Fold the paper in half and hot glue the circle roll to the edge of the inside of the folded paper. Roll the folded paper around the glued circle center, creating a flower and glue shut at the end. Of course, if you don’t have a Silhouette, you can still make a paper wreath of your own. This might sound silly at first, but you also have to prepare the face that you'll be making a mask on. You may think that layering the strips is self explanatory, but there is really a right way and a wrong way to do it.
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How to make a model airplane with paper As you know , we can make a lot of things by a piece of paper.

However , please watch the this free clip to find out how you can make an airplane with a piece of paper. I LOVE pretty paper and I thought it would be so fun to make a wreath using some bright and spring-y paper. So when I saw the Silhouette online store had some paper flower 3-d images, I decided to try making a wreath with them.
The colors are amazing, and your blooper turned into a hit bc I love that part of the wreath to! I love the papers you chose, and I agree that the yellow and white ribbon blooper turned out great! Welcome to Tatertots & Jello, where I love to share creative tutorials and inspiration every day.
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I will take you through a method that will create a durable mask.First, lay wide strips along the jawline, forehead and the bridge of the nose. I have been seeing so many beautiful wreaths lately and I have decided I finally need to make my own!
So I took a yellow and white ribbon and wrapped that around the part of the wreath that was bare. I am thinking about thickness since it looks like with the folding that a thinner paper might work better- suggestions?? It's much easier to rip nice long strips of paper when you are ripping along the grain.

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