My hubby doesn't bring me home gifts too often, but one day, instead of bringing home flowers to say "I love you", he bought me my VERY OWN JIGSAW!!!!!!
I'm a fancy shmancy, country bumpkin hick, obsessed with rummaging through garage sales to produce a dramatic "BEFORE AND AFTER".
The Pirate Galleon is a 35 foot long wooden pirate ship that sets the imagination racing of every child who has ever seen it. Please take a look at the photo mosaic of the Pirate Galleon (shown alongside our Miniature Pirate Ship). For pricing information, please refer to our pricing page, view the pricing on the pirate ships page, or get in contact with us to make an enquiry and discuss a potential project. About UsWe have been producing high quality custom-made play equipment for a quarter of a century. The pirate ship was made from one large Sarah Lee pound cake and one regular size Sarah Lee pound cake. Candy was used for decorations as well as toys from "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" pirate ship. I prepared this cake the day before the party, but the royal icing was made several days earlier to dry completely.
I made railings, windows with port-holes (chocolate covered pretzel circles), a seahorse for the front of the ship, swirls, ladders, and nets.
Allow cakes to cool slightly, then run a knife around the sides and flip onto a cooking rack. You don't need to be exactly perfect as this cut surface is going to be the bottom of each of the layers. Using McQueen as a guide, cut a second piece of cake out of the 12x12 to the same shape (works best if you freeze the cakes first).
Canons: used icing to mold together the Snickers mini square with the Grasshopper wheels, the Pirouette canon, and the exploding fire roasted peanut. Crow's nest: slid a Fudge Stripe down the large craft dowel, and secured rounded railings with leftover chocolate icing.
For the flags, I just printed small jolly rogers from clip art online, and cut the white parts out.
To get a hole through the truffle for the skewer: I heated a large needle, and slowly melted a hole through the chocolate. When you put the truffle onto the skewer, you may need a little melted chocolate or paraffin at the bottom to hold it up.
I made this directly on the Jell-O, but if you're concerned about making a mess you can easily make it on a cake board. I recommend cutting out a place for the ship to sit directly on the pan, or to place the ship on the pan before pouring the Jell-O.
For the sails, I printed out pirate ship's off the computer and attached them to wooden bamboo skewers (or you could use chop sticks).
Once cakes are baked, flip them out of the pan onto aluminum foil and place your heaviest pot on top of them for about 15 min.

Once the cakes are cool enough to frost, with chocolate frosting glue together the 8x8 square cakes. To make sure the cake was stable, I used praline cookies as support, that way it was still edible. Line the front of the ship and back of the ship up with the center, and start to cut out the shape you want your ship to be. After the ship was assembled I put it back in the freezer till it was ready to be decorated (I decorated mine the day before the party). The Land of Make Believe has been fascinating many families and global travelers for over fifty seven years. The 3 most fascinating water ride at this theme parks is the Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort which is topped with thousand gallons dumping water bucket. If you like water park and you are at New Jersey, remember to visit that fascinating  amusement water park.
Quick and easy to build, i would recommend using Sandstone as it is quicker and requires less material than regular sand.
Make it tall so you can find your way back is you wander away from your building area without a map. Easy to build out of cobblestone and can be quite a spectacle, don't, need a palace in the castle, can just have a village.
The interior currently has 3 rooms, multiple access points to the top of the axe, and even exits into the mountain.
The pirate galleon features two accessible cabins, glass windows, a working bell, and a turning ship’s wheel.
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The sheet cake was made from a Duncan Hines cake mix and the icing is a cream cheese butter cream icing.
I did at 325°F for about 35 minutes, but consult the cake mix for your specific type of pan and make sure that the cake is done using a toothpick. BBQ flavored rings made nice portholes, and grate shaped pretzels made nice windows at the stern. Frosted the two halves with chocolate frosting, and then frosted the rest of the cake in chocolate. I frosted the frozen cake with chocolate frosting, and to make it look like wood I just made wavy lines with a fork. How about the Pirate Ship Ambush, a battle-ready seafarer to satiate all your swashbuckling desires.
And if the size isn't enough to command attention in your display case, we're pretty sure those gorgeous wing-like brown sails, detailed ship layout and arsenal of battleship weapons will. This theme park is water park environment that is extraordinarily fun for young adult or for those that like to get wet during the summer. Some of the popular water rides or activities that families love here are the Endless Action River, Wading Pool, Tube Rides and the Water Play Structure.

The Cannon Bowl Tube Ride which is the highest ride here featuring a forty-foot tall and construct with the Sidewinder half-pipe tube that is four hundred-foot long. You’ll find exciting Attractions, Water Park, Games, Rides, Shows and Picnic Area cover over thirty acres. I have made a giant pick axe that sits on the roof to the building that's my mine entrance. I'm a wife, mother of three precious munchkins, and live with paint under my fingernails instead of on top of them. All ingredients were premixed in the bag, just water and golden yellow coloring added during blending.
A bit may be left over as you don't want to overfill the pan and cause spillage in the oven.
Once the cakes are significantly cool, take a large knife and level the cakes, cutting off the raised centers. Then you can freeze to decorate later, or just allow it to set well before you decorate the cake. To make the sails look authentic, take copy paper and crumple it up, then "paint" it with very strong tea and let dry. I found all kinds of interesting candies and pretzels at the bulk food store, and let my creativity go. I used chocolate covered malt balls for cannon balls, netting found at a craft store along the sides of the ship.
The Land of Make is full of fun carnival activity and across from it is Pirate’s Cove which is a water park. The Black Hole is an enclosed single or double rider tube slide that runs fast in the dark. The Land of Make Believe and Pirate’s Cove is designed exclusively not just for families but for everyone to find joy and fun at the park. I glued them on with chocolate frosting and on this part I did need to use toothpicks to hold them in place.
The brass decorations along the edge of the ship are fancy thumb tacks I found at a craft store. Land of Make Belive is very different from other carnival type of theme parks where you have to buy individual tickets for ride.  Here, you will only required one admission that include all shows and rides. I have built a village, and I'm working on an Obsidian Fortress, sat atop a Netherrack mountain at the moment. This theme park located in the foothills of the Jenny Jump Mountains and State Park, the Land of Make Believe is a mark in the historic town of Hope.
This theme parks is only one hour away from the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge.

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