Jon Hill  December 20, 2012 excellent but after I click download it redirects me to a page and it says the file im trying to download could not be found.Could you please update it? LegoSpace Cops  February 11, 2011 On LDD, If you remove the truck, its wayyyy cheaper to order. Legos is a great way of letting your imagination run wild and create anything you can dream of! LEGO has not attempted a blimp, zeppelin, or similar airship since 1999, the 5956 Expedition Balloon which used highly specialized parts.

I think Ssorg's Majestic Airship is just the thing to remedy this long overlooked mode of transportation. I just downloaded it and messed around with it and came up with some changes to the design with dual blades and guns and some changes to the vehicle mode. If you're looking to recreate some of your favorite scenes from the Marvel Civil War series, why not start with Spider-Man's Iron Spider suit?
This is unfortunate as these vessels are well and truly part of the pulpy adventure and steampunk scene.

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