With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I knew I couldn't make it look like a new pontoon boat with that plastic and cushy look so I went instead for the Jules Verne look.
What about recycling a few of those old aluminum drop tanks from old retired military aircraft from the Bone yard in Arizona. What thickness pipe - schedule 40 PVC pipe is a lot heavier than the PET plastic in soda bottles?
I'm not sure how buoyant small boys are, but my guess might be to try using 6 teenage kids each side to start with. How to Build a sail boat that is much cheaper than retail ones.by When in doubt, duct tape!
A pontoon boat’s deck is a big flatcar undetermined area waiting to be filled with friends and toys how to build pontoon boat seats.
And a ladder is needed after a cool swim and of course an anchor so you can swim and not get stranded. They might kick for a while but will eventually fall quiet and provide ample buoyancy for your boat.

But i like the idea ,if it works you can get some supplies from my neiborhood we have an over abundance of noisy kids!
In fact, many of our features are so new and spectacular that they are exclusive to our boats. My buddy neighbor just aquired a 24′ pontoon that has no seating in it how to build pontoon boat seats.
We take great pride in our fantastic construction and do everything in our power to make Avalon Pontoons the strongest and safest in the industry.
Lift off the Qaeda box for storage and the backs were fastened to the rampart just about the boat. A pair of B-52 drop tanks would be big enough to make an ocean going craft, the rest is up to your imagination as to what you would use for your cabin and power systems. They also do not blood line quantities of the pontoon seats used on their boats or else they order or form their pontoon boat article of furniture for each boat. And not only is there more storage space in aluminum seat frames, but the space is more effective. Could use the forward section of an old cargo aircraft as your cabin, mounted to the wing mount hard points on the drop tanks.

Those somehow encased in a welded up metal frame and It could be fairly light and work well. Our aluminum seat frames have Flo thruTM ventilation so your equipment will dry even if the storage area is closed, and also makes mildew and fungus much less likely to occur. I am a former aircraft mechanic from the air force, I know that those tanks can float real easy and are very durable and strong. What about using sections of an aluminum ladder, coupled with metal strut, for strength and to build deck off of?
The strength of the material itself is augmented and air-locked by multi-baffling near each weld. Using heavy-duty stainless bolts, nuts, and washers, 2″ extreme thickness hat channel crossbeams are attached to the full riser.

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