I discovered this great thing recently – I can make a book out of a single piece of paper, with nothing but a pair of scissors.
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A parchment paper piping cone is a really handy tool to know how to make, because it can be used for fine writing on cakes, or directly on a plate. With the long side facing you, curl the right point around to the left inside to make a cone and matching the two points at the top, with the tip of the cone where your mark is on the bottom.
Break off a couple pieces of your chocolate, about 3 tablespoons, and put them in the cone. Now you need to make a parchment covered cardboard platform on which to pipe out your bees. Now you will take your piping cone with the chocolate inside and microwave it for 30 seconds on high. Pipe two stripes across the back of each bee, starting and finishing as close to the parchment as possible.
Wonderful post Lynn – your tutorial on how to make piping cones is the best I have seen.

Little Bit Funky: 20 Minute Crafter {How to Make a Little Boy Tie} + {Simple, Easy & Quick Tie Free Pattern}! Step one is to iron your fabric (after you have guesstimated how much you will need to suit the pattern), then iron the interfacing to the back following the direction on the package.
Step four: trim threads and nip the corner for ease of folding then turn that triangle right side out. My imagination school kids have made them for presents, Dr Seuss-like tongue twisters, drawings, mini graphic novels and even an autograph book.
Once children learn the fold themselves, they can make a book from any old scrap of paper, for any purpose. One of my favorite are these little bumble bees made with buttercream frosting, chocolate piping and almond slices. You could also make them in a larger size and use them for any piping job where a ziplock bag with the corner sniped off is too flimsy, and you don’t need the heavy-duty structure of a pastry bag and tip.
Put the two end points together and press down on the center, making a small fold to mark the point where the tip of the cone will be.
I used a Scharffen Burger Semi Sweet bar, but any semi sweet or bitter sweet chocolate will do. Make the buttercream frosting, which is the same used for the Twirly Lemon Cookies I made a few posts ago.
Remove frosting to a bowl and mix thoroughly with a spoon to ensure the food coloring is evenly distributed.
I have never made those little bees but I am definitely going to have to now – they are just too darn cute!! Put the cardboard with the bees on it in a 9×13 cake pan and cover it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. My name is Lynne Hemer and I am a woman obsessed with food and cooking, in search of new, unusual, exotic and sublime ingredients and recipes.

I decided last night that I wanted my son to wear a tie for picture day, on Monday, and went searching Pinterest for ideas.
I am not an experienced seamstress, so I do have a question how you get the piece in the first picture. I have used them many times to decorate my mini lemon tarts, which I will be posting about in the very near future. You can use them to make chocolate decorations that are piped on parchment paper, hardened and pressed to the icing.
The recipe is below, and I have left out the lemon zest so the surface of the bees will be smooth.
As you know first-hand, I am an abstract expressionist when it comes to making something as detailed as your wonderfully clever creation. I love reading cookbooks, taking cooking classes, going to restaurants, photographing food, and blogging about it all!
I used to live in East Ballina, and go to uni in Lismore,so we would pass through there each day,mand back again. But in order to make these little bees, first you have to be able to make a parchment paper cone to pipe the chocolate.
I am guessing you use the triangle pattern piece to somehow cut out a chunk from the main tie body, but I'm not exactly sure how. Fold the points down into the inside of the cone, so it is even with the rest of the upper edge, to secure the structure.

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