And, the best thing about imaginative play is that you need very little, (sometimes, if any) materials at all. Today after reading some books on our flavour of the month, Pirates (!), we created the simplest Pirate Ship ever that you could also make at home.
We also have a TOY Cardboard Box DIY Pirate Ship How To for you to check out Рwe made ours 3years or so ago and it is STILL much played with (and a bit smaller!!). Make a tavern sign for your SALTY SEA DOG INN (How to and templates included in mystery-pictured below left).
Hoist a Jolly Roger flag in a strategic place, such as your entryway or in the buffet area. Decorate with a life-size skeleton, or some platic skulls, scattered around your party area. Cover your table with a black tablecloth and scatter gold chocolate (or plastic) coins and plastic jewels.
Give your guests an unforgettable souvenier by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character. Have additional props for posing in pictures (pirate swords, pistols, eye patches, hats, bandanas, etc.). Every child loves to play at being a swashbuckling adventurer and what better way to do it than with their very own pirate ship? We make Pirate Ship Beds and Small Play Pirate Ships as well as large Outdoor Pirate Ships. With the finest design and materials, handmade to any specification, our play equipment is truly unique.
Intricately detailed features are finished with beautiful hand painted designs and messages. Intelligent design and uncompromising safety standards ensure that that all of our creations are as safe as they are fun.
With full planning, international delivery and on-site installation, we take care of everything. As well as our large outdoor designs we also create small play Pirate Ships for use in the home or garden as well as our very popular Pirate Ship Beds. Each ship is hand-made and hand-painted meaning that the colour and style will be entirely unique. Our small pirate ships and beds are as equally luxurious, yet much more affordable, than our grander creations. Imagine the look on your child’s face the first time they set eyes on the incredible, Pirate Galleon! Pictured here is one of our most impressive constructions, a large garden pirate ship with working features and real cabins, that has captured the imagination of every child that has ever seen it. Should you wish to order a galleon or ship such as this then we can either tailor the original design pictured here or create something completely unique. Our Pirate Play Equipment is very popular however we are also able to create other designs. All of our play equipment includes full delivery and installation including protective fall surfacing and any additional decorations.

For a greater impact we can construct a more curved play environment, closer to the design of a real ship.
As well as play equipment, we can also provide Pirate Themed Furniture and Interior Design.
We provide maintenance support and advice to all of customers and our service doesn’t stop after your play equipment is installed.
About UsWe have been producing high quality custom-made play equipment for a quarter of a century. Japanese designer, Masahiro Minami, created a selection of fun Tsuchinoco playground toys like this tractor. The Dream Machine is easy to assemble with no tape needed and comes complete with moon roof. This mama saved a ton of money getting free cardboard boxes from a warehouse to build two pirate ships in her yard. Turn a big TV box into a racetrack and make sides so the cars don't end up getting lost under couches and chairs.
These would be perfect this holiday season and the kids can have fun putting them together. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This is a chance for children to practice various skills, rehearse and use different and varied language and vocabulary as well as using their mind for problem solving, making assumptions and trying new things.
Eg, Make and design a flag, make a telescope, search for something appropriate for an anchor, make a pirate hat etc. Spray paint the brick or wood blocks with gold spray paint, and place them around the pirate party room in small stacks.
It’s cheap and it can go anywhere – hang on the wall, drape on the table, the possiblities are endless! In one of your party rooms play pirate movies, such as The Pirates of Penzance or Pirates of the Caribbean. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures. Our garden pirate ships and galleons have proved one of our most popular creations since we made our first one way back in the last millennium, and it’s of little wonder why when you see their striking appearance. We also specialise in Pirate Themed Furniture and Play Areas, whether themed to a swashbuckling style or created as an actual shaped galleon with masts, sails, figurehead and cabins, we’re the experts in Children’s Pirate Play! Still made from the finest materials, with a customisable design and to the same high standards of quality and safety as everything we make, this bespoke play equipment will be an unforgettable gift.
Everything is customisable and our designer, Russell Bowlby, will personally oversee the design, construction and installation.
From start to finish we take care of all of it and, with over 30 years of construction experience, you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you’re representing a school or organisation and are interested in procuring a Pirate Ship or similar play equipment then please Contact Us for a proposal. Built to the same high standard as our domestic products we can construct play areas to any design and specification and to any scale.

Previously we have provided writing desks, themed bedrooms and even restaurant interiors and indoor themed play areas.
If you know exactly what you want or even if you only have an idea, we will be able to discuss it with you and provide any suggestions on design and as well as a likely cost.
You’ll receive design drawings and a written proposal for the project which will include an itemised, no-obligation quote. Once you give us your approval, the fun really begins and we will construct, deliver and install your play equipment. We can make alterations, re-position large items, change colours and materials and re-locate installed play equipment should you ever move home. Crafty parents, designers, and a handful of creative kids have all pitched in to build some truly magical toys out of cardboard.
We especially like Secret Agents where we have to steal coloured bean bags and place them into different coloured hoops.
My kids certainly are over them moon and I know there will be lots off pirate play in our house.
They make great decorating devices as centerpieces, in treasure chests, planters, you name it. Everything is customisable and we will discuss these options with you, incorporating any ideas you might have into the final construction. We provide itemised costings suitable for use in funding applications and are happy to discuss projects at any stage of completion.
This life-size tractor is a start, but wait until you see the bulldozer with working headlights. With exceptional attention to detail, even our small ships contain all of the intrigue and fascination that our giant galleons do, with intricate features such as cabin compartments, masts, wheels and sails.
We have been balancing bean bags on our heads and learning how to throw and catch from one hand to the other.
We have to move around like a runner bean, jumping bean, string bean, broad bean and a French bean. During our topic sessions we have been finding out about the history of Blackbeard and his ship mates. We also learnt about the key parts of a pirate ship and tried making our own ships out of play dough and junk modeling. We have really enjoyed making pizza, apple crumble, jelly, puff pastry, toast, and bread butter pudding. I certainly enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back very soon.

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