We also made pencil marks on the back sides of the boards to use as guides of how far to pull the fabric.
Gives me confidence that maybe even I can do the project I've been dreaming of for so so long! So how did you mount the squares onto the board and then how did you mount it onto the wall?
We found that the boards were not easy to upholster to because the boards were very hard to get the staples to go into. We wanted each square to look the EXACT same to make sure the patterns weren’t messed up. We (my husband and I) decided to mount the individual boards to one larger backer board so that it could be hung as one piece. Important: We had to install the D-rings in precisely the right place on the back of the headboard.

BUT…an important part of this is to make sure that your fabric pattern is large enough to make enough squares with the exact same pattern. Sidenote: make sure you have a sharp blade on your olfa cutter or a sharp set of fabric scissors. In our case we wanted the headboard to be a contrasting color to the wall, so my cute hubby painted it charcoal gray. Although we tried our hardest to make sure that each square was precisely the same size, we still moved squares around because some fit better than others. And thanks to the cute phrase written on the headboard, you will never wake up grumpy again!Another great idea for a DIY headboard is to think soft, as upholstered headboards are all the rage but cost a pretty penny from the store.
I would give you the color if I knew it).  I knew that most of the wall would be covered with the headboard and only a few feet on each side would show of the gray, so I was not worried about the color being too dark. Dorsey Designs, sports a navy fabric and gold nailhead trim to complete the bedroom’s chic look for under $150.Want a simple and rustic headboard for your bedroom?

I like to change the colors in my room every year or two, and this fabric will allow for that. Creating a wonderful visual interest by drawing the eye all the way up to the ceiling, this headboard is a great, bold focal point for any bedroom (or even in a tiny studio, such as the room here!). Our next DIY headboard, by House To Home and LivingEtc, takes reclaimed wood all the way onto the ceiling to form a sort of visual canopy for the bed.
Add a few vases and greenery to truly bring the feel of nature indoors.Our next DIY headboard is fun and funky, adding color and asymmetric intrigue to the bedroom.

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