I changed form the tiny wheels to 12" and added weld-on D-rings and recessed LED lights.
When I got the trailer, I did not think much of the tilt feature (used to launch boats.) In fact, I welded the catch closed. Nice thing is i can sell it for more than I have in it; probably have spent just over $300 total. Yes, missed some spots Will do final coat in the morning when the sun is out for better light. Their main function was to keep stuff on the trailer that was wider than the deck from hitting the wheels. A vertical down, was welded on the inside, outside just for cosmetics and to keep water out.
Sections of pipe welded to the gate and back of trailer latch the gate up by dropping a pin down through them.

Indexed: RV Joke, RV SafetyCamping in a Truck Camper Without Owning a Truck: Can It be Done? A reader sent us over a few shots of this interesting truck camper setup spotted in Louisiana. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Notice the color of the fan filter on the front of the trailer Actually it was already a deeper red.
They did not have the size I really wanted and the next size up they had were too big and over twice the price. The pipe on the side of the gate also allows it to be used as a ramp by sliding it on one of the 3 hinges.
If you are eager to wander and all you have is a truck camper and a Ford Taurus…What are you suppose to do?

Actually, many have no way to take them to get fixed so they buy another as it will be delivered. After backing one off and the deck caught a ramp and was stuck with one wheel in mid air, i decided to re-enable the tilt.
In this case it seems the answer is to strap the truck camper to a flatbed trailer and hit the road.
Still need to work on what I am seeing (glowing slag vs the weld pool.) Different mask makes things look different.

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