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It started life as a CR90 corvette named Star of Alderaan, but was renamed in honor of diplomats from Tantive IV who visited Alderaan. As though taken with a pixelated Instagram filter from hundreds of feet in the air, Lego artist Warren Elsmore has re-constructed the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.
Doug Moran and Will Gorman put together a functional model of the NASA Curiosity rover for the Build the Future in Space event at the Kennedy Space Center.
Of the crazy stories that I have heard from Firefly fans or Browncoats since the end of Firefly, seeing a seven foot long Lego re-creation of the ship from the TV show is pretty high on that list. Lego’s CUUSOO page is the beta destination for anyone who wants to make a kit for anything Lego. Minecraft is an undeniable force in the gaming world that you can’t go more than a few minutes without seeing, reading about, or discussing with someone who loves games. This trailer recaptures some of the magic of seeing the Star Wars films, which isn’t surprising considering it reproduces several of the original film’s shots.
I think it’s one of the oddest and most iconic vessels ever seen in a Star Wars film, but one thing’s for sure: Boba Fett’s Slave I looks great in YouTube user Lord Dakr’s blocky rendition. YouTube user v1sper crafted an incredible recreation of the Theed Royal Palace seen in The Phantom Menace. Sure, it doesn’t fly, but YouTube user Fishyyy has created one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in Minecraft ever — Star Wars or otherwise. This map, created in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft by a team of players, gets a fun tour thanks to YouTube user stampylonghead. Of course the number of fantastic creations done in Minecraft far exceeds what I’ve showcased here.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who also worked on the script, have infused the 3D computer-generated film with humor that will connect with both today’s kids and the parents who grew up playing with the Danish bricks. The LEGO Movie stars the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie and Morgan Freeman.
Thanks to the fact that LEGO originated as a toy company from Billund, Denmark and has successfully migrated into bestselling video games from developer TT Games, there are lots of ways to expand the movie experience with real and virtual bricks. The game’s not as deep as recent LEGO games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, but it does offer about 18 hours of gameplay if you want to unlock every in-game brick and cranny. The LEGO Movie Castle Cavalry Play Set ($30) – Fans of the movie will recall the epic battle of good versus evil that takes place in Cloud Cuckoo Land. GamerHub.TV provides original video shows, strategy videos, video reviews and more focused on video games, social games and mobile games. Showcasing cool cars including electric and hybrid cars, sports and super cars, useful articles, pictures and videos.
Smart Cars are by no means the coolest cars in the world but with these cool body kits fitted - they get real close!
A collection of cool car pictures with some pretty girls, the good old tried and tested combination for selling cars! Showcasing pictures of the 50 cars that need stealing on the list from the movie gone in 60 seconds, some cool, some not so cool. A collection of cool and very unusual cars from around the world showcasing creations that car lovers have created. A collection of cool (and some very uncool) pimped tricked out to the max cars from around the world.

