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This instructible will get you out on the water to fish without pulling too much cash out of your pocket. If the current owners of your boat didn't spend the extra $$$ to install stainless steel bolts then they are more than likely rusted away.
Before painting the boat make sure any dirt and dust is wiped off of it so the paint will stick nicely. We put treated marine wood on the benches so it would be easier to bolt the swivel seats down and gave them a nice stain.

Calm down georion, I just wanted to show some people what I did and what I would use as a bass boat. If I may ask another question about the stick steering, do you move it side to side to go left or right, or is it a push pull motion? There's normally some good deals but make sure you find the right size, also know what size ball hitch it is before you go pick it up. They are the ones that have square fronts but some people call regular alluminum boats (despite the shape) Jon boats.
Alluminum is normally the best route because it doesn't rust and takes a very long time to corrode.

This boat that I flipped is from the late 60's and was sitting in a guys woods for several years filled with water.
It has bin storage under the seats and two tackle storage areas on the front and back deck. I usued a anti fatige pad under the carpet to make those long days on the lake a little softer.

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