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In the How To Make Wood Jewelry tutorial you will see the most common exotic woods that can be used to make dramatic and colorful wood jewelry items.
The picture above details various exotic woods that are completely unfinished in their natural condition. As you can see finishing and sealing the exotic woods really increases the visual appeal and vibrancy of the color. In the How To Make Wood Jewelry tutorial you will learn the names of different exotic woods and more examples of their finished look.
This website is the best source for tutorials and instructional information on how to make wood jewelry, wood pendants, wood necklaces and carved wood rings. The professional instruction available from this website will allow you to easily make many different kinds of wood and wooden jewelry.

Purchase the How To Make Wood Jewelry tutorial and learn how to make your own jewelry from the comfort of your home. Learning how to make wood necklaces is the most important part of learning how to make wood jewelry.
This is especially important if you intend to start selling your handmade wood jewelry as rings for example must be made in the exact size to fit the wearer where necklaces can be made to fit almost any size person or fashion style. The only limitation will be your imagination - by using unique and compelling exotic woods you can design almost any size, shape or color wood necklace using any one of many different necklace materials.
The most common necklace materials for wood pendants are silver, ribbon, leather and silk but you can use any material that matches your style and design. For the smaller and more dainty wood jewelry and wood pendants the slim silver and gold chains can be very compelling as are thinner ribbons, silks, leather and suede but this will depend most on your style and preferences.
One of the best things about making wood necklaces and pendants is that there is absolutely no limitation to the sizes, shapes and designs that you can make. Most of the designs above are very simple to make to illustrate how even easy to make wood jewelry can still be visually compelling.

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1108Share on Pinterest0Britta Boeckmann creates jewelry with a spark of elegant delicacy while staying close to nature by combining wood and pastel-hued resin that makes for one gorgeous line of accessories.
Inspired by Australia’s flora and fauna surrounding her place in Melbourne, the German artist handcrafts every individual piece which consists of making molds, casting resin and wood, and sanding each piece before sealing them with varnish or oil. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! From pendants to rings, the charming line of jewelry is a must-have for someone looking to add a unique and special piece or two to their collection.

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