If you have true flying mallards, they should start flying between five and six weeks of age. Most people who keep ducks have some form of duck yard that is fenced in with chicken wire on the sides and top.
When your ducklings first hatch or arrive, the first thing you should do is get them drinking. Once your ducks are three to four weeks old, you will want get them started on an unmedicated game bird pellet. You will find your local farm and garden store to be an excellent source of high quality feeds. The best way for you to tell the gender of your ducklings is to wait until they are four or five weeks old when they get their voice. Many people make the mistake of thinking they have only hens because they all look like hens.
This entry was posted in Et cetera and tagged bird hreabilitation, duck, duck care, duckling care, duckling faq, ducklings, ducks, mallard, wild bird, winter food by Cliff. Depending on what kind of Mallard duck it is, there is a chance it will never be able to truly fly.
I rescued a pair of ducklings from the middle of a pretty harsh rainstorm the other night, apparently one had broken it’s leg and the two were huddled tightly for warmth. The one with the broken leg didn’t survive the morning, so now I have one duckling, who is quite the chatterbox, and always wants to be around my neck in my hoodies. I love all your stuff and thank you soooooo much for your time, your sharing spirit and your knowledge.
It’s also important to note that SOMETIMES, ducks raised by humans will migrate, but for this to happen, two things have to be true.
Sometimes first year hens will start sitting on their eggs before they have laid an entire clutch. Hi, My son purchased 2 duckling (Mallards) 1 female &a male and has since left for the Navy.
We do have a duck house, but for the most part they are free to roam our property, Although they don’t stray far and stick close to the house.
Ducks can take VERY VERY cold temperatures, but you have to give them deep bedding and shelter from the wind and snow.
This morning I was walking around my pond and I saw what looked like a small duck head (with feathers) swimming very low in the water a€“ I didna€™t really see the back end of it.
We have 2 call ducks, they are 5 weeks now and love swimming under the water-supervised of course.
The first thing I was is to stop bringing food down to them, leaving it inside their enclosure instead. Ducks are not like chickens in that they do not reliably roost inside a building unless great care is taken to ensure that they will. Ia€™m sorry I dona€™t have a simple method for thisa€¦ Please let me know if you find something that works well.
Hi, I had 6 Ruens, they were loose in the yard until last week, one of them was killed by a afox, I penned up the rest, and they seem to be not eating like they were, they used to attack their food, now it lokos like they are not eating much at all.
They look exactly like Mallards, but two have dark blue or black heads and the other is like a female or a young duck. They are very tame because when we see them we go out and throw some more bird seed on the ground. Space the head of the bolt just far enough away from the table support to capture and hold the notch in the legs. Now go find an easy chair, set your new table up next to it and enjoy your favorite beverage. Since I answer these questions if the form of comments, many times people don’t read all the other questions and answers and end up asking about things that have been addressed elsewhere. In most cases, however, you will have domestic Mallards which have been selectively bred over the years to be larger. If you have mink or weasels, you need to keep things very tight since they can get through holes as small as one inch. Game bird maintainer feed is best, but regular poultry feed will also work provided it is not medicated.
Feel free to take their advice as well, but do NOT let them talk you into medicated food for ducks.
In the same way that your domestic dog does not behave like a coyote of wolf, your ducks are domesticated, and will not behave like a wild duck. They are hybrids that have been raised for meat production and are too heavy to migrate even if they wanted to.
It is important to remember that Mallard drakes don’t get their nuptial plumage (green heads, red chest, etc) until they are one year old.
He needs a heat lamp or a warm room with a 100 watt light bulb that he can get under if he is cold. You are feeding him great things already, and in truth, he could most likely grow up just fine on them, but to be sure, a good feed is important. Sometimes we humans are just plain stupid parents when it comes to trying to raise those things that should clearly be left up to God only. If they are going to be beloved pets and if you just can’t stand the thought of loosing a single one, you will most likely want to build them an enclosure like the one depicted above.

