To improve buoyancy, Alexander made another version with aluminum foil, and is making several copies in case one has trouble in tomorrow’s race. How cool that we have access to YouTube from home (it’s not blocked like it is at school) so Alexander could readily learn a new Origami design! Did you know Wes has published several eBooks and "eBook singles?" 1 of them is available free! If you're trying to listen to a podcast episode and it's not working, check this status page. The LatestWhy Connected Camps ROCKS for Minecraft After SchoolOur daughter Rachel is an avid Minecraft player.
We had been using aluminum foil for a school project.  Once we were done, my kids started playing with their leftover foil scraps. Since he apparently has an ocean theme going, he took it a step further and built a cool Viking ship out of the foil. Later, Nicholas pulled out his Star Wars action figures and wrapped Hans Solo in aluminum foil.  He announced that it was Hans Solo sealed in Carbonite when he was delivered to Jabba the Hutt in The Empire Strikes Back.  Yes, we are sci-fi geeks and I loved this!
My kids could literally spend HOURS playing with aluminum foil.  I’d love to hear about fun ways your kids have had fun with foil? Determine how much weight can be supported by boat hulls of various volumes and how this relates to the density of water. You know from experience that if you drop a steel bolt in a bucket of water that it will sink like a rock to the bottom.
If too much cargo or weight is added to the ship, the density of the ship becomes greater than the density of water, and the ship sinks.
In this hydrodynamics science project you will make boat hulls of various shapes and sizes using simple materials (aluminum foil and tape) and determine how much weight can be supported by these hulls and how this relates to the density of water. If a boat is sinking because it has too much cargo, how does its density compare to the density of water? Use the aluminum foil and tape to construct at least five boat hulls with different sizes and shapes.
Some different shapes you could try include making the hulls have two pointed ends (like canoes), like the ones on the left in Figure 1, or be square or rectangular (like a rectangular prism), like the ones on the right in Figure 1.
Make sure the hulls are not too large to fit in the sink, tub, bucket, or dishpan you will be using. Some different boat hull shapes you could make include boat hulls that have two pointed ends, like the ones on the left in this image, or boat hulls that are square or rectangular, like the ones on the right in this image. If the hull is a rectangular prism, use the ruler to measure the length, width, and height of the hull in centimeters (cm).
If parts of the hull are rectangular prisms but other parts are curved or angled, measure the (imagined) parts of the hull piece-wise (in centimeters), calculate the volume of each part, and add up the volumes to get the total volume for each hull. Being careful not to damage the hull, move the dry rice into the measuring cup (or graduated cylinder).
If this is all of the rice that was in the boat hull, then this is the volume of your boat hull.
If there is still rice left in the hull, empty the rice from the measuring cup and fill it with rice from the hull until the hull is empty. The water level should be deeper than the height of the boat hulls so that they are able to sink.
You can make a graph by hand or use a website like Create a Graph to make a graph on the computer and print it. What do your results tell you about the relationship between buoyancy (amount of weight a boat can support) and volume of the boat hull? The density of the hulls right before sinking should roughly be the same as the density of water. You roughly calculated the density of water in this science project, but your calculation could be made even more accurate. Tip: To calculate the average weight of a small item, you can use a scale to find out how much 10 or 20 of the items weigh (together) and calculate the average weight by dividing the total weight by the number of items you weighed. In this science project you investigated the density of water, but what about the density of other liquids? It would be difficult to bring a bathtub to the science fair in order to demonstrate your project, but there is a nice demonstration of buoyancy that you can show in a clear plastic soda bottle— see the DragonflyTV link in the Bibliography in the Background tab.
Compared to a typical science class, please tell us how much you learned doing this project. The Ask an Expert Forum is intended to be a place where students can go to find answers to science questions that they have been unable to find using other resources.
Water covers more than 70 percent of Earth's surface, and marine architects design vessels that allow humans and their cargo to cross through or under those waters safely and efficiently. You may print and distribute up to 200 copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use. Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Innovative Italian installation artist Rudolf Stingel has transformed an entire floor of the Whitney in this masterful midcareer retrospective that forces viewers to question the nature of art itself.
