April 27, 2012Welcome back to this week’s How To – where I made a Cardboard DIY Pirate Ship for the children! I like to layer my paper in different directions – you know how when you tear newspaper it one direction it tears really is easily, but not in the other?
7) Let dry again and add detail – I painted on some skull and cross bones and anchors. I’ve been dying to see this since the teaser (prior to covering in paper mache) and it is amazing!
What a cute little pirate ship…my boys would have so much fun playing with one like that!
After all the amazing things you’ve posted to Creative Juice Thursday over the past year, I just had to feature you {and much more in the future too} at the new site. The pirate ship could of course have been a hollowed out milk carton with a lollipop stick but I wanted to create something Molly would engage with for even longer. She loves it, played with it for hours yesterday, and because it’s not the archetypal black with skull and crossbone pirate ship she thought it ok to welcome a group of giddy Polly Pockets onboard for a spin around the bay too. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All content on this website is copyrighted and available for personal or educational use only. MollyMooCrafts is filled with creative DIY projects for children and their moms, craft tutorials, handmade toys, handmade gifts, decor ideas, everything I love and much much more!
This is a plan of what pieces you need to make your pirate ship – two sides, a back and a base. For this stage you need an L-shaped piece of cardboard, a strong stick for the mast and a piece of styrofoam to hold the mast in position. Punch holes along the top and lower edges of the felt and loop twine around the spreader sticks to tie on the sail. Crafty Prowess Required: An ability to create circles, we're not talking Giotto, but ones that will pass for wheels. The Build: The distinguishing differences between how to make a cardboard car and scooter, basically whether it is sit-on or sit-in and the amount of wheels it has. Potential Play Scenarios: High speed pursuits or cruising about town are both available to the owner of a cardboard made mode of transport. How Much The Kids Will Love You?: They've wheels now, that's basically all a kid ever wants from their parents.
The Build: You're creating a counter from behind which your little ones can serve you cake and or coffee. How Much The Kids Will Love You?: They'll think it's amazing, at this age the idea of working still holds a certain romance. Crafty Prowess Required: It's trickier than you might expect, but you are making a functioning musical instrument. How Much The Kids Will Love You?: You've made them a rock star, they're going to think you're cool!

The Build: Obviously there are subtle variations with regard to finishing this super construction to give the desired final impression of whatever magnificent fantasy abode your child craves be it a cardboard castle or playhouse. Potential Play Scenarios: From protracted castle sieges to afternoon tea with princesses and everything in between. Potential Play Scenarios: Anything futuristic and arriving at a sports venue as part of the pre-game entertainment.
How Much The Kids Will Love You?: They'll like it, but they'll also know you could've done better.
The Build: The simple version is a square rocket, which is just boxes on top of each other with a point at the top.
Crafty Prowess Required: A basic understanding of nautical structures and an ability to fold and curve card to match. Potential Play Scenarios: Anything sea based from high-sea shenanigans to ocean floor exploration.
How Much The Kids Will Love You?: Me hearties, they'll love you more than they love Jack Sparrow.
Crafty Prowess Required: It's less skill but plenty of commitment is needed because the train is best when it's big. The Build: The actual train requires a cab, a front cylindrical section, a funnel and wheels. Potential Play Scenarios: Including but not limited to going on holiday, the weekday commute, the never ending delay or arriving at Hogwarts! How Much The Kids Will Love You?: Everyone begins life loving trains and that's why they'll think you're bee knees after this build. Building cardboard versions of just about anything will keep the kids and you occupied and entertained for hours. Love this idea, kids go bonkers for the mail so why not create your own cardboard postal system? Construction sites can be like Disneyland for kids, how about a cardboard crane for some imaginative fun!
Send your world traveler into the wild blue yonder with these cool cardboard suitcases in tow. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
I used some nail scissors (that I have especially for crafting) – as they have a nice round curve. The deck is quite fragile and is the part that probably benefits the most from the paper mache. Well, I believe that if you criss cross your paper layers when paper maching, you get a stronger final construction. If you score the base along where the base meets the front so you get a nice straight edge at the front of your ship. This doesn't mean though as an adult you shouldn't put your crafty-crafterson skills to the test and make something awesome for the children from cardboard boxes!

Here are nine ideas to put your creativeness to the test and wow your kids with a cardboard box wonder-thing!
That's the sound creating bit made, but it still looks like a tissue box with elastic bands around it.
Essentially though you're building a den, a space in which the occupant can hide, eat dinner and plan to take over the world. Once that's sorted add turrets, towers, picket fences, stable doors and window boxes as required by the newly moved in resident. That's the core, you'll then need straps and to cover the entire thing in tinfoil to make it look futuristic. You'll need to cut in a hatch and paint USA or USSR down the side, and that is a cardboard rocket, simple.
For something a bit more Buck Rogers take the boat base idea and start adding wings and boosters and lasers and stop only when you know that your ship can do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. At this point at a bench seat about half way along, then it's time to define the mighty sea-faring vessel. The cardboard pirate ship is a little trickier as you need some sturdy cardboard tubes to secure vertically for masts. Then glue all the discs together with strong (!) glue and finally glue in place on the boat. I reckon it would be a really good pinata for a birthday party if it was built a bit bigger with a weakened section – what do you think? Two evenings later, covered in glue and paint, the ship was pushed down the slipway and launched with no great fanfair! On top of this you need to create a till area and a display case for the wares on sale a€“ shoeboxes work well. Cut out a guitar shaped front to stick on, and add a neck with a stiff piece of flat card or a tube and you have a far more authentic looking instrument.
Add on some jet ports at the bottom and fill them with red, orange and yellow tissue paper. See what you can find at home and amend our DIY Pirate Ship How to, to suite what you have at home! Near the middle I snipped the fabric, threaded through some string and with that tied the sail to the mast!
Best to cut your two side panels and the back, tape it all together and then to cut your base and desk to fit your boat. With just some time you can easily replicate this pirate ship, or make a better one for your next hands-on lesson!
Close up it looks pretty brutal but thankfully standing back you can’t see the tape seems.

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