Find out how to make origami claws place on your fingers so you can scare everybody around you. This particular technique for folding paper claws is highly versatile as it can be done with any piece of that folded into a triangle. This is really a lovely way to make origami paper lotus, the lotus petals and stamens are of the same folding modular unit which is similar to kanzashi, pretty and easy.
It would be better to make a lotus flower ball with this design, esp with kids for a late fun afternoon.

Your swan is beautiful but I am having a hard time with the tail and wings, could you diagram it out like you did with the Chest and neck? In this helpful tutorial, Jewellia7777 demonstrates how to use recycled paper to create your own elegant "green" works of art in no time. Give your next love note or Valentine invitation some extra sparkle by placing it within this easy-to-make origami heart box. Learn to easily construct a stunning table centerpiece of paper that would let you contribute your own artistic touch to any special event, formal or informal.

Since the heart and note can be folded flat, it can be discretely placed in our loved one’s purse or wallet for the unexpected moment and surprise discovery.
This great video will have you stunning your guests in no time with the impossibly beautiful flair of this fun project.

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