Well, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and did we get out the Valentine’s decorations?
Take a milk carton and either, tape the spout closed or cut off the plastic spout or you can do what I did and just push it in.
Then, I covered the top and bottom with paper first, and then covered the sides with white paper. Click HERE to check out where I’m linking to and don’t forget to join in on the fun! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Not only are the cardboard canoes fun to use for pretend small world play, my kids have also just loved loading random things in them and using them to fly all sorts of little objects all around the house. We'll be sharing Olympic themed activities this week as part of Toddler Approved's Camp Mom series in addition to a few other posts! Make sure to stop by at the end of the week and link up your Olympic posts (or anything else you've been up to) in our Kid's Co-op Linky! Add a PostTo post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards.
With an exact-o knife, cut a square out of the back for your pretty Valentine’s Day cards.
Modern epoxy glue gives a boat builder the ability to build a small wooden boat in a short period of time.

PureVision Correcting hammer toes & running How to retrieve my radio code How to find people's addresses for free How to decorate a hall for a birthday party What to do if my husband emptied our joint savings account? Grab your favorite action figures (we love the Lego girls), stick them in the boat, and help them race around your house!
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I moderate each comment, so you won't see your comment show up immediately when you post. Build Wood Boats Build Wood Boats is dedicated to provinding amazing information on anything pertaining to boat building. I have a pretty strong addiction to anything with glitter and I'm not embarrassed to say my kids have left for school glitterified and heck!
I think I’m still soaking in the plain-ness that is my home after all the Christmas decorations came down.
I used my hot glue gun for the entire project, but double sided tape would work just fine, too.
This project is something that can be accomplished by most anyone with tools available in the home workshop and materials purchased at a local home store or marina.

About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. There should be two side pieces, one bottom piece, one transom piece, one bow piece and seat pieces. Use the cordless screwdriver and drill holes two inches apart along each side of the bottom piece. Drill holes, in the same manner, along the edges of each boat piece that will connect to the bottom piece. Stitch together the edges of these pieces with wire placed through the holes on each piece. Use a spatula to apply this mixture along the interior joints of the boat where the sides meet the bottom.
After drying the boat will be rigid 6 Use the wire cutters to cut each wire stitch at the exterior of the boat.Use the pliers to remove the wire from the boat. Continue to apply and sand fairing compound until the entire surface of the boat is completely smooth.

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