The other cool thing about this is that different types of wood react differently producing colors ranging from browns, to grays, and even near black. The second method is just as easy to make as the first, and you can make any stain color imaginable.
Both types are easy to make, and like any other stain, it’s always a good idea to test them out first before going full-on hoggy with your project. The planter boxes are made with t-111  plywood siding, which has an 8" groove pattern in it.
I actually tested it on a few different types of wood in this video over an extended period of time, so you can see how it gets darker over time.
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It creates something called Iron Acetate that reacts with the tannins in wood (the stuff that gives wood it’s darker, reddish brown color) to create a really beautiful, easy to apply stain.
You can play with the ratio to create lighter and darker tones, and it applies easily with a rag or sponge.
In the house, one room that commonly fulfilled with the DIY projects is the room with a lot of stuff and activities. That is the kitchen, this place become the area where the home occupants do some of the cooking activities and another meal preparation. Some of the cooking processes will need some stuff or special utilities.When you want to cut off the meat, you will need a sharp knife and hard countertops to keep the meat steady.
Some people tend to buy the existing countertops although it is very expensive, especially for the materials that made from granite.
Many people are asking about this, and here I want to give you little explanation about it.

First, of course you will need to measure the whole area that you want to cover using the countertops.
This happen, because people commonly do their cooking processes in the top of both furniture.After you measure them perfectly, you can get started to rout the edges of the wooden countertops. For the finishing of the homemade wooden countertops, you can sandpaper and stain the countertops.
It will give the shiny looks for the wood, and of course it will increase the elegance of the kitchen decoration. To complement the wooden and natural atmosphere, you can put other wooden items around your kitchen so that there will be a balance and harmony in the room.

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