Destruction is a key element in Stingel’s white styrofoam panels, which he walked over before hanging them, placing the artist right in the middle of both creation and destruction, beginning and end. The Whitney takes visitors back to the tumultuous Summer of Love in this psychedelic multimedia immersion into 1967.
Ohio-born artist Donna Dennis has been building little houses since she was a little girl, using whatever materials she could find. Archaeology and art history come together in fascinating ways in this wide-ranging exhibit at the Dahesh, the most popular in the museum’s ten-year history. Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova return to Queens to defend their titles in one of the great New York City events. A huge hit in Korea, Kong Su-chang’s excellent Vietnam War horror film is filled with awesome thrills and chills.
Returning home after having been hospitalized for mental reasons, sisters Su-mi (Im Su-jeong) and Su-yeon (Moon Geun Young) find their house very different — in addition to their father (Kim Kap-su) and his second wife, Eun-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah), there appears to be an unexplained presence that seems particularly interested in the extremely vulnerable Su-yeon. Collaborating with Seoul’s Ockrang Cultural Foundation, Gallery Korea is presenting six dozen kkoktu, wooden figures, dating back to the eighteenth century, that are placed on funeral biers, sending the departed off with colorful acrobats, clowns, and mystical animals meant to bring them joy as they venture to the next world. This small gallery features works by artists chosen from last year’s Call for Artists, including Rosa Alfaro Carozzi, Soon Im Kim, Lucille Nurkse, SangBin Park, Shyun Song, Hee Seung Sung, Soonae Tark, and Leo Theinert, in a group show of painting and sculpture.
The Parade of Bands begins around 11:00 am, as truckloads of blasting Caribbean music and groups of ornately dressed dancers march down Eastern Parkway to Grand Army Plaza, soon to be joined by glad-handing local politicians.
Our favorite New York City performance series, the Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary with a fabulous collection of innovative dance, music, and theater from around the world. Sunday, September 30 New Ballet, choreographed by Alison Chase, Amanda Miller, and Luca Veggetti, with music performed by the Sirius String Quartet, electric guitar player Nick Didkovsky, and cellist Michael Nicolas, $35, tickets available only through the Miller Theatre box office, 212-854-7799, 116th St. Director Joong-rae (Kim Seung-woo) is having trouble with the script for his next film, so he gets production designer Chang-wook (Ki Tae-woo) to drive him out to Shinduri Beach for some quiet relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. Cliched characters, silly dialogue, predictable scenes, gaping plot holes, and ethnic stereotyping all combine to make the Latino gangster film ILLEGAL TENDER — enjoyable? For nine days, Pras Michel of the Fugees goes undercover on brutal Skid Row, living among the homeless, who have been “contained” within a fifty-square-block area in downtown Los Angeles. Hong Kong master Johnnie To (ELECTION, RUNNING OUT OF TIME) reunites many of the main actors from his 1999 crime drama, THE MISSION, for EXILED, a thinking man’s gangster thriller. Twenty-four-year-old first-time filmmaker Monty Lapica wrote, directed, produced (with Tommy Bell), and stars in SELF-MEDICATED, the harrowing tale of a deeply troubled teen who is acting out in dangerous ways, unable to deal with the loss of his beloved father.
While in North Korea filming THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES (2002) and, later, A STATE OF MIND (2004), documentarian Daniel Gordon learned that four American soldiers had defected there between 1962 and 1965, two of whom were still alive. Perhaps it’s finally time for Hollywood to put Jack Finney’s classic sci-fi novel to bed, where it can enjoy a peaceful sleep (uninterrupted by alien spores and giant pea pods). The great and suddenly ubiquitous Daniel Autieul is a goofy delight in Patrice Leconte’s lightweight but fun MY BEST FRIEND. Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a workaholic executive chef who has no life outside the fancy kitchen she runs on Bleecker St.
