We made our LEGO Pirate Ship in the days leading up to our stay in a Pirate room at LEGOLAND Windsor. This followed on from a lesson in measuring where The Sensory Seeker made a life-sized Skeleton of himself. What I love about the internet is that you can take whatever interest your child has at the current moment and find some wonderful things related to it by just doing a quick search. I much prefer this idea having spent hours upon hours over Christmas building Princess castles, carriages and more, only for Liv to destroy them in moments *cry* Great idea!
Helen Neale recently posted…Three reasons to chuck out the parenting manuals right now…. The use of the Lego Modular Buildings is a nice touch, and they have been customized to take up as little space as possible while retaining their full size.
The first wave of the Lego Movie sets have hit the store shelves, and Lego is not stopping there. Shiver me timbers, the Micro Managers are approaching our heroes and MetalBeard aboard his wacky Sea Cow ship. Battle 2 Micro Managers with The LEGO® Movie MetalBeard’s Sea Cow with mini version of MetalBeard, 4 minifigures and cow with wings! My older son (aged 7) had decided to skip this session, although had attended the original measuring one. In newer photos there is a plexiglass wall surrounding each set, making sure that hands stay away from all the hard work on display. With very visually different scenes, such as the city, the Wild West, and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Benny, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle will be setting sail with MetalBeard and QueasyKitty.

You can create and share Lego projects through a WebGL based website that is designed to be used with Google Chrome. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here.
We made it smaller than the original because we didn’t have big enough pieces of card, and I also believed it would make it a much nicer size for our LEGO Minifigures.
I thought it would be good for him to see how maths and measuring could be of use to him in his everyday life.
This insane ship comes with 6 cannons, a huge chimney, a cow with wings, satellite dish, a captains quarters, removable decks, huge turbines, propellers, and brick built sails. This version of MetalBeard is actually a scaled down version, the full size is already available. These Official Bloopers are actually a “clip,” so keep an eye out for more being released in the future. This 7 minute behind the scenes look into the making of the Lego Movie is almost completely spoiler free.
You can pick a piece of unbuilt land, or use a randomly assigned plot to design your creation.
If you want to be super realistic, the folding mechanisms would also be more expensive to produce, and more prone to malfunctions, and give little to no benefit by folding. Some of the details have been wonderfully preserved, such as the mini shark, and peg leg, and arm cannons. There are three modes to explore on the website, a map of the world that lets you look at other peoples creations, the actual building website, and the “Build Academy.” Minifigures from the Lego Movie make cameo appearances in the Build Academy, which is a series of tutorials.
Each plot is a 32×32 baseplate, with coloring based on a low resolution Google Map of the surrounding area.

I asked my son what did we need to do to halve the measurements, and he told me that we would divide it by 2.
A massive basement level Lego studio, with a whole collection of Lego spanning decades of collecting. OliveSeon has even integrated a whole lot of the official The Lego Movie sets into their build. Raise the anchors, spin the rear propellers and steer the ship to safety with the mini version of MetalBeard at the wheel.
I was really impressed as he set to work in dividing all the measurements – not even being phased by decimals. The Sea Cow is currently available for purchase for Lego VIP members, and will have a full release on March 1st. Then built concept models that were then digitized with what looks like the Lego Digital Designer (LDD). He then measured out and drew onto the card the pieces he would need. When the pieces were all drawn they were cut out. I learned a valuable lesson in reading all the instructions properly, but nevertheless we put the ship together ok. We secured it with magic tape – and only then realised that we hadn’t cut out any holes first! Then he had great fun finding exactly the right stick in the garden for the mast.

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