Eagles were associated with heroes, and screamed at the birth of prominent warriors who would later feed them upon the bodies of their slain foes. Important note: This is a fully functional prop of historical design, which is produced in small quantities in traditional manner.
Model 1909 Bolo Knife offered by International Miltary Antiques (IMA).While the blade markings are not the usual ones found on Middle Earth weapons, I think that the knife could make a nice heavy duty woods tool for a MER, and as a weapon for defense against the foul creatures of Mordor. The blade is embedded in a hard-wood grip, the end of which evokes the curved beak of an eagle.

The eagle was also the symbol of sovereignty, and was particularly associated with the Germanic god of kings and heroes, O?inn.
I've owned this sword for several months now, but never got around to sharpening it or using it. I have finished the blade to 400gr and did darken the fittings slightly with cold blue, but this will come off with a Scotch-Brite pad if you do not like it.
This notion was probably influenced by Roman models and the eagle which symbolized the emperor.

For that reason, we are committed to the following legal notice: This is a decoration item, neither certified nor suitable for contact with food! I prefer Paypal for payment, but will take a check or US Postal Money Order (pending clearing time of 7-10 days).

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