Writer-director Jeffrey Blitz follows up his Oscar-nominated documentary, SPELLBOUND, set in the world of spelling bees, with ROCKET SCIENCE, a bittersweet tale of a teen geek trying to find his way in the cruel, cruel world of high school debating.
In 1999, Comedy Central’s SOUTH PARK hit the big screen, announcing it was "Bigger Longer & Uncut." After eighteen years, perennial Fox favorite THE SIMPSONS has finally gone bigger and longer as well, although not nearly as uncut. Zhang Yang’s SUNFLOWER is a mini-epic in the style of Zhang Yimou’s TO LIVE (1994), following the trials and tribulations of one small family through four decades of change in China, from Mao Zedong to the Cultural Revolution to the end of the twentieth century, with the country poised to dominate the next one. Not afraid to speak his mind, Petey Greene revolutionized talk radio in Washington, DC, in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, influencing the next generation of shock jocks (including an impressionable DC newbie named Howard Stern).
Based on elements from his own childhood, Shane Meadows’s THIS IS ENGLAND is a powerful drama set in the tempestuous 1980s in the UK during the controversial Falklands War. Julie Delpy’s delightful debut, 2 DAYS IN PARIS, is a true DIY indie, with Delpy serving as writer, director, editor, star, composer, soundtrack performer, and one of the producers. Kids can come and create their own ship design out of tin foil and sail it from Suisun Bay to the mouth of the Napa River at the Bay Model, a working hydraulic model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta System. This is an activity for kids 5-8 who enjoy racing homemade boats, and it is amazing what wads of aluminum foil and a little imagination can produce. Tin foil will be provided. Join the 90,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week. It is the density (mass per unit volume) of the object compared to the density of the liquid. On an empty ship the hull encloses a volume of air so that the total density is defined by Equation 1 below. If the object is floating, the amount of water that gets displaced weighs at least as much as the object. It's not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results!

To prevent the hull from tipping, carefully balance the load as you add pennies (left to right, front and back— or port to starboard, fore and aft, if you are feeling nautical). To do this put the weight supported by the boat (in grams) on the y-axis and the boat hull volume (in cm³) on the x-axis.
To do this put the density before sinking (in grams per cm³) on the y-axis and make a bar for each of the boats (on the x-axis).
For example, waxed half-gallon cartons (for milk or juice) can be cut open and unfolded to produce sheets of waterproof material.
NASA's Cassini spacecraft sent the European Space Agency's Huygens probe to the surface of Saturn's moon, Titan, where it found evidence that the surface contains large bodies of liquid methane (Phillips, 2005).
If you have specific questions about your science fair project or science fair, our team of volunteer scientists can help. Some of their watercraft designs are enormous, like merchant ships, which carry huge loads of oil, cars, food, clothing, toys, and other goods, across thousands of miles of open waters. As you enter the second floor, you’ll walk right into a huge, nearly empty space dominated by a hanging chandelier and aluminum-coated insulation panels covering the walls and ceiling. Start and finish is also evoked by the inclusion of the huge horizontal rug from Stingel’s studio, hung across a wall, becoming a piece of art itself, complete with footprints, paint drippings, and hair embedded in it. Covering two floors of the museum, the interactive exhibit features photographs, film, painting, sculpture, magazine articles, books, and walk-in installations rife with color and controversy. Inside the lobby gallery, which is encased in glass on three sides, looking out onto Park Ave., Friedman has created a silver fantasy land constructed exclusively from Reynolds Wrap, including the box as well as the cardboard roll.
As an adult, she has continued to make structures, including hotels, subway stations, bridges, stairways, and tunnels, exhibiting at JFK Airport, City Hall Park, the Whitney Biennial, and dozens of galleries across the country. The films range from romantic comedies to family dramas to gangster thrillers to historical epics, along with a tribute to Im Kwon-taek and a special look at some of the best Korean horror of the last few years. Kim Hye-soo gives a wonderfully eerie performance as Sun-jae, a young wife and mother whose life changes when she catches her husband in bed with another woman.
