This list is a collection of 15 stylish, creative and cool beds to add to the beauty, uniqueness, comfort and elegance of your bedroom. Sandwich Bed This interesting and cool room is ‘Happy Days’ room at the FantaSuite Hotel in West Bend, Wisconsin. Football Bed This sturdy and creative goal bed has the frame raised on the 3 sides where the netting is for safety.The manufacturers offer range of accessories for items to compliment the football bedroom theme. Crazy Horse Free Form Bed This luxurious crazy looking bed is available in two options: canopy option and double side rails option. Sports Car Bed This cool and stylish sports car shaped, twin bed from Little Tikes, is available in $299 at the following link. Private Cloud Rocking Bed The Private Cloud is a rocking bed by German designer Manuel Kloker.

My hubby doesn't bring me home gifts too often, but one day, instead of bringing home flowers to say "I love you", he bought me my VERY OWN JIGSAW!!!!!! I'm a fancy shmancy, country bumpkin hick, obsessed with rummaging through garage sales to produce a dramatic "BEFORE AND AFTER". The room is decorated with tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, cheese and ketchup bottle among other ingredients.
You can turn your son’s fantasy of sleeping in a pirate ship true by placing order at the following link. The bed was sold on eBay as a fund raiser in July of 2009 to a resident of Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the decor theme, the sandwich bedroom, of the fourth network FantaSuite Hotels.

The idea was first conceived in 2005 and the bed was unveiled for the first time in 2008 at The annual International Home Furnishings Show in Cologne.
I'm a wife, mother of three precious munchkins, and live with paint under my fingernails instead of on top of them.

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