For an experience of a lifetime, Atlantic Beach Clubs offers personal watercraft and jet ski rentals at a price that is worth your while.
Along with rental jet skis, we also provide vacationers and residents in Fort Lauderdale with ski, fishing, and deck boat rentals for partying, and parasailing services. The excitement of riding a jet ski can’t be put into words; taking on the ocean spray and feeling the warm, Florida air collide with your skin and hair as you speed through the water is just something you have to experience to understand.
With dozens of jet skis and waverunners to choose from, Atlantic Beach Clubs has one of the most diverse selections of personal watercraft rentals in all of Fort Lauderdale.
Offering Lake Powell Boat Rentals, Sea-doo Jet Ski personal watercraft (PWC) Lake Powell Rentals, Utah ATV Rentals, and Utah Snowmobile Rentals. Ski boat rentals combine speed with water and allow for many recreational options while on a Minnesota lake. Get a great boat rental or jet ski rental in Venice FL from Kahuna's Boat Rental and Jet Ski Rental. Boundary Waters Resort on Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee GA offers Rentals for many types of Boats including Pontoon, Jet Ski Rentals, and Catamarans. Bridgeport Boat Rentals, located at Central Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks on the West Want to buy a Kawasaki Jet Ski? Our 110-hp jet skis comfortably fit up to three people so you can either ride solo or go with friends. In addition to jet ski rentals, we provide a vast array of activities that include SUP rentals and kayak rentals.
Atlantic Beach Clubs serves the entire Fort Lauderdale area with jet ski rentals and tours. Whether you want to take on the ocean solo or with an expert to guide you to the most serene and beautiful locations around Fort Lauderdale, our jet skis will help you create your own adventure out on the Atlantic. With dozens of jet skis rentals at Atlantic Beach Clubs’ locations, getting out onto the water should take no time at all. Rent a jet ski from Atlantic Beach Clubs and we will have you exploring the three square miles of ocean in our backyard.
Ask about our five jet ski tour routes where an expert rides with you to show you all that Florida has to offer. If you want a little more excitement, we also offer heart-racing jet ski tours that lead you out onto the open sea to fully appreciate every aspect of jet skiing.
Having 14 years of experience providing Florida residents and vacationers with boat rentals and jet ski rentals, Atlantic Beach Clubs is your premier watersport rental business along the Fort Lauderdale beach. Because we have one of the largest selections of boat and jet ski rentals in Fort Lauderdale, you can take on any activity imaginable. At Atlantic Beach Clubs, we offer the newest model jet skis, which come with incredible horse power, maneuverability, and technology.
We also offer special jet ski tours led by guides that know every nook and cranny of the reefs.
For the best view in the entire city of Ft Lauderdale, ask us about our parasailing package.
If you need an activity to do for an entire day’s worth of entertainment, a single- or double-seated kayak rental is a perfect way to go.
Along with jet ski rentals, we also provide vacationers and residents in Fort Lauderdale with jet ski tours, ski boat rentals, fishing boat rentals, rental boats for This is a seafood restaurant in your city We offer Ski Boat, Jet Ski and Pontoon rental by the day or week. Sunset Watersports (231) 932-1800 is your #1 source for ski boats, jet skis and pontoon boat rentals, deck boats, sailboats, whether it’s on one of the bays in Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe is the way to go! H2O Craft Rentals' location Tracy CA serves northern California with boat rental and jet ski rental services.
Safely take on the thrill of riding some of the newest waverunners on the Ft Lauderdale waters, and you’ll have a story for the ages.

At Atlantic Beach Clubs, our goal is to give you the toys necessary to create your adventure of a lifetime. Also, each of our jet skis is a newer model and serviced regularly by experts to ensure the safety of all of our customers. Although we do not require reservations, we recommend you call in advance to make sure a jet ski is available for you or your group of friends.
Paddle Boats, Party boats, fishing boats, cruise boats and Jet Ski rentals available in the lobby. Our jet ski rentals and tours are available in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding Florida communities and are perfect for a fast, wild afternoon of fun. Use a waverunner rental in the Fort Lauderdale area for as long or as short as you want – you can reserve a jet ski rental for a half hour or a whole afternoon.
We also offer jet ski tours in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas that will guide you through some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring areas of Florida’s coast.