VENGEANCE (even though the second film, OLDBOY, was the first one released in the States), a creepy, quirky tale that lays low for quite a while before busting loose with a massive splattering of the old ultra-violence. As tensions mount between the girls and the wicked stepmother, more and more blood shows up, as well as far too many confusing twists and turns.
We’ve been going for more than fifteen years, and it never lets us down, although it continues to get more and more crowded every Labor Day. Chang-wook brings along his girlfriend, Moon-sook (Ko Hyun-joung), an aspiring composer and singer who is immediately attracted to Joong-rae.
Armed with nine dollars and a hidden camera and followed by a tiny film crew in a van, Pras speaks with the broken men and women who live in horrific conditions, immersed in booze, drugs, prostitution, and little hope. Having failed to assassinate the leader of his syndicate, Wo (Nick Cheung) has been on the lam, but when he settles back in Macau with his wife (Josie Ho) and baby, he is suddenly visited by his former team, led by the always sunglassed Blaze (Anthony Wong).
Lapica plays Andrew, an extremely bright seventeen-year-old who skips school in favor of partying all night, doing drugs, drinking and driving, and terrorizing his Las Vegas neighborhood.
But Noah Vosen (David Strathairn), the head of a special government organization, is desperate to make sure Bourne doesn’t find out anything — and that he ends up dead in the process. CROSSING THE LINE focuses on one of them, James Joseph Dresnok, the last surviving member of the group to still be in North Korea. The talky drama revolves around the hopeless Paul (Romain Duris), a wholly unlikable character suffering from an extremely annoying case of depression over the end of his relationship with Anna (Joana Preiss). In 1956, Don Siegel’s groundbreaking INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS frightened a public already terrified of the Soviet Union. Auteuil stars as François, a successful antique dealer who is surprised to suddenly discover that no one likes him.
First-time filmmaker Charles Ferguson looks at the past, present, and future of America’s occupation of Iraq in the mind-blowing documentary NO END IN SIGHT. She has no time for friends, family, or even love because she’s too worried about her saffron sauce. Reece Daniel Thompson stars as Hal Hefner, a nerdy student with a terrible stutter who travels everywhere dragging along wheeled luggage. The story of Xiangyang (Zhang Fan at nine, Gao Ge at nineteen, Wang Haidi at thirty-two) focuses on the years 1967, 1976, 1987, and 1999, as the troublesome child grows into a troubled adult, at odds with his father, Gengnian (Sun Haiying), nearly every step of the way while his mother, Xiuqing (the wonderful Joan Chen), tries desperately to keep the family together. Delpy plays Marion, a flitty Frenchwoman who decides to bring her boyfriend of two years, Jack (a heavily tattooed Adam Goldberg), to spend two days with in her hometown in Paris as a stopover on their way from Venice to their apartment in New York City. Students must be able to blow their boat to race it, like Cub Scouts do in their Raingutter regatta events. When she isn't on a nature hike with her kids, she can be found scrapbooking about their adventures and possibly sneaking a bite of chocolate.
To make folds to create the desired hull shape, first score the material with a blunt stylus-the classic Bic pens with the blue plastic caps have a great shape for this.
Our Experts won't do the work for you, but they will make suggestions, offer guidance, and help you troubleshoot.
Materials scientists and engineers develop materials, like metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, that other engineers need for their designs. People are encouraged to add to the constantly evolving piece by drawing on it, making holes, placing an object in it, or any other way they can think of (other than ripping out chunks), contributing to what crowds have already done to it at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Finally, a large space features two black wallpaper paintings, with imperfections added, along with three giant oil portraits Stingel made of himself, based on photos of him taken by Sam Samore. While some of the art is politically motivated, much of it is just about free love, cheap drugs, and great music; be sure to pick up the free audio guide, which pairs songs with pieces.
