We ventured out to our local farmers market yesterday and it was so nice to be around all the hustle & bustle of eager stall holders and shoppers.
I hope your weekend was really lovely… it always makes me feel so much better prepared for the week ahead when I have had an enjoyable and action-packed weekend.
Always seeking new ways to get organised… this yearly file crate system seems super efficient! Take a photo tour of this most amazing craft room… I desperately want a space just like this! Thanks MJ – so glad to have discovered your lovely blog – I always look forward to a new update! I'm Hana, a Mama and creative soul who is always looking for new ways to surprise and delight my little ones. Copyright © 2012 A Happy Adventure Sharing of information from this site is acceptable for non-commercial purposes provided that proper crediting links are included.
This is a plan of what pieces you need to make your pirate ship – two sides, a back and a base.
For this stage you need an L-shaped piece of cardboard, a strong stick for the mast and a piece of styrofoam to hold the mast in position.
Punch holes along the top and lower edges of the felt and loop twine around the spreader sticks to tie on the sail.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All content on this website is copyrighted and available for personal or educational use only. MollyMooCrafts is filled with creative DIY projects for children and their moms, craft tutorials, handmade toys, handmade gifts, decor ideas, everything I love and much much more! Three creative eco-artists have built an incredible life-sized pirate ship out of recycled cardboard!
The friends came up with the idea for the ship when planning a “Halloween Party on Treasure Island.”  To prepare for the project, the friends began what they call “trolling”- or stalking the streets for piles of cardboard left at curbsides, waiting for garbage truck pick up. The incredible project shows what a little creativity can do with material otherwise headed for the garbage. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
When the ping pong balls would get stuck, he found a way to push them through using his tinker toys.
If you score the base along where the base meets the front so you get a nice straight edge at the front of your ship. Three Reddit-using friends named Josh, Mikey and Joel made the ghostly ship in just five days for what was probably the best Halloween party ever.

The trio loaded these bounties up in their car and hauled the cardboard to the warehouse-studio where the party took place. I remembered seeing this one on Pinterest, so I emailed a picture of it to my husband and asked if he would pick up a few cardboard boxes on his way home from work. These boys are so blessed to have a creative Daddy.
He really enjoyed this game and it was a great way to squeeze in a little number learning for the day, since we ditched our lesson plans in favor of creative play. Armed with just a hot glue gun and box cutters, the trio masterfully transformed old cardboard boxes into a meticulously detailed vessel fit for Treasure Island. Larger sheets of cardboard were cut to make curly waves licking at the base of the boat, while trimmer remnants added texture to the faux- wood on the side of the boat. I made a few knots on the other end, but when Little Man showed us that he could successfully pull the knots through the hole, I pinched a binder clip over the knot.
Daddy is building built-in shelves, but there are some big brothers who are famous in these parts for showing some cardboard and duct tape love. The intricate piece was crowned with a ghastly figurehead depicting a skeleton witch with wild cardboard hair and a curling cardboard tongue.

Building a new boat deck grip
Wooden boats lake geneva wi 2014

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