We all now know that a few days ago, I asked y'all to vote for me, y'all showed up like Republicans to a gun show, and I wound up winning a $50 gift card.
A very long time ago, I was "girl crazy." I would like to say at this point that I am still crazy, but only for my wife, who is not a girl, (thank you baby Jesus) but a woman. We got there with little incident, and stopped for some pizza, wherein the greatest single prank in the history of man might have been pulled. Turns out, once a month, all the area churches bus their people to one of the churches for an all denomination get together. We wound up going out to her house, where Kid Funk had his shirt chewed on by a goat, we met an honest to goodness retarded rabbit, and her mom and dad both drank milk straight from the cows teat.
Well, I asked my readers to come support me, and I currently have a call in to Vicky's Secret to market your support as the best damn bra ever. This week DWC’s 2012 employment workshops kicked off with a session on commuication skills. The course was built around a variety of tasks that demonstrated aspects of communication skills. A big thank you to Janet Spicer from Remploy Derby, who came the the women’s centre to deliver the workshop. Although this can be incredibly profitable for some people, others may unearth problems during the building process which cause them to make a loss on their development project. It's north of Tulsa a bit, and it's a typical Oklahoma small town, only it has a stoplight. I decided not to tell her we were coming, because, well, that would have given her the chance to tell me no. When we see that there is no one at this church, and there were cars and such outside, we start to do a little trembling of the maybe we're not so righteous sort. We decided to stop at the next place we saw some fellow left behindinians, and politely, if not a bit panicky, ask them what they did with all their church folk.
Women received some advice on how to communicate more effectively and become more aware of the importance of listening and body language. For one task, the group split off into two teams. A member from each team went outside to look at a house made from lego, and after went back to tell the rest of their team how to build a replica.
If you’re considering building your own home then here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.Rough Budgeting to Prevent LossMany people believe precise budgeting is the best way to ensure profitability when undertaking a project and in many instances it is, but with property development you need to be more flexible with your figures.
I do this, well, because it's fun, because it's easy, and because it gets me a shit ton of new followers, for which I am most appreciative.
I also decided we'd go up on a Wednesday night, on the premise of visiting their church, which my church had gone to on a mission trip of sorts a few months earlier. I firmly believe that one day Jesus will come back to collect his own, and so on and so forth. I don't think the people in that little store understood our relief, or our request for a bathroom. I'm not going to give you the name of the place, in case someone that works there winds up reading this.
I wanted to take her as my lover date her a bit, and maybe hold hands, and then leave town and break up with her, because let's keep it real here, she lived like 2 hours away.