The exhibit covers life and death and everything in between; in a corner by the north revolving doors, a wide-eyed alienlike figure spreads its legs, in the process of giving birth, while in a nearby case a bizarre autopsy is under way. Nearly thirty-four-feet high and standing in the Lever House courtyard, the Virgin Mother looks up into the sky, the left side of her body intact, the right side exposed, with the skin peeling away, revealing muscles, sinews, skull, and a fully formed fetus in the womb (an interesting comparison with Tom Friedman’s alien birth taking place inside the lobby gallery). In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt, bringing with him 167 scientists, translators, journalists, engineers, mathematicians, and more to detail what they found there. The people watching is tremendous, especially all the folks who show up wearing tennis gear as if they’re about to play a match. Choi, a shell-shocked soldier who is put in charge of a motley crew of men sent to a mysterious stretch of land to find troops who have been missing for six months. After deaf-mute Ryu (Ha-kyun Shin) fails miserably in a desperate, ridiculous attempt to get his dying sister (Ji-eun Lim) a kidney, the recently laid-off Ryu is convinced by his anarchist girlfriend, Youngmin (Doo-na Bae), to kidnap the four-year-old daughter (Bo-bae Han) of Park (Kang-ho Song), the man who owned the factory that recently laid him off. Though there is a lot to admire in this gripping psychological thriller, you’ll be scratching your head at the end, wondering just what the heck you have just seen. This year marks the parade’s fortieth anniversary and will include a tribute to Carlos Lezama, the founding president of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association who recently passed away. The farther east you venture, the more closed in it gets; by the time you get near Crown Heights, it could take you half an hour just to cross the street, so take it easy and settle in for a fun, colorful day where you need not hurry. One of the most surprising entries is a specially commissioned piece by emo star Sufjan Stevens, called THE BQE, about the roadway than links Brooklyn and Queens. As Chang-wook’s jealousy grows and Moon-sook and Joong-rae wonder if they have a future together, the director meets Sun-hee (Song Sun-mi), a soon-to-be divorcee who also has eyes for Joong-rae.
At first, Pras can’t believe he’ll be without his cell phone, but soon he is far more concerned with where he’s going to get his next meal, where he will sleep, and even where he will go to the bathroom. The syndicate leader, Boss Fay (Simon Yam), has ordered them to kill Wo for his treachery, but they are unable to pull the trigger on their friend.
His mother, Louise (Diane Venora), spends her days shut in her house, stuffing herself full of prescription drugs she obtained illegally from Mexico. THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, the last of three films based on the trilogy by Robert Ludlum, actually surpasses its predecessors, THE BOURNE IDENTITY (Doug Liman, 2002) and THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (Paul Greengrass, 2004), both of which were good. Through archival footage, family photographs, news reports, and new interviews, Gordon examines Dresnok’s life, from his unhappy childhood in foster homes and orphanages to his sudden decision to cross the border he was charged with protecting. He leaves the countryside and returns to Paris, moving back in with his lonely, divorced father, Mirko (Guy Marchand), and oversexed brother, Jonathan (an utterly charming Louis Garrel, who saves the movie from complete failure). In 1978, Philip Kaufman’s interpretation was an involving reaction to the Vietnam War and Watergate. His business partner, Catherine (Julie Gayet), bets him that he won’t be able to prove that he has a best friend. She even cooks for her therapist (Bob Balaban), bringing him gourmet meals instead of talking about her inner demons. After master debater Ben Wekselbaum (Nicholas D’Agosto) suffers a devastating public meltdown, rich kid Ginny Reyerson (Anna Kendrick) sets out to recruit Hal to be her new debate partner.
Collecting ridiculous stories culled from tens of thousands e-mailed to him via his Website, Moore shares remarkable tales of maddening insurance company denials, including one woman who was dragged unconscious from a car accident and taken to the hospital — and whose carrier refused to pay for the ambulance because she failed to get the emergency ride preapproved. Forced to flee in a FRANKENSTEIN-like manner, the Simpsons make a run for it, but can they leave their beloved Springfield behind? Having spent six years in a labor camp, Gengnian wants Xiangyang to become a painter, like he could have been, but imposing his will on Xiangyang, refusing to allow him to live his own life and make his own decisions, drives his son away, leading to volatile, powerful scenes. While Greene preferred a wild, flamboyant lifestyle, Hughes chose to walk the straight and narrow, quietly working within the system, personified by Martin Sheen as conservative station owner E. And ZEBRAMAN is a film the whole family can enjoy, as well as adults just looking for a really fun, fabulously entertaining flick on a Friday night. If your boat could float 100 pennies in water, how many pennies would it support (on Earth) in a container filled with liquid methane? MANY THANKS TO SCIENCE BUDDIES FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!REALLY!YOU GUYS ARE JUST PURE AHHHHMAAAZIINNNNNGGG!!!!