A collection of cool car interior styling from around the world including some very cool concept car interiors. A collection of weird and wonderful cars that have been modded to the max with outrageous spoilers!
A collection of cool car desktop wallpapers for the PC or Apple Mac featuring classic, sports and concept cars. The ship was a central player in the events following the end of the Clone Wars and the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. The ship sported twin turbolaser turrets and a massive drive block of eleven ion turbine engines.
When an event or a character is made out of Lego for the world to see, it is usually a testament to the focus and dedication needed to create that thing. Memories are both made and awakened in Lego blocks, and this week we found four unique Lego creations. Weighing in at around 200lbs and using over 100,000 bricks, Elsmore has meticulously re-created the stadium and included seating for dozens of Lego minifigs to sit and cheer on their countries.
Thousands of Lego Technic and Mindstorms pieces were used in the creation, using no adhesives at all. 475 hours across 21 months were spent by Adrian Drake to create this 135lb testament to the Firefly fandom.
Google’s Android mascot is among the latest that, if the submission received enough votes, will be pushed into production. I’ve played the heck out of it (I even reviewed it for IGN in a past life), and in all likelihood, if you play games, you have, too. While it may not be the proper scale, and may not feature the same level of detail as some other user’s creations I’ve seen, the thing I love about this user’s videos is that they take the time to show you how to make it. At the point where the video was recorded it was only the palace, but its still a huge amount of work, and rabid fans like me will recognize key rooms from the films, including the Queen’s chambers.
This massive warship is almost to scale, and includes a reactor, the ship’s side trenches, the infamous underside hangar bay, as well as a pretty faithful recreation of the bridge.
Stampy and friends have done a multi-part video series where they tour the entire world, which includes a Star Destroyer, a Sandcrawler, several iconic Star Wars fighters, and more. He’s written for publications like IGN, GameSpy, 1UP, EGM, and Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. The movie has received glowing reviews from stodgy critics and the general public alike, which is helping word-of-mouth keep attendance up (the film only saw a 28% drop over its first two weekends). The film brings back classic LEGO Minifigures and introduces brand new characters, which now live on beyond the big screen with new toys and video games.
Interactive Entertainment, developer TT Games takes its trademarked co-op gameplay into the four main environments from the big screen film. By this point, TT Games knows LEGO inside and out, so even a sub-par game is still fun to play. Also the villain in the video game, players can step into the mind of this evil genius by building Lord Business’ Evil Lair. This toy offers two unique options for building, should you decide to follow the instruction book.
The game features the LEGO minifigures that are featured in every toy set, as well as in the recent film.
Personally I don’t usually get further than making walls out of the colorful bricks, which my son quickly destroys during some epic battle between Spider-Man and Captain America. Completing the pictures are the official Olympic 2012 minifigs that were made for the Games this year by Lego.

According to Battlebricks, four of the six wheels are powered, and the rover is able to make 360 degree turns.
User GLHTurbo’s Android submission includes rotating arms, antennae, and a swiveling head. About the only thing more impressive would be a recreation of Darth Vader’s flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor.
Players take control of Emmet Brickowski, Wyldstyle and other characters from the film in an attempt to save the world from Lord Business. There’s a flying vehicle that comes fully armed with a crossbow, cannon, catapults and flame flick missiles. Over 340 million minifigures were produced in 2012, so there are lots of fans (of all ages) out there for this game. I spy an incredible recreation of the Tantive IV, as well as a pretty great take on Mos Eisley.
So if you’re interested in learning how to make, say, various vessels from the prequel films, just check out their other great videos. Oh, and if you have an Xbox console version of Minecraft and want to make even more official-looking creations, then you should pick up the newest set of Star Wars skins. The game, which features cut scenes from the movie, revisits the plot and action in virtual form. But when you look at it as a movie license, it stands out as one of the best (and most fun) movie game ever. Or you can construct a castle with lockable doors, crossbow and skeleton bones that’s protected by a mobile catapult. Not much has been revealed about the game, other than the world of LEGO playsets (from knights to firefighters to space) will be featured. It is a dark time in the galaxy, as the evil Galactic Empire tightens its grip of power from world to world. The kit uses 205 pieces and would be a worthy addition to any Android fan’s collection of figurines. At this point you can make deck yourself out to look like any number of characters from the films, as well as your favorite heroes from Star Wars Rebels. It is worth noting that the game developer has completely missed the point of the film by forcing gamers to search for instruction books in the game to unlock new creations (which are created by the computer, not you).
The Castle Cavalry PlaySet comes with three minifigures, including Sir Stackabrick, Gallant Guard and Where Are My Pants actress Sharon Shoehorn.
But it already sounds like a better strategy than the failed 2010 LEGO Universe MMO, which was shut down a year later. As the series begins, Imperial forces have occupied a remote planet, ruling with an iron fist and ruining the lives of its people. Go forth, young Padawans and create, share, and keep up the passion for the greatest sci-fi film franchise of all time. Also included is a replica minifigure of MetalBeard as well as Emmet’s double-decker couch from the movie.

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