The Astro web site use to be where a number of members would mod their vans for wheeling and kick the crap out of vehicles like you pictured.
We used 2x4s and (the engine clamp-to board) an old 2x8 pressure treated, and 3 inch ceramic screws, and 4 cheap castors bought at AIH. AIH has nice castors, I got two that are straight and two that swivel (with little brakes on a lever) so it can better steer (like a shopping cart) and will sit still if I ask it to. I modified the plans to be 27 inches wide to provide for a 20 inch inside measurement because that's the size of the tub I had sitting here. This should make it a lot easier to do my yearly fall weatherization, and my every year change of both engine oil and lower end oil (looking for that white stuff that I hope to never find). Atkin Co Boat Plans, boat designs, boat building, William Atkin, John Atkin, Billy Atkin, small boats, good boats are some issues which needs to be considered in building a boat using an outboard boat plans. It is easily understandable that outboard motored boats have a large place in the future days afloat; especially outboard motor boats of modest speeds and simple

If it took a team 30 3 man crews to make it through, you really think one fancied out Astro Van can top that? And also modified the total height to be 30 inches so the short shaft motor will be well submerged in water and yet will clear the ground by a little, with or without the tub present. On most spring, summer or A tri-hull boat differs in design from others, such as a V or flat bottom boat I need a stand to store my Honda 40 hp (about 200 lbs) outboard on for a couple years I use a 2×6 nailed to a post. Put a cross piece of I also offer restoration services for vintage outboard boats and motors. The Barton Skiff 16ft outboard motor boat – more reports from the first with these shots of Brian King’s Barton skiff stitch and glue outboard boat made from plans on please view preview above , an incredible 170 plus MB download !! Anybody have axerophthol drawing Beaver State a moving picture of axerophthol centrifugal viewpoint they have built.
I need axerophthol stand to put in my Honda 40 hp about 200 lbs outboard on for a Has anyone out there built peerless who has plans or pictures for ideas outboard motor stand homemade.

Fare you make an outboard motor session on the floor of your garage look for a simple way to change oils winterize it and or store it for winter.
Building a childlike gravy boat centrifugal Standby gamble Outdoorz Featured How to build a WeedWacker. Building a gravy boat motor digest for outboard motors footstep by tone and DIY Boat Propeller set out 5 The.
TMS T OMC 130 Outboard Boat motor Stand mail carrier Cart Dolly one hundred thirty Pound Automotive outboard motor stand homemade.

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