However, there were plenty other groups who attempted to steal their crown, some you may fondly remember, others, not so much. On this week's episode, the young mother's stressful situation with Nathan nearly ruined her birthday weekend.
Jason is a graduate from the University of California at Irvine with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Digital Arts.
Today, Jason works as a teacher (since 2003), studio musician and performs regularly as a professional musician, touring and playing with acts like George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and with members of Frank Zappa, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marvin Gaye, James Brown and Fishbone. Sylvia has received her diploma from the National Guild of Piano Teachers, a division of American College of Musicians, the most prestigious certification in piano, at the young age of 18, and also graduated in the top 1 percentile. Classically trained and with the rare gift of ‘Perfect-pitch’, Sylvia has been teaching since 2005  in piano and also in violin. Russell is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer born and raised in the city Las Vegas, Nevada. With the support of major music companies such as Fender and Dean Markley strings Russell has toured the United States opening for national artists such as Rihanna, Lifehouse, Buckcherry, and Metro Station. Most recently Russell has been keeping busy writing and producing songs for his upcoming album to be released later this year. Midori graduated from Senzoku Gakuen Senior High School in Music and Senzoku Gakuen Music College in Japan. Besides teaching music, she constantly performs as an accompanist for music events such as recitals, competitions, and CM performance evaluations. Her teachers include Professor Emeritus Nakyong Chai and Yoshiko Karatsuma for piano and Yumiko Sasaki for voice. Hannah started taking piano lessons at the age of four until graduating high school at 17. As the winner of their Young Pianist Competition, Helen debuted with the San Jose Symphony at the age of sixteen under conductor George Cleve, the youngest pianist to ever perform with the orchestra. Having studied with noted pianists Adolph Baller at Stanford University and Frantisek Maxian at the Prague Conservatory, Ms.
Aaron was a recipient of the Hennings-Fischer Foundation Scholarship, the Accelerated College Enrollment Program Scholarship at the California State University of Los Angeles, and the International Culture and Exchange Society of USA Scholarship.
Desmond is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance, studying at the University of California, Irvine.

First it was emcee Rick Mowen and wife Leta, post commander Fred Box and wife Lisa, Daryl Phillips who handled the bass duties and wife Lora on keyboard and Leo and Sharon Smith who sang and picked their guitars. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at 13 of those boy bands who, for a brief moment in time, had a poster on my bedroom wall and held a place in my heart, and probably yours too. Starting private piano lessons at age 5, Jason has 13 years of private piano study and over twenty years of experience in piano performance, technique and theory.
She started in private piano lessons since the age of eight, and she has over 10 years of private piano study in classical technique and theory, with over 20 years of classical piano performance. She has performed in countless performances, events and had also competed in the Los Angeles Music Festival Piano Competition. She teaches all age groups, from young children to adults, as well as students of all skill levels. Getting his first guitar at the age of twelve for a Christmas present would the beginning of a journey that would ultimately end up becoming his career. His students consistently win spots in local honor groups such as the Pacific Symphony Youth Ensemble and the SCSBOA All-Southen and All-State Honor Jazz Bands. She began music study at the age of six and was classically trained in piano and vocal performance. Growing up she played the piano and guitar for hwr chiexh choir  She also played the piano for her school orchestra and participated in a school for gifted music program where she and the orchestra had the opportunity to perform at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and Palomar Performing Arts Center in 1998.
Aaron was Concertmaster of the UCI Symphony Orchestra in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years and was a recipient of the Robert and Marjorie Rawlins Scholarship, studying violin performance under the tutelage of Haroutune Bedelian.
In his senior year of high school, he was Concertmaster of the Olympia Youth Orchestra (OYO), which performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall in March of 2009 as part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s International Youth Orchestra Festival under the baton of his former teacher and mentor Fung Ho. He has also received a number of awards in the Southwestern Youth Music Festivals, Taiwan Benevolent Association of California Annual International Chinese Young Musicians competitions, and American String Teachers Association competitions. He started studying piano at the age of four, and is still taking lessons today, under Professor Nina Scolnik in Irvine. Having mastered the art of classical performance and completing the rigorous testing of the California Certificate of Merit, Jason went on to pursue the study of blues, jazz and funk improvisation on his own.
His music can also be heard on independent movies like Camjackers and has been a sought out songwriter in recent days and is also working on his own methodology for teaching beginning improvisation.
She loves teaching piano, writing, and yoga to children and adults and continues to play her favorite composers such as Chopin and Hiromi.

She especially enjoys working with children and youth, imparting the expertise and passion she has for music making to another generation.
In the summer of 2008, he received a scholarship from the International Educational Exchange Association to perform in the Olympic Youth Cultural Festival preceding the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He devotes his life to music and aims to influence the youth to find relaxation and peace of mind through the art of sound. 5 with the UCI Symphony Orchestra in the Irvine Barclay Theater under guest conductor Helena Bayo Delgado, visiting from Spain. Stephen Martyr Church, volunteering since he was nine years old, and coaches the OYO violin sections. Though passionate about classical music, he also has enjoyed success in improvisatory music. She has given performances in both the United States and Europe, including appearances in both the Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary. In his freshman year, Aaron’s quartet performed in Christopher O’Riley’s university tour of From the Top and was also the second violin principal of the UCI Symphony. He has participated in masterclasses under the Szymanowski Quartet, Renata Knific from the Merling Trio and Western Michigan University, Taiwanese violinist and winner of the 1985 Queen Elizabeth Music Competition, Nai-Yuan Hu, and founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio, Menahem Pressler. In 2010, Desmond won the Certificate of Merit state competition for young piano improvisers. He has also participated in master classes taught by improvisers such as Phillip Keveren, composer for Hal Leonard Publishing, and Norman Beede, renowned Hollywood dance accompanist.
He also believes the goal in teaching piano is to help cultivate a life-long passion for music as art that moves people, using a medium that is the most mechanical of all musical instruments (the Piano), and making it sound like the most subtle and orchestral of all instruments, in order to share inspiration from the performer to the listener. Because of these beliefs, he loves to teach all ages of people, and is always quick to learn and make himself a more subtle and communicable artist and teacher.

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