This small diorama represents one of the several British dockyards at the beginning of World War I with two ships from different generations currently in harbour. Because the ship was completed only recently, the crew had no proper training, so it wasn’t a big surprise that she fired over 350 shells during the Battle of Dogger Bank, and scored only two hits. HMS Drake was a first-class armoured cruiser completed in 1904, ten years before Tiger, but the difference between them is stunning.
After the war, HMS Tiger remained in service as the oldest of the battlecruisers, now also in company of the mighty Hood.
Awesome-o-saurus The Not-So-Great  August 10, 2012 The world needs more armored cruiser MOCs, even at a small scale like this. Nope, those are not custom bricks, those are mega bloks pieces that I find extremely useful for micro scale ships.
Locutus 666  April 5, 2012 I want to ask u what parts have u used for the side-turrets.
Locutus 666  March 27, 2012 If you think it cant be better he will upload something like this!

But wait, even that is not enough for him, he adds an exciting port-diorama to complete this. Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door! Performance of her gunnery increased only slightly during the Battle of Jutland, and she was hit several times in return, but managed to remain in the line. Altogether she wasn’t a bad design, she was well armed and decently armoured for her size and could achieve 23 knots. I just wanted to use those dark grey pieces to make it stand out a little bit more from the background.
Transfer to the Dutch Navy together with modernisation in manner similar to Renown and Repulse was discussed, but at the end she was broken up in 1932 as the last coal burning British capital ship. Voranc  March 28, 2012 Thank you all for the positive surprise in the shape of so many comments in such a short time!
The four ships of the class were known for their steaming ability, being capable of consistently running for long periods at high speed.

If you need a vast amount of 4x2 bricks and those lovely black plates, you should get those sets, but I'm not sure if the carriers are still available.
Using LEGO parts for double barelled guns presents no problem, because of variety of parts that can be used, but single guns are quite problematic. Google the part lists of other sets too, and I'm sure you'll find where those tiny parts are included too.
I've experimented with minifig hands a little bit too, but I've ended up using them for something else instead.

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