Recently we repainted our house and would like something to decorate the empty walls, such as paintings, shelving and mirrors.
I mean….there are days when we evaluate and critique and worry about what we need to fix and take notes on what we need to improve on. Today I am so happy to be part of the Knocktoberfest celebration where 25 bloggers are showing off their favorite knock-offs. And I am sure that when you stand in front of that mirror you choose to look only into the round that shows off your good part?!
I cut out a piece of paper the exact size of the mirror and taped it to the inside of the compact! I’m here trying to figure out how to fit in a 12 Days of Christmas blog walk in the week before and week of my show.
I have possibly heard it whispered softly about a design or two maybe, when I cleverly got the look for less thing down right, but YOU, my dear are absolutely and totally brilliant, there is no denying that fact.
February 26, 2015 1 Comment Even though the trend might be winding down a smidge, I do still love a nice starburst mirror.
Once you’ve created the circle, use the StyroCutter to cut along the curved line of the individual pieces. When your edges are dry and you have a nice circle to work with, take a straight edge and a pen, creating spoke-like marks all over your circle.

The next step was to center the mirror, mark around it and cut the center hole out of the circle.
Once the hole is cut, take the Smooth Finish and lightly spread it on with the putty knife.
Apply the wax sealer, letting dry between layers to determine the amount of coverage desired.
When the wax has completely dried, flip the painted side down, carefully apply the E6000 along the back edge of the center hole and position the mirror on top of it.
I haven’t decided where it will ultimately end up, but being as it is so lightweight, I have a lot of options available. Make a Monogrammed ornament the old fashioned way – without an electronic cutting machine. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. So, needless to say, juniper and Central Oregon go hand-in-hand, which is lucky for us high desert dwellers, because juniper has one characteristic that is a lot less off-putting than its smell: it produces a beautiful wood for furniture making and wood working (oh, and the juniper berries are also good for making distilled liquor!).
Cut pieces of juniper scrap to fit your mirror, making a 45 degree angle on the ends so they can fit together much like a frame would. If there were one, I would have clobbered together a mirror before breakfast today (I’m brilliant, am I?).

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Juniper has beautiful knots and curves, and gorgeous coloring once removed of its dingy, rough bark, and the contrast makes for beautiful wood working. I am absolutely making this one… Probably several times because it would also be a great gift!
Cutting a circle and using it to cover the mirror before spraying seems tedious… especially if I have to do it with 17+ tiny mirrors. As we were searching for DIY mirror ideas online, we came across this super cute idea to make a round mirror decorated with wood slices. The wood slices come in different sizes and ring patterns, which make them the perfect decoration for the mirror.

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