Throw in premium features including an all-inclusive fiberglass hard-top, storage drawers under a port side lounge seat, and you have, quite simply, a premium 25-foot boat that combines maximum performance with superior comfort. Integral composite transom, Kevlar Integrated Structural Grid system constructed of fiberglass bonded to hull with methacrylate structure adhesive and injected with urethane foam.
The hull has the factory warrantee till 2014 and the outboard is still under warrantee till 2011.

An air conditioning option, hot and cold water shower, standard windlass and premium finishes make the 2500VX ideal for cruising and overnight trips. This boat is in excellent condition and was used as a family weekend cruiser and not as a hardcore fishing boat and the condition of the boat shows this.
A poured ceramic transom delivers fast, stable and efficient power evenly through the Hydra-Sports® one-piece Integrated Structural Grid System and Kevlar® reinforced hull.

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