First, they must be TRUE FLYING MALLARDS, and secondly they must have an actual flock of wild mallards to join up with. When this happens, the ones she laid first will develop at a faster rate than those she laid later. They are now the care of my husband and myself (lol) we love them and they have been immensely enjoyable. Keeping ducks in New England is totally doable provided you are willing to put a little work into it.
I do have heated water dish that I had used for the winter for birds, actually I can just move it for my ducks. I mistakenly assumed they would fly away for the winter and had to quickly build a pen for them once it became clear they were not leaving. Even in the wild, they will stick around places that are very cold so long as there is open water. They seem to be afraid of me, they weren’t tame, but they would get close to me as I was there protector.
Depending on the exact length of our piece of wood you may have to adjust the length of the top pieces to account for the saw cut width. The tighter you make them the more stable the table will be but the harder it will be to fold it up. Remember, if you ever have any problems with our projects just drop us a line and we'll try to help. The recent comment threading has helped a little, but it can still be tough to wade through the hundreds of questions and answers that have accumulated over the years.
These birds will never fly as you expect from a duck, but will instead stay close to the ground, avoiding any dramatic flight. The wire is dug into the ground so animals cana€™t dig under it, and it is entirely closed in on the top. If you want them to live a more wild life and understand that nature is cruel and you will loose some of them to predators, you can leave them out. The look to you for food and safety, and will not know how to migrate unless they have been able to join in with a flock of wild ducks during the summer months.
This procedure is not only very traumatic for the duckling, but potentially dangerous as well. I’ve been feeding it finely cut lettuce, tomato, and cabbage and cut or crushed corn kernels, apple, and a hard-boiled egg yolk so far.
The main thing is that you make a good faith effort to find a licensed person, but if there are none around, there are none around. If you want them to live a more wild life and accept that sometimes nature is cruel and you will loose some of them to predators, you can let them live at the pond.
We have a wire mesh screen over the top of the water tank just to keep and stray cats etc out during the day. Ducks that can swim are always happier than ducks that can’t, but there is no physical requirement for them to swim. My question is how do I care for them this coming winter as we live in NH and the weather is unpredictable. Ia€™m sure they ducks would prefer this, but you are probably going to lose some of them to hungry animals over the cold months if you do this. If you get them into the habit of going in for the night they will usually head on in at dark by themselves. Since we build every one of these projects we have a pretty good idea of how to get through them.
Inside that, I have a duckhouse which is a 4X8 plywood box lined with hay and secured with a door that is closed at night.
I prefer to keep my ducks close to home, so I only let them out of the duckyard when I am going to be home for extended periods. Once you are certain that everyone knows how to drink, start them off on a high quality, unmedicated game bird starter crumble. When hens start laying eggs, you will want to feed them layer pellets so provide them with the calcium they need to produce eggs. They can tolerate very cold temperatures provided they are given shelter from the wind, liquid water to drink and plenty of high quality food. The first thing I would do is search all the local bodies of water to find the mother and other ducklings.
Without having someone who is experienced to train you, you can very easily hurt or even kill the duckling.
This is because he has recognized you as his mother (father in this case), and has bonded with you. Either she laid 4 eggs and started sitting before she laid the remaining 5 or the five she left in the nest were not viable. This was difficult for both me and the ducks, but I did end up getting them inside their enclosure for the winter. If you slip and allow them to spend the night at the pond, they will quickly decide that they like that option better and it will be a huge production to get them to come in. I ‘ve tried lettuce, it looke like they ate some, I feed them game food pellets, they are about 6 months old. Domesticated birds will DIE if you put them in water before they are old enough to produce their own oils.

Even if an animal could get into the duckyard, there is absolutely no way it could invade the duckhouse.
Other people simply let them run free and try to get them in at night, while still others allow them to roam free all night as well. Even though Mallard ducks are typically a wild bird, those raised by humans are tame, and generally not able to migrate or care for themselves in the wild. Even though Mallard ducks are typically a wild bird, those raised by humans are tame, and not able to care for themselves in the wild.
Most states have laws against taking animals from the wild, so you could get yourself into a lot of trouble. If you have trouble, leave another comment and I will see if I can help you find something on the internet.
A good setup is a large cardboard box with straw on the bottom, a shallow dish to drink from, another dish with food and a heat lamp of some kind on one side.
If you abandon them and expect them to fend for themselves, they are likely to die a very slow and horrible death.
She gave my name to one of her other customers, he called me and I told him I wanted mallards and he told me he had 14 teenagers he wanted to get rid of.
Anyway earlier this morning, the larger wild mallard was sitting on my husband’s show car looking down into the water tank a the new ducklings. They will not hatch unless she is sitting on them, and if she has been away for more than a few hours, they will have gotten too cold.
There are methods of getting ducks to integrate into the wild, but this requires the special skills and training of a wild bird rehabilitator. An example of this might be a situation in which you saw the mother get hit by a car and all her ducklings are wondering around in the middle of the road. They have the skills and training to raise ducklings in such a way that they can be integrated into the wild when they are adults. Of course she flew out of the garage as soon as I opened the door but as long as I was looking at her through the glass she did not seem to mind. Would you recommend letting the ducks swim in my pool for a few minutes every once in a while? Supplementing their food with fresh greens and vegetables is always appreciated, especially if given to them directly in their water. We are now down to 4 that pretty much stay around ALL the time, one that comes in about every two weeks or so.
So we got the call this past Wednesday that my ducks were at the post office being picked up.
I took Thursday (yesterday) off to pick them up and make them a home and generally just to watch them for the day. We live 30 miles from Atlanta GA so I guess this could have been their migration point from somewhere up north (???). Anyway we just realize about three weeks ago (after ordering the mallards) that she has two babies. BUT it is way too big for these babies I have they were born this past Monday so they are only 5 days old today.
Anyway before I found your website, I put them in a huge watering trough like you use for cattle in pastures with no natural source of water. Then I read on some website that they are not supposed to be allowed to swim for 3 weeks!!! This morning I was going to take the water out and they just kept raising cane so I put clean water back in the dish (it was very dirty with poop) and they calmed down very quickly as soon as they got their morning swim in.
It has been getting up to 100 degrees here in Atlanta during the day and in the upper 70’s at night.
I clipped the heat lamp on the side of the water tank yesterday for about an hour and I decided it was TOO hot so I called the place back where I bought everything and THEN they tell me they do not need the light if I am not keeping them in an air conditioned house.
The muscovies stay in the yard running around eating and they swim when they want in the lake. They come to the house when we come home at night for some food and we feed them in our yard. Before then we would take the water fowl food to the edge of the lke and when we left they would come up and eat at the edge of the lake.
Now they are coimng up to our porch just like the muscovies, only the wait until we go inside, the muscovies just come right up to us because the man that raised them raised them like pets. So here is what I want to know, do I need to let the 6 new ducks live in the lake like the muscovies and the other mallards or do I need to make them a home like yours.
We have about 7 acres and we also have two pigmy goats for pets, along with 3 bunnies in the house, my cat (did have 6 cats, but lost 2 last year and three this year) they all were between 12 and 17 years old. We have turtles in our lake and coyotes on the ground and when one of them gets one of her babies she just sits out there swimming round and round for several days squawking.

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