If your kids are mad about army toys but also love Lego, then building a Lego Army seems the next logical step to take. Unfortunately Lego does not make this easy for you, preferring to keep children playing in fantasy scenarios than realistic types of war game. There are a few readymade Lego army sets for sale online, such as the army vehicles you can find in the Lego Creator range and the Toy Story Army Lego Men on Patrol set for youngsters. Whilst these custom military Legos are not endorsed by the Lego company, they are made using their bricks and will therefore work nicely with any existing brick collections.
Battles can take place in the past, future or present and Lego enthusiasts can build the most customized battle they desire. Obviously you can build anything you like with Lego bricks, but kids often need a bit of a helping hand to kick start their imaginations. Known as mini figures, or “mini figs,” Lego army men are available to replicate soldiers from the US, Germany and the UK. Most are custom built and come in different colored uniforms, including grey, black, white, green and tan.
They cost from around $6 singly or you can find them bundled as custom Lego army toys sets.
Things to watch out for when purchasing include how the uniform is printed onto the minifig. Minifig stands have two studs and are designed to keep your Lego soldiers upright in battle.
Precisely detailed using computer aided design, Lego weapons are amazingly intricate, tiny, yet integral, battle accessories for your minifigures.
Guns, swords, grenades and other weapons cost around $1 each, and can be customized to any war era.
The variety of Lego military gear available makes sure your army is ready for both close quarter combat and long range attacks. Kits for building Lego army vehicles are available for both World Wars and the modern military.
Consider what era your war is set in and choose minifigs, helmets and weapons that are suitable. Assemble your Lego soldiers into squads, such as groups of snipers, close combat army men and artillery units.

You will probably need at least 20 Lego soldiers and a couple of vehicles to achieve a realistic battle scene. Kids Army Toys Recommends AmazonUnless otherwise labeled, all product links will take you to amazing deals on Amazon. 200 Plastic Army MenThis toy soldier set comprises four different colors for four different armies. Lego Army MenLego army men, weapons and tanks are hard to find but there are customised toys available. Abrams RC Battle TankFor the ultimate in toy tank fun, check out this remote control 1:24 scale model which can fire Airsoft pellets. Set Of 3 Toy TanksFriction powered toy tanks in three different camouflage colors and a gun that moves up and down. Please enable Javascript in your web browser in order to use the drop-down navigation menu. This page lists all of the vehicles in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1, in the order they appear on the playset and pause menus, along with how to unlock them.
Army JeepCost: 30,000 studsOnce you've unlocked the General Ross character (see the Characters page) use his bazooka to blow up the silver doors in front of the Sabre Jet landing strip. Sabre JetCost: 250,000 studsThis plane is located on a green LEGO runway at the bottom center of the map. MotorbikeCost: 20,000 studsAfter completing the Motorcycle Mayhem Story Level, this bike is sitting in the street in the same spot where the level began.
Fridge CarCost: 35,000 studsIndy and the Janitor ride the refrigerator into the College Town neighborhood following the Doom Town Story Level. Alternatively you can find Mega Bloks Probuilder military sets for older children and adults. Although quite hard to find, once you track it down, you will find a diverse range of Lego army soldiers, tanks, other vehicles and teeny Lego guns to use to stage great battles. From military ambulances to army bomber planes to properly outfitted soldiers, thousands of custom items are sold to complete a Lego army. A collection of Lego army figures complete with weapons may inspire them to build some vehicles from scratch, or you could buy the instructions for custom builds to help them along or even custom sets complete with instructions and relevant bricks.
By starting with these three basic facets, you will be well on your way to a great collection.

There are World War and modern day soldiers from the marines and other branches of the military.
A high caliber sniper rifle can be purchased in eight different color choices for $1.50 each.
The iconic and highly detailed fragmentation grenade can be added to your arsenal to send your enemies fleeing. These come in three colors, cobalt blue, silver, and black, and include such things as precision sniper rifles, tactical PDWs, assault carbines, combat SMGs and bipods. Tanks are hugely popular although a couple of fighter planes, jeeps and Humvees are also available.
You can find instructions for building these custom tanks from your own collection of Lego pieces available to purchase online or buy complete kits that comprise the pieces and the instructions.
It is recommended that you start slow with a few basic pieces to include a few soldiers, a vehicle and some weapons.
Each army man is about 37mm tall and there are a variety of poses making for realistic army scenes. There is a release pin which starts a 10 second timer once pulled before an explosion sounds.
Full platoon units can be purchased for around $80, which includes six figures and two Jeeps.
Weapons can be bought in packs for about $10, which include an assortment of shotguns, handguns, U-clips and more.
Once you decide what you like to build best, customized kits with hundreds or thousands of pieces can be purchased. Choose from high caliber sniper rifles, assault carbines, grenade launchers and heaps more, to really rev up your army with these pieces of minifig weaponry.

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