Demaree Inflatable Boats: Maker of industrial grade inflatable boats including rescue boats, work boats, commercial white water fishing boats, military boats, pontoons and more, that are customized to your own requirements. EBay: Over 1000 new and used inflatable boats that are up for auction or immediate sale available here. Description of Intex Seahawk 4 Four Man Inflatable Fishing Boat with Oars and PumpThe Intex Seahawk 4 Four Person Inflatable Fishing Boat is a great way to spend a day on the water. We work hard to make sure that every order placed Monday - Friday leaves our warehouse the same day, if ordered before 5pm EST. Place your order before 7PM Eastern Time on Thursday December 19th for gauranteed before Christmas. Boats typically leave our warehouse within one business day and then take an additional one to five business days to arrive at your doorstep.
Your order will leave our warehouse on and then takes an additional one to five business days to arrive at your doorstep.
Rescue professionals need gear that allows them to respond safely and quickly to emergency situations. The RDC, Rapid Deployment Craft, is the safest, most durable, easiest to use, rescue boat ever made.
MRC NOT ONLY SELL THE SEAWOLF LINE OF RESCUE BOATS – WE ALSO OFFER WATER RESCUE WITH BOAT OPERATIONS TRAINING COURSES TO GIVE YOUR TEAM THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO HELP INSURE A SAFER RESCUE! The Survivor series of performance inflatable boats is the SeaWolf answer to Fire and Rescue. If you have experienced dramatic air lose with other inflatable boats in cold weather you will be amazed with the Survivor series as the air stays in regardless of weather conditions.
If you suspect that a valve is the source of the slow leak, you can verify this by fully inflating the air chamber, closing the valve cover and applying a soapy water mixture around the valve housing and cover cap.
Over time, it is possible that debris, sand, dirt, oils and grime will accumulate on the rubber seal ring that is designed to keep the valve air tight. If you are observing air bubbles around the valve housing perimeter while applying a soapy mixture, there is a possibility that the valve needs to be tightened with a specialized valve tool. You can also quickly seal the slowly leaking air valve by applying a thin layer of glue around the valve housing perimeter, or putting a drop of glue inside the opening, where the string that secures the valve cover enters the valve housing, if you observe air bubbles at that particular place. Pro - Will last significantly longer than PVC when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight. In general PVC fabric won't last as long as Hypalon fabric if the boat will be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no measures have been taken to protect the PVC fabric from the sun (i.e. Assembly page if you have difficulties installing your plywood floor into your inflatable boat. On the end of the plunger you will see 3 ridges: A top ridge, a 2nd ridge that is just below the top one, and a bottom ridge.

The seal is bell-shaped so that its upper opening is smaller in diameter than its lower one.
Once the rubber seal is properly situated, re-assemble the pump, taking care not to damage the seal.
Many cruising sailors have small outboard motors for use with their inflatables, which creates a dilemma when it's time to tow: should the motor be left on the dingy while towing? Another consideration is the additional tow load the extra weight of the motor will create.
You will need 8-9 inch long pieces of 2" diameter white plumbing PVC pipe and a piece of thick rope.
Make 2 knots where the rope exits the holes in the pipe, to make sure that the pipe will stay in place and will not slide when boarding the boat.
When boarding, insert one foot inside the loop with the pipe and grab the rope with both hands.
Saturn inflatable boats start at only $549 for a 7’ personal dinghy and up to $1499 for a 15 feet, 8-persons inflatable monster.
You’ll find inflatable boats from manufacturers like Z-Ray, Intex, Vinyl, Sevylor, Seahawk, and more. Visit their Boat Selection Wizard to help you choose the right boat that will perfectly satisfy your needs. You can stop by to see their 11,000 square foot showroom with over 50 inflatable boats on display. Get the Intex Double Quick II Hand Pump to inflate this boat in half the time since it works on the up and down stroke.
The RS-1000 Rescue Suit has been engineered to don quickly for cold water and ice rescue operations.
It works in so many applications, that it is the only non-motorized boat a department may need.
If you find the hand pump provided is not able to achieve enough pressure, inspect the hose and all connections for leaks. Many boaters knot the tow bridle into a loop at the center, and attach a towing line there.
The tendency to do this is proportional to the weight of the outboard and the difficulty in removing it and storing it on the boat. A completely empty inflatable is usually a very light craft and hence a very light tow load.
It can quickly lead to failure of the bridle pad eyes, especially in those instances where the load is not being equalized.
This universal fit suit features a rugged hi-tenacity nylon shell that is stitched and taped for the ultimate in durability. The RDC is a radical departure from the practice of drafting recreational craft into rescue service. To remove debris you will need to blow air into the open valve with a hand pump while keeping the hose slightly away from valve's unlocked pushpin.

Remove the hose and block the air outlet at the T handle with the palm or your hand while pushing down on the T handle.
There are a number of reasons for recommending against towing with the outboard on the dingy.
When you add 70 pounds or more of motor and gas tank, you could very well be doubling the tow load from a small inflatable. This boat was designed and built to take the stresses incurred by those who need to work in demanding, water related rescue situations. It might be also possible to splash a bit of acetone inside the valve to clean off the dirt and grime.
You should encounter very substantial resistance to pushing down when the air outlet is blocked.
The towing line should not be fixed to the bridle, but instead should end in a small bowline loop, through which the bridle passes. It has been designed as system to meet the safety, mobility and comfort needs of the rescue professional. If that does not help, remove the valve with a special valve tool, clean the rubber seal with a cotton swab soaked in acetone and re-install the valve with a tight fit. If your using the oars, the welded on oar locks help keep your oars and the chafing pads keep your arms protected as you row.
Made of extra strong 30 gauge vinyl, your boat is unaffected by gasoline, salt water, oil, and sunlight. The three separate air chambers ensure the boat is always afloat, even if one chamber is punctured. It also allows a rescuer to reach forward into a pour-over while still safely centered in the boat.
Once you're done for the day, you can tow the boat out using the grab handle on the bow or all-around grab line.
The freeboard height is only inches, enabling a rescuer to easily pull a victim into the boat. This also allows a diver, with tanks on, to pull themselves into the craft with minimal effort.
The two entry portals on either end also act as carrying points which provide a perimeter of safety in case of sudden ice failure or mud sinking. Carrying the RDC is like using a litter with long handles, which, by the way, is one of its many uses.
The RDC will store in a 2′ cube, inflate in a heartbeat, and can easily be carried by one person. Think about how often you arrive at a scene and cannot find a place to launch your motorized boat.

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