Materials scientists and engineers think atomically (meaning they understand things at the nanoscale level), but they design microscopically (at the level of a microscope), and their materials are used macroscopically (at the level the eye can see). In another room, Stingel has hung gold wallpaper paintings, made from stencils, over a mirrored floor that reflects both the works, which have a homey yet elegant feel, and visitors, reconfiguring the barriers between viewer and object. The three-year occupation resulted in what would become DESCRIPTION DE L’EGYPTE, a massive publication that created tremendous European interest in Orientalism and planted the seeds for modern Egyptology. Prices are outrageously high for food and drink, but you can’t complain about it until you indulge yourself in its ridiculousness.

But strange things happen to those who insist on wearing the shoes — often ending with lots of blood and loss of body parts.
They make camp in a magnificent abandoned mansion (which was discovered by the location manager; it is not a constructed set), which just might house a few scary secrets of its own. But when the plan goes awry, both Ryu and Park become obsessed with avenging their torn-apart lives.
All tickets are $25 and sell out quickly; you can save twenty percent if you become a Guggenheim member, and if you order four or more events, you will not have to pay the two-dollar-per-ticket handling fee. Writer-director Hong Sangsoo’s (TALE OF CINEMA) moving romantic comedy features beautiful locations shot by Kim Hyung-koo, a sweet score by Jeong Yong-jin, and unusual but believable characters. Reyes (EMPIRE), ILLEGAL TENDER is anchored by a terrific performance from Wanda De Jesus as Millie De Leon, a single mother of two who has been on the run for more than twenty years, ever since her husband (Manny Perez) was gunned down in cold blood. Greengrass (UNITED 93) ups the action quotient with breathless chases, well-choreographed fights, and nonstop suspense, including sensational scenes set in Tangiers, Paris, and New York City. In North Korea, Dresnok, Larry Allen Abshier, Jerry Wayne Parrish, and Charles Robert Jenkins became celebrities, held up as prime examples of communism’s superiority over Western democracy and even appearing in propaganda films, including the twenty-part series NAMELESS HEROES, made by Kim Il-jong.
Most of the action takes place in one day as Jonathan bets Paul that he can make it to Bon Marche in a certain amount of time — but as he is waylaid by woman after woman, Paul gets to wallow in self-pity with his wacky mother (Marie-France Pisier) and others. Given ten days, François sets out to find someone he can call his best friend, with pathetically funny results.
But when her sister dies in a car accident, Kate suddenly has to take care of her young niece, Zoe (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE’s Abigail Breslin), while also dealing with Nick (Aaron Eckhart), an accomplished chef who was called in to help out at the restaurant while she took some time off.
Directed by longtime SIMPSONS team member David Silverman and written by nearly a dozen regulars (including co-executive producer James L.
Shane also gets a small taste of romance from Smell (Rosamund Hanson), a sweetly innocent teen who dresses like a Boy George groupie. 2 DAYS IN PARIS is Delpy’s ANNIE HALL (Woody Allen, 1977), an engaging film filled with slapstick humor, inventive characters, and underlying truths about love and life. Sho Aikawa, who has appeared in several of Miike’s films, stars as a wimpy schoolteacher with a cheating wife, a promiscuous daughter, and a son who regularly gets beaten up at school.
