Todo aquel o aquella que nos conozca sabe que Julio (el 50% de El Zarrio) es un apasionado de los juguetes de Lego. Please enable Javascript in your web browser in order to use the drop-down navigation menu.
This page lists all of the vehicles in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1, in the order they appear on the playset and pause menus, along with how to unlock them.
Army JeepCost: 30,000 studsOnce you've unlocked the General Ross character (see the Characters page) use his bazooka to blow up the silver doors in front of the Sabre Jet landing strip. Sabre JetCost: 250,000 studsThis plane is located on a green LEGO runway at the bottom center of the map.
MotorbikeCost: 20,000 studsAfter completing the Motorcycle Mayhem Story Level, this bike is sitting in the street in the same spot where the level began.
Fridge CarCost: 35,000 studsIndy and the Janitor ride the refrigerator into the College Town neighborhood following the Doom Town Story Level. So, being a Call of Duty fan and a military builder, I started wondering what a LEGO Military theme would be like. Well, in part because real-life military conflicts are more controversial than fictional ones.
At the same time, it would be interesting to see how official military sets would be handled. I guess when your country is right next to a country to caused great harm even a long time ago then perhaps Lego would have seen it as glorification of war which is not really child's play now is it ? The best they try is to include some military vehicles in futuristic or antiquate settings but they will likely never make a down right military theme.
I think our best hope for now are useful and MOD-able parts from the city theme, like the twin-rotor helicopter and tan hats from the forest police theme.
Military models were obviously a topic of conversation and they both were pretty clear about LEGO never going to produce a real-world military theme. LEGO acknowledge that an element of conflict often plays a role in particularly boys' play, and that element is included in many of their themes, but it is fantasy violence such as humans against mutated lizards. Well, seeing the popular Alien Conquest and Pharoah themes, what if TLG made military themed sets kind of like World Racers, with one group acting as a sort of 'Army' of LEGO City and another attacking it? This is a topic that has come up at various times, as HuntleyFX mentioned (and in different forums). Having the good guys look like US soldiers will not go down well in many parts of the world.

I don't see this happening ever, that Lego would produce a modern military line (and Im not sad about it either) We as AFOLs have the colours and parts to produce what we want. Lego should not fall to the low levels of clone china brands an produce pure military set's.
From afar, it may actually look like a terracotta army composed of LEGO minifigs, but upon closer inspection, you'll see that it's just masterful 3D chalk art.
Design, LEGO, Weird .You can leave a response. Se puede pasar horas navegando en internet buscando las ultimas novedades, o una pieza que le falta, observando los munecos, palpando el tipo de plastico del que estan hechos, ideando nuevas escenas para recrear, redisenandolas, haciendo fotos, etc; para luego, despues de dias de trabajo, volver a desmontarlo todo. IMO, if they make one, it should just be one-sided sets, like a Humvee and a squad of soldiers, or a helicopter with its crew. Military vehicle MOCs often use a lot of advanced building techniques, precisely-sculpted shapes, and realistic technical details. But I meant simply little sets of of tanks and helicopters with a squad of troops on one side, not five guys shooting at each other. In this respect, I could actually imagine these sets being done in the 80s and 90s rather than now. I could imagine TLG doing an air show set and sneaking in a realistic fighter jet, for example.
In the sets that they do produce there are plenty of parts that are very useful for building your own military stuff and plenty of accessories for military minifigs too.
TLG has said they do not want to produce a military theme, and while they have gotten close, it would be too big of a step to go all the way. On one hand conflict and violence sells, in particular to boys, but on the other hand it goes against the company ethos and they want to avoid any kind of bad publicity. It was created "by Leon Keer, Ruben Poncia, Remko van Schaik, and Peter Westerink during the Sarasota chalk festival in Florida." Continue reading for more pictures and a video. Personally, I'd leave the enemy building to kids, but at least have tanks, trucks and helicopters. An official set of a realistic tank would be much different so I'm curious how it would be handled with a realistic budget and age range. So I'd say one of the big questions to consider before making this theme would be: who would the soldiers fight? I also think that there are people out there who build absolutely stunning MOCs with a military theme, but ultimately they are war machines and charm is not a requirement.

The second point would be, on the extreme off chance, what military and what war would they produce?
Y es que los 2 atractivos mas fuertes de Lego son: que puedes construir con sus piezas absolutamente todo lo que se te ocurra por la cabeza, y que nunca se rompe, siempre se puede volver a montar. I personally don't think that makes them less interesting, but many LEGO sets do have a certain charm that would most likely be lacking from a theme of military sets.
Being a kid living in a city with a military base, I just think that it'dbe a cool addition. At the show at which I displayed it, which has permission to use LEGO in its name, I had to remove the Swastikas on the tailfins. The US (and probably a few other countries) got Dino Attack, which is probably the closest thing to contemporary military LEGO has done, bristling with guns. Hummvee's, Aircraft, Large trucks, all have been in the talks for some time since its not really a theme, just a model of a military vehicle. I don't know about everyone else, but playing with Green Army Men when I was little was kinda fun with the good guys and bads guys.
LEGO does not want to be associated with anything nasty from the recent future and I completely understand this. It was deemed too violent by focus groups in Europe and instead of Dino Attack, Europe got Dino 2010 with the guns replaced by grappling hooks, nets and cages. Plus, they have the age range on sets saying that this set was made to be built by kids or teens or adults. Y, bueno, no hay mejor muestra para que entendais todo lo que os he explicado que dejaros con algunos de los sets que hemos ido haciendo con Lego como protagonista.
No ones putting a gun to TLC's head (sorry, no pun intended there) for them to make these sets. If they were going to make a base, put a UAV (Spy drone)thingy and a controller, some bunks, an armory and an office. Especially with compeditor brands currently making full blown military themes (in most compeditor brands, there military themes are their best selling sets).
I just think that it would be a fun little addition to the City, apart from the Police, Fire and Farm that they've been doing for a while.

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