination for children, parents, and all those children at heart. Upon returning to the classroom I am sure they would get right to work, representing their experience of this structure and the surrounding neighborhood through the medium of blocks. This smart toy functions both as a designer art piece and a high quality children’s building toy that provides endless experiences with color in both two and three dimensions.
Although Melvin the Machine, which includes a fire sequence, is obviously wildly more complex and daring than the teacher’s inventions, the delicate engineering plays with the same basic concepts of motion, speed and cause and effect.

The color, form and sheer beauty of Coloraturo will attract young children as well as architects, designers and playful adults. Set out this elegant wood framed table of award winning construction toys and begin creating towers of color, geometric displays and spinning machines. The color, form and sheer beauty of Villetta will attract young children as well as artists, designers and playful adults. This became the perfect venue for the imaginative adventures of tiny wood and ceramic animals who hid under coasters and reappeared on the bottom layer of the glass table. The catalog features most of the works included in the exhibit in addition to eight informative essays.
Based on our many years of experience in the Toy Industry, we have become one of the leading and most successful toy stores in the region. Auerbach includes educationally oriented, developmental and skill building products from the best large and small companies in her four annual award programs.
Builders of all ages will enjoy all the possibilities of this open-ended toy, creating geometric patterns, multi-hued skyscrapers, imaginative dwellings for people to live in, or even abstract pieces of art. The multi-hued forms of Coloraturo reminded me of the possibilities for creating virtuoso constructions in a visual form.
Children, parents and grandparents will delight in learning through play as they stack, bend and build together.
I included this “artifact” in the exhibit as an example of the most contemporary building toy.
Unfortunately, fewer and fewer kindergarten and first grade children have blocks in their classrooms, or, if they do, the time for building is very limited. The color, form, and sheer beauty of Coloraturo will attract children as well as architects, designers, and playful adults. As for Marbelous, the concept is intriguing but after the initial thrill, the rolling marbles could be problematic.
Research has shown that building with blocks and other three-dimensional material is directly tied to the development of mathematical thinking, scientific investigation and language development. All of our designs have been files with the US Copyright Office and are protected by copyright law.

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