He’s very handy with Origami already, having been tutored in the art by one of our Lubbock friends last year. An actual experiment you could do would be to re-do the experiment with a liquid that has a density different than that of water. From heat shields in space, prosthetic limbs, semiconductors, and sunscreens to snowboards, race cars, hard drives, and baking dishes, materials scientists and engineers make the materials that make life better. Farther along, Stingel has included a fake heating unit jutting out from a wall, looking like it’s rusting, creating a jarring experience since unregulated heat is such a powerful, destructive force, especially in a museum. An alternative to the nearby Waldorf=Astoria, the old-fashioned cabins also have a seemingly out-of-place satellite dish, keeping them connected to the modern world. The Dahesh has on display nearly ninety plates from the influential book, supplemented with paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures from the museum’s collection of nineteenth-century academic art as well as medals, decorative objects, letters, and documents.
THE RED SHOES is a craftily made thriller about obsession and desire, featuring some truly scary scenes and an elegant, classically based soundtrack by Byeongwoo Lee. Although the first half of the film is too slow and heads off in too many directions, the second half brings everything together, chock full of the kind of violence promised by the title. Night Shyamalan, 1999), SISTERS (Brian DePalma, 1973), and the Cinderella fairy tale, Kim Jee-woon’s film has plenty of creeps that unfortunately never come together. At 127 minutes, the film, which was selected for the 2006 New York Film Festival, is far too long, not quite knowing how to end, but stick with it nonetheless.
Although the film often loses its focus, telling too many stories at once, it is far more than some publicity stunt; SKID ROW is an honest, revealing portrait of the dire circumstances that hover just around the corner for many Americans, whether they realize it or not. Based on incidents from Lapica’s own life, SELF-MEDICATED is an involving, believable film until its penultimate scene, turning it from a compelling drama into a sappy movie-of-the-week melodrama. Despite a promising beginning in which Jonathan directly addresses the camera, DAN PARIS quickly falls apart. And now comes THE INVASION, which is about as cold and boring as any one of its changed characters. Desperate, he hires Bruno, a gregarious cabdriver (Dany Boon, who also stars in THE VALET), to show him how to be nice to people and make friends.
Moore goes inside the industry to reveal frightening details of how these for-profit institutions run and why it is always in their best interest to say no. Brooks and creator Matt Groening), the movie starts out impressively, much like the TV series did, then gets confused along the way, much like the TV series did, and then devolves into some ridiculous scenarios, much like the TV series does now.
But when Combo (Stephen Graham) shows up, just released from prison, he causes a split among the friends, asking them to join him in his crazed nationalistic fervor fueled by hatred and racism.
Stare deep into Peter Sedgley’s spinning Video Disques for a mind-blowing experience (especially if you blink repeatedly). There are also surprising works and iconic images by Robert Rauschenberg, Adrian Piper, Lucas Samaras, Richard Avedon, Rick Griffin, Peter Max, Stanley Mouse, Andy Warhol, Cecil Beaton, Paul Sharits, and Elliot Landy.
At night, the cabins light up invitingly, although you cannot go inside, but they still offer a peaceful respite in the midst of the mayhem of Midtown Manhattan.
The film is currently being remade by Charles & Thomas Guard, starring David Strathairn and Elizabeth Banks. In addition, various season passes and special subscription packages can save you between twenty and forty percent. EXILED is one cool, calm action flick that is ready to explode at any moment — and look out when it finally does.
The cast includes Tarantino veteran Michael Bowen as a hard-nosed counselor, William Stanford Davis as a lovable old bum, and Kristina Anapau as Andrew’s way-too-sweet-and-innocent best friend.
In communism he found the family he never had — and even his size, which is rather large, set him apart from most of his fellow travelers, instantly making him a big man in his new home. Leconte, the director of such acerbic comedies as THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND and RIDICULE as well as such powerful dramas as INTIMATE STRANGERS and THE WIDOW OF ST.
