The LEGO Life-Size weapons flickr group has 160 LEGO constructed weapons- guns, knives, bombs and more. How to Make a Static Electricity Generator—Shock Anything and Fry Electronics with Just a Touch! Maybe I just don’t have a good memory, but were guns this much the focus regarding toys made 20, 30 and 40 years ago? I don’t know why I turned out to be relatively anti-war given my background with toy guns.
I was in the Scouts when young and we took riflery and marksmanship as a course and for a merit badge. Jimmy, Lego has been edorsing guns ever since the first Wild West set was sold, way back in the 90's. Howdy, your all looking at the wrong end of the stick, the lego is being made this way because of demand, if you wanna fight the issue have a go at the movies, parenting attitudes and dispicable lack of gun control in your country. When I was a kid, a lot of the parents got started on the idea of banning toy weapons of every sort, including every sort of toy gun, and knife. The Lego weapons are a symptom of a culture that uses violence to achieve some of its goals. In the real world, good guy shoots bad guy, (bad guy is just as likely to shoot good guy, but lets assume good guy wins this one).
Lego has many things that are far cooler than guns, like kits which can be used to build mechanical things and even working robots with an on-board computer.
Now in regards to ryan and especially Viaggio someone is not doing a good job in parenting!
NO, I don’t personally believe that the LEGO company is to blame, I blame parenting and the community.
As a fifteen year old LEGO fan myself, I’m sure I can say that this discussion is outright ridiculous.

We see, that this consumer system and transnational industries have created the perfect education system, based on playful and hyper-realistic experience we know as video games. Connect with Dangerous IntersectionIf you click on the Facebook icon (below) and send me (Erich Vieth) a FRIEND REQUEST, you'll receive updates to DI's newest articles.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. We talked about the safe use of weapons, and then he shot me dead, about 4,362 times and counting. Movies and videogames were relatively mild, compared to my imagination with GI Joes and Jurassic Park dinosaurs. Diplomacy, talking, and peaceful resolution was preferred over fighting, with a violent resolution the very last, last resort.
You maybe think I am crazy, but I have played with my friend Evan and I have always played with toy guns. It was about a man who thought that another man riding in a truck with the Confederate flag was riding around and the other man thought it was the sign of the Dukes of Hazzard and he only heard of the Civil War one time.
The problem is that too much of the media is very unrealistic in portraying the results and consequences of violence. If good guy is lucky and gets a very good lawyer, there is a slim chance he will avoid a being in prison for the rest of his life. Not any child can get a video game, same as school, just rich countries will enjoy this great change in education.
What I see is that parents don't instill that kind of thought into the kids learning how to shoot. I even like a song that Johny Cash did of he shot a man in Reno, although his mother told him not to. Now that is bad, but for people who want to defend themselves or even lego kits like bionics who like you said didn't have girlfriends, so I am all right.

Next thing you know you'll be mad at a guy holding a stick because he could kill someone with it. I was the only kid on my block who didn't have a cowboy six-shooter, or a cap pistol, or a ray gun.
The police show up, pat good guy on the back and thank him for permanently taking care of bad guy. Bad guy (what left of him) falls to the ground and his heart continuing to beet for a little while dumps his remaining blood into a puddle that spreads out for about 3 feet in every direction. Batman sets contain a replica Tommy Gun and Uzi facsimile, and all of the new Agents line, as well as all Lego Star Wars set containing Clone Troopers, contain minifig-scale weapons of various types. Parents, if you are allowing your kids to walk around the house playing all of these games that deal with brutally shooting people or even shooting people in general something is wrong. Now i know that types of violence are everywhere and there is really no way from stopping it from happening, but if you see kids pretending to shoot each other and you laugh it off, im very much disappointed in you. Not everybody can get into a school, poor countries are designated that way because of their lack of institutional education. Media has soooo much influence in the way kids think, these tv shows are sending subliminal messages that you pick up when you are older etc etc. If LEGO started manufacturing replicas, I'd probably agree with you, but they seem content with using funny little pieces.

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