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This easy to make, savory Tuscan stromboli ring is a hit wherever it’s served: parties, game day get togethers, or your dinner table. International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to a traditional Tuscan lentil soup that is both hearty and healthy.
Drill holes in the lid of your jar so that the Tuscan seasoning can be easily sprinkled into dishes as needed.

Using fresh spices and dried herbs also means that your seasoning will have a longer shelf life. Screw on the lid so that it is over the plastic wrap, as it will keep the plastic in place. It is a velvety and smooth dish, preferred and enjoyed in the Tuscan countryside from centuries. It can also be mixed in with focaccia breads or incorporated into olive oil for a delicious dipping sauce.

Although there is no specific time to make a Tuscan Bean Soup, but you can make during the cold winter days to will warm your heart and your stomach inside out.
To use your Tuscan seasoning, simply remove the plastic wrap and shake the seasoning into the dish you are preparing, being sure to replace the plastic wrap when you are done.

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