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We offer used power boats as well as used sea ray boats, used cruisers boats and used stingray boats here for your review. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. For 15 years now, ClassyBoats has helped tens of thousands safely purchase and sell vehicles online. This 1986 Mantra Performer Gullwing jetboat is a coke-fueled, leather pants-wearing mid-80s high school dream come to life. This 1986 Mantra Performer Gullwing jetboat is an 80s dream, and Dokken wrote the soundtrack. The bold black and yellow paint scheme sort of belies how smooth and refined this 1973 Donzi is.
The all-original interior in this 1973 Donzi is like the corner booth at your favorite lounge bar.
The red, white and chrome Mercury Mark 55 looks like it was designed and built for this 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star alone.
Everything about this Switzer Craft Shooting Star is triple-dipped in 1950s cool – the swept bow lines, the bubble windshields and those fabulous fins. Straight from the new boats that look like old boats files, check out this 2004 Hacker-Craft Lapstrake Utility.
The interior on this Hacker Craft is nice and roomy, and it looks a little better than your average Bayliner. This 15-foot Retro Electric Boat is a bit of a mystery, but that funky styling is calling your name.

This 1965 Keaton Utility Comp Ski Boat was built so perfectly 50 years ago that it still looks like a boat I want to ski behind today.
Just like any true racer, the cockpit of this Crosley Hydroplane is nothing more than a place to sit, a wheel to steer and an extinguisher to put out your flames. The way the color scheme on the hull is carried through on the seats on this 81 Eliminator Daytona is true art.
Have you found a Hydrostream for sale, or other interesting item on eBay or elsewhere that you think your fellow members might be interested in?
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ClassyBoats specializes not only in successfully marketing vehicles but also assisting buyers with financing, inspections, transportation, and escrow services. I think a kid in my sophomore English class had a drawing of this boat on the cover of his Mead spiral notebook.
If you want a cool cruiser, a classic looking wooden runabout with all the comforts of a new boat, this Boomslang is yo thang. Keatons were handmade in Sacramento, California, and this 1965 Keaton Utility Comp Ski Boat is a smooth, simple, purpose-built boat.
The seller of this 1991 Hydrostream VKing John Speath Original went through the effort to take and post a lot of photos showing every angle and feature on the boat. The Ford Interceptor 302 has been recently rebuilt, and the all-original interior is perfect. I’m sure George Barris took some cues from this 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star when he designed the Batmobile.
On the inside, it has plenty of classic touches, but it’s modern and it is well appointed. One of them was clearly taken from a boat lift, with the water just inches away, yet most of the other 400 photos are all in a cramped garage. He was always shirtless, in Oakley blades and a big cod piece, which I always thought was an interesting choice.
This 2015 Boomslang runabout is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and you can Buy It Now for $46,000.

The Shooting Star was named one of the Top 10 wood boat designs of all time by Power Boat Magazine, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Sink into that corner booth and the inviting wall of black vinyl, order up a PBR and let your captain shows you the sights. Forget garage storage, this double bubble windshield, high-finned piece of marine history has been kept in climate-controlled storage since restoration and hasn’t even been in the water.
But if you’re not a kid, you better look good hanging onto that rope, effortlessly slicing symmetrical arcs through the wake.
It looks like he spends a lot of time in his garage, so I hope he keeps it well stocked with cold beer.
This Donzi is located deep in the heart of Texas – Tyler, Texas – and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $8,900. Regardless of whether you get a mohawk, how much gold you wear or what catch phrase you come up with, you’ll look good in this Daytona.
It’s part of his personal collection of some of the most rare and prized Switzer Crafts ever built. It’s located in Pensacola, Florida, and if you log in to eBay, you can Buy It Now for $17,000. This 81 Eliminator Daytona is located in Mechanicsville, Maryland, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $9,400. The electric outboard, electric drive system and the charging system are all being sold separately, so you really are sort of buying a Swedish fish with a steering wheel, but that’s still cool. If you want an inexpensive boat that looks cool, drives great and pulls like a dream, get your ass up to Oroville, California, and buy this Keaton Utility Comp. Your new Retro Electric Neo Maxi Swedish Zoom Fish Boat is located in foot loose and fancy free Fresno, California.

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