What a great tutorial for those of long past remembering how to make a great paper airplane. I’m always looking for a great kid activity you can take on the road and this sure fits the bill! A good carpenter can take the picture below and figure out how to cut out the parts for an airplane toy box.
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our History of Paper Airplanes page and see why this plane is the grandfather of all the paper airplanes you see being made today.
The other thing to note about the Dart is that its design is the basis for many (if not most) of the other popular planes we love to make.
Step 2 – Start with one corner, fold it over and line up the edge with the center crease. Step 2 – Flip the paper over and do the same with the other side, making sure to line the edges up as close as possible. Step 3 – In this step fold the plane in half, with the folds on the outside (as shown). Step 4 – Now simply fold one side down onto the center crease, making sure to line up the edges for a better plane. If you want to make a really cool plane, check out our other paper airplane tutorials like the Condor.

Then I remembered our friends at Disney just emailed us a set of awesome Paper Airplane Printables featuring Disney’s new movie Planes. I love that each of the six different airplanes are folded slightly differently and when you print the templates on a color printer, they look so fabulous!
Introduce the topic of physics and depending on your children’s age, discuss aspects of flight.
Use these Disney’s Planes paper airplane templates to print, fold and fly the best paper airplanes. Disclaimer: This post was not compensated, but we do occasionally attend Disney media events.
Find more fun craft ideas for your children on our Activities for Preschoolers Resource Page.
Also, if you’ve published a post with your own craft ideas, link it up on the resource page!
Or have you got another folding trick up your sleeve that I should know about to wow my kids?
You’ll read about how the patent filed by Butler and Edwards in 1867 set the stage for our favorite hobby. For older children, convert the measurements from metric into imperial or the other way around.

If you are an aircraft builder you know that following plans will save you time and mistakes. We built one each day to show Chapter Leaders each could be built in a day by following plans and instructions.
If you follow our detailed instructions and plans you can cut one day and assemble the next day as a weekend project.
It would be unusual to get it right the first time but it can be done with the measure twice cut once adage of good wood workers. EAA chapters are advised to find a EAA member(s) to cut wood without children present for safetey reasons. First, as we’re showing in Step 5 below, when you fold the sheet in half if the folds are on the outside in this step they will be hidden beneath the plane when you finish.
Instead, you can fold the sheet in this step so that the folds are on the inside when you fold the sheet in half, which will result in a different finished look with the folds visible on the top, but giving the plane a smoother underside. If you want to download detailed instructions, common mistakes, tips, tools and plans (CAD drawings) for each individual part.

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