There was also a wicked good pizza place up there called Bighearts Pizza (props to them if they are still in business) and I figured if all else failed, we'd at least have some good pie. There were a bang ton of empty cars, the doors to the church were unlocked, and no one was home.
However, I won't shove this down your throats, because I respect you as human beings who mainly just want to laugh at me, and not talk about God. Instead, I just want everyone that has to work today and tomorrow know that I'm thinking about them, and I don't think it's fair.
If you’ve only got enough money to cover the initial budget you drafted then reconsider the size of the property and project – the last thing you’ll want to do is make a loss through unforeseen circumstances.Gather Different Contractor’s Opinions and QuotesChoose your contractor wisely, although it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest quote consider the quality aspect – do you really want to have to hire someone else to clear up the mess of a cowboy builder?Ask for a list of properties your favoured contractor has renovated or built and ask the homeowners if you can visit them to take a look. A lot of people would say that this year was pretty bad because of all the money things, but I have to tell you, when you start out broke and finish broke, the stock market crashing isn't something you notice. Duke basketball keeps me occupied for half the year, and hating Chapel Hill keeps me busy the other half.
I will respect your feelings, and I won't be doing any business at stores today or tomorrow, because I feel that it supports the corporate idiots that think the service industry shouldn't be allowed any got dang family time during the holidays.So. Enquire whether the homeowner was happy with the work ethics of the builder, did they finish the project on-time and to a high standard? I walked up to the counter, and looked at her and said, "Darlin, what's your number?" She stumbled for a moment, and then started saying a number.
You could make a checklist of questions to ask them when you visit, make sure you ask the same questions when enquiring about each contractor.Before deciding whether to knock the derelict building down or simply renovate it ask for contractors’ opinions. I'm a big guy with a big voice, trying desperately to be heard by someone before The Lord takes me home. Some may suggest you keep the structure of the house and work with what you have inside the four walls. And thanks for being a little lenient with me today.Also, I think we'd all be wise to remember the reason for the season this year and every year.
Plus you may save yourself the costs of having it knocked down and the debris cleared away.Be Aware of Health and SafetyMany property developers decide to DIY the project as it can significantly reduce contractor expenses.
My body and mind hashed this out the other day, and I'm going to give you a snippet of the conversation.
What is it with you people?  With all that being said, I will give you the suggestions that were given to me that follow those guidelines, plus a few of my own that I have thrown in. We love you guys, and I'll see you back on the day after.I guess I should end on that, but I don't think I've made you laugh yet. The person I worked with was a little strange, and he wasn't even 21 yet, but I won't hold that against him. Y'all have to vote on it, and if you want to rig the vote by sending your followers over here to vote for your choice, by all means, go ahead. Had a bee in his bonnet about dark sci-fi stuff, and he wanted to write a book where the lead character had a lot of flaws, and used the quote, "Hollywood should be glad I'm not a writer.
If the property is old there’s a chance that it could contain asbestos, which when disturbed can be extremely hazardous to human health. If you see any material which you suspect to contain asbestos then it’s imperative that you have an asbestos survey on the property.

One of the suggestions was "do something with bacon." So if you want me to do whatever you vote for with bacon, just add a "with bacon" to the end of your vote.
If asbestos is present it needs to be safely removed by a professional before you can begin work on the property.Tailoring your Building to the SurroundingsCertain factors which are out of your hands may need catering for when building your house.
Foundations built on clay soil can prove to be problematic as they’re more susceptible to subsidence. Starting today, and lasting until, say, next Wednesday, I'm gonna take suggestions  for what you guys think I should do in my video.
She went to school with me as a kid, but was older than me, so I never knew much about her. You need to identify any subsidence risks before commencing to build the house, as you may need to reinforce foundations and construct the building with specific materials that will protect it from damage caused by soil shrinkage.If you’re developing the house with the view of renting it when finished then you need to make sure you’re making it as liveable as possible. For example, if the area is renowned for having water pressure problems it may be wise to fit low water pressure bathroom and kitchen taps to make the house as problem-free as possible. The more you address problems during the building process the fewer complaints you’ll receive from future tenants.Before jumping head-on into property development you need to be aware that renovating old buildings and building homes are huge projects to undertake. We were busy, and shit got hoppin, and all the sudden I hear, "Oh my god, are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm good."But they weren't talking to me. Whilst many people are successful in the property market, there are cases where projects have gone terribly wrong and vast amounts of money have been lost.
They were talking to my "trainer," who had smooth passed out on the floor, and was struggling into a sitting position.
On a positive note, with the 50 extra dollars, I'm going to be able to film myself with a BRAND NEW VIDEO CAMERA! I'm sorry Lee, but I can't think of anyone who would loan me a cow to wrestle, otherwise that one would be up there. For sure, I'd wind up accidentally killing a cow by suplexing it, and then where would I be? Since neither Ed nor Moog made suggestions, I went ahead and made them the 10th choice, which just means that they can collaborate on something for me to do, and then announce it.
Heck, that'd be cool, because I might have a chance at breaking 50 comments for the first time ever! The only suggestion I won't take is the rap video, because that is already in the works, and it's gonna make me look friggin awesome, not humiliated. Yogurt, Slim-Fast (probably the cheap Wal-Mart brand of it because I'm broke) and broth for six weeks. I love you guys!Happy New Year to you all, and may the next year and next decade be filled with faith, family, love and riches beyond your wildest dreams. So I'll be getting together with them, and I'll let you know what I'm going to do for the video in the new year!

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