Directed by Scott Hicks (SHINE, SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS) and based on Sandra Nettelbeck’s award-winning 2002 German comedy MOSTLY MARTHA, NO RESERVATIONS’ eyes are bigger than its stomach. Blitz, himself a childhood stutterer who found great success on his New Jersey high school debate team, shows a deft comic touch and taste for the unusual reminiscent of such outstanding and eclectic teen tales as NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (Jared Hess, 2004), ELECTION (Alexander Payne, 1999), and WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE (Todd Solondz, 1995). He also travels to Canada, France, England, and even Cuba to show how the supposed evils of socialized medicine actually work for everyone. THE SIMPSONS always worked better the more realistic it was, so things do get out of hand here. But Greene’s unwillingness to play the game has a profound effect on Hughes as well as on the people of DC. At that point, the film turns from a charming coming-of-age drama to an angry, politically charged story. Though the difference in density is not nearly as dramatic as for liquid methane, it is a lot easier to obtain and safer to work with! Of course, plenty of politicians will be there; the invited honorary grand marshals are Eliot Spitzer, Mayor Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Charles Rangel, Barack Obama, and William Thompson.
But the more the 4.0 college student with a flashy car and a sweet, beautiful girlfriend (Dania Ramirez) learns, the further involved he gets in extremely dangerous territory, forcing him to reach deep inside himself to determine just how far he is willing to go to defend his family, which also includes endearingly cute younger brother Randy (Antonio Ortiz).
The story really takes off when Jenkins tries to leave North Korea and go to Japan, with the U.S. Carol Bennell, a divorced mother who starts noticing something weird going on with her ex-husband, friends, and patients, as people no longer seem to be themselves.
Occupation; and other former and current military personnel, journalists, UN advisers, and others with direct involvement in what is happening in Iraq.
ROCKET SCIENCE, which features tender narration by Dan Cashman and great music by Eef Barzelay (from the band Clem Snide) and the Violent Femmes, gets it right nearly every step of the way.
Although not a blockbuster, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is still an entertaining hour and a half that is more than just a very long episode; it has bigger ideas, a grander look, Green Day playing the theme song, and numerous self-referential jokes to ensure that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on your couch on Sunday night.
Turgoose, a street-savvy underprivileged kid himself, is unforgettable as Shane, who learns fast about the hard, cold world. How does the buoyancy of each boat hull in vegetable oil (measured by the number of pennies it can support) compare to its buoyancy in water? Friedman, who staged a memorable show in 2001-2 at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (using such found objects as toothpicks, aspirin, pencil shavings, sugar cubes, and soap), has created at Lever House a fanciful display using one of the most basic of household materials.
You won’t be stepping into a pair of red pumps anytime soon after seeing this well-made, suspenseful flick.
With the help of her best friend, Ben Driscoll (an utterly uninspiring Daniel Craig), and his colleague Stephen Galeano (a misused Jeffrey Wright), she is determined to stop the alien infestation while protecting her son, Oliver (Jackson Bond). SiCKO rips the million-dollar mask off the health-care industry; be prepared to leave the theater as mad as hell and not wanting to take it anymore. Nearly all the regulars make at least a cameo appearance, and maybe, just maybe, Maggie speaks.
Graham (SNATCH) is frightening as Combo, a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any moment. German director Oliver Hirschbiegel (DOWNFALL), making his English-language debut, and first-time screenwriter David Kajganich comment on the Iraq war, government secrecy, Darfur, and Americans’ dependence on mood-altering prescription drugs, but the filmmakers end up all over the place, losing their focus, especially as Bennell becomes more like Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in ALIENS (James Cameron, 1986), fighting to save a child. Despite myriad warnings, the Bush administration shut its eyes and ears and proceeded with a poorly thought out plan doomed to fail, including providing a scarcity of needed resources for the troops, de-Baathifying the country, and allowing partisan groups access to munitions dumps, all of which fueled the violence and disorder that engulfs Iraq today. Miles Bennell in the original 1956 film, has a cameo as a man stumbling through traffic, trying desperately to tell people what is happening, as if he has been running for twenty-two years; in this 2007 version, Veronica Cartwright, one of the stars of the 1978 version, plays a patient of Carol Bennell’s who is scared because her husband seems to no longer be himself. The awesome, if obvious, soundtrack includes songs by Sam Cooke, James Brown, the Supremes, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Booker T & the MGs, Sam and Dave, Archie Bell and the Drells, Al Green, Sly & the Family Stone, and the Chambers Brothers.

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