This page contains the diagrams as taught by Matthew Gardiner on the ABC Sunday Arts program. Today, in Hiroshima, stands the peace memorial of Sadako Sasaki, built by her classmates in her memory to insprire peace around the world. In popular origami this model was brought to the world by the magical Robert Harbin in his BBC series on Origami. This boat is an old favorite, if you use a plastic or grease proof paper this model really floats well (its will still float with normal paper but not for long). The Masu is a traditional Japanese box, which was used to measure grains, and hold a variety of objects.
A simple traditional fold, useful for the house, try a coat of polyurethane or laquer to preserve the finished model for continued use.
This beautiful butterfly was designed by the master of origami himself, Master Akira Yoshizawa. This Episodes model is a brand new design by Matthew Gardiner, made especially for the Sunday Arts show. Kunihiko Kasahara, Toshikazu Kawasaki, Tomoko Fuse, Miyuki Kawamura (all notable experts in origami and mathematics). This Episodes diagrams explain the principles for creating two such forms, the Star Tetrahedron and the Stellated Icosahedron.
This bird cube gets its name from the abstract shape which wraps around the cube that looks like a birds head (its a very abstract shape made up of a square and a triangle). The bird cube is an example of unit (or modular) origami and is a wonderful way to while away a long train ride, and is excellent for understanding geometric shapes. This jumping frog is a fun action model which is perfect to fold from a business card, and is sure to keep children entertained (if a little noisily).

Visitors to Hiroshima will be overwhelmed by the quantities of papercranes that have been sent by school children from around the world. Its a great model to teach kids in the summer time, hours of fun floating these down streams, just be sure to protect our enviroment. Francis is a folder from Singapore and he has published a book on Origami Hearts, its currently out of print and sells for over $200! Years later the tradition of Spanish Papiroflexia continues with a strong origami movement in Spain. You score the mountain folds, to make the plastic open up on the cut edge to allow the fold to occur cleanly.
Its a stable glider which, interestingly, makes use of a 60 degree angle in its construction. He is the editor for the British Origami Society Magazine, and if you interested in origami at all - you should be a member of the BOS. Get out your nicest paper and start folding some envelopes and practice your letter writing. I strongly encourage any folder to take the time to examine the wide range of unit origami works in published books and online.
All of them have wonderful books on the topic, in particular Tomoko, and Miyuki's books are excellent. You wil find smaller sheets of paper hold together much better than larger ones, but are slighly harder to handle.
So if you are making the star, use 3 colours, 4 sheets of each, and for the icosahedron use 3 colours 10 sheets of each. It was originally designed by Kunihiko KASAHARA, a Japanese folder who has published many books on Origami, the best one available in Australia is his book Origami Omnibus by Japan Publications.

Take your time carefully folding the units, as accuracy is important, and be patient putting the cube together for the first time, as it can be a little challenging. If you use a 30cm sheet (or larger) of stiff card you can strong vessels for sweets and foods at parties. My Balanced Heart has two stages in this design, one is a quick and simple single sided design that you can stick onto a card, and the other is a double sided design which you can use as a message of love.
This model is the icon of spanish origami, and as a tradtional model it is unknown to the Japanese. For larger boxes use heavier card, you may find it necessary to score the card before folding.
During his lifetime he created thousands of original works, and this butterly is his signature work.
These are classical forms which express very beautiful mathematical relationships in 3 dimensional forms.
Tomoko's book Multidimensional Transformations: Unit Origami is a must have for any keen unit folder.
This diagram uses no text, so do your best to fold this simple model using only the graphical instructions. Origami design afficionados around the world are now working outside of the usual 45 degree division of the square, and popular designs are 15 degrees, which are further divisions of 60 degree folds.

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