Our jet skis are some of the newest models available, and our prices are some of the cheapest, making us the easiest jet ski and boat rental company to deal with in all of Florida. Thanks to our convenient location, we also offer parasailing and snorkeling services, as well as kayak, ski boat, and fishing boat rentals for parties and social gatherings. And because all of our jet skis are newer models, you get to experience the most style and horsepower for your money.
Although anyone can be a passenger, please note that jet ski operators must be 14 years of age or older and have a valid boater’s license if born after January 1st, 1988.
From slow sightseeing tours to fast-paced, wave-riding adventures, Atlantic Beach Clubs will lead you toward an unforgettable experience.
For a bit of both worlds, ask about our eco-tours, which will guide you through the Mangrove area where you may be able to spot a stingray, manatee, or even a dolphin. As an independently owned and operated business, we offer personalized customer service that puts you and your safety above all else.
From parasailing to kayaking, we can help you create the adventure of a lifetime out on the Atlantic.
Speed around our nearly three-square-mile backyard on the newest jet skis in the water, at a price that beats most of our competitors.
Enjoy a peaceful afternoon on a fishing boat and reel in the catch of the day, or take on a more thrilling adventure aboard one of our banana boat rides. Select from five routes that will take you on a slow-paced eco-tour through the Mangroves or bounce over the waves at high speeds.
At the peak altitude, you’ll get a birds-eye view of the city, beach, and ocean as it stretches for miles.
At Atlantic Beach Clubs, our snorkeling guides and tour masters have over 30 years of experience and can point you towards the most beautiful parts of the reef for snorkeling. Renting a jet ski gives you the freedom to explore the Intercoastal Waterway along Boat Rental, Pontoon Boat Rental and Jet Ski Rental in Traverse City and Northern Michigan! Our boat rentals include fishing boats, deck boats and pontoon Lake Havasu's best boat and jet ski rentals.
Featuring boat club Wakeboard boat rentals jet ski boat rental and charter services at Utah boat rentals Lake Powell boating Lake Mead waverunner rentals UT, NV, AZ, CA, CO. We are located on the southeast side of Lake Wawasee Welcome to Cocoa Beach Boat and Jet Ski Rentals! Jet Ski Chicago, LLC offers jet ski rentals and tours, banana boat rides, and Boat and Jet Ski rentals on beautiful Clear Lake in northern California.
Tahoe Ultimate is your gateway to adventure in the beautiful Tahoe Lake Area and Boat Rentals Lake Tahoe. Take boat rentals and jet ski rentals with you to Lake san go jet ski rentals, san go sea doo rentals, san go waverrunners, jet ski rentals, sea doo rentals, san go jet ski, rentals boat rentals, san go boat Lake Havasu's best boat and jet ski rentals.

With our spacious rental waverunners, you can experience that adventure on your own or in a team with two other friends and make memories you can cherish for years down the road. The best day of your vacation or weekend may be just around the corner, so gather your friends and family to make the most of your time on the ocean.
If you plan to jet ski multiple times during the season, you can receive discounted rates by signing up for a membership. From Millionaire Mile to the Boca Inlet – the ocean is yours for the taking with a jet ski rental and tour. If you have questions about our rental services, call us at (954) 946-1811, or if you’re ready to reserve, make a reservation online. Our prices are lower because our sole purpose is to provide you with the most thrilling experience you can have out on the ocean.
Contact us at (954) 376-3770 for more information about our jet skis, or to submit a reservation for one of our jet ski rentals or tours.
Boating licenses can be obtained as a lifetime license from PWC Safety School, or as a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs. Our banana boat trips offer you a great way to increase your heart rate and enjoy a day of surf and sun. Bring along a waterproof camera and snap some pictures of a paradise under the sea, and you’ll never want to do anything but snorkel again. We offer Located closest to the World Famous Sandbar World Class Fishing, Snorkeling and Diving !
We rent * Boats * Jet Skis * Beach Chairs * Boogie Boards * Beach Umbrellas * SurfBoards Visit Barefoot Resort Watersports in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for affordable jet ski, boat, and yacht rentals. Tampa Bay Boat and Jet Ski Rentals is located between Tampa and Clearwater on the Causeway in 3 locations in and around the Westin Hotel. We offer Boundary Waters Resort on Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee GA offers Rentals for many types of Boats including Pontoon, Jet Ski Rentals, and Catamarans. With the ability to choose your own pace, everyone can enjoy their time on the water whether they want to leisurely cruise around the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area, or speed around the waters. If you have any questions about our rentals, contact us for more information by calling (954) 946-1811. These tours allow everyone to relax and take in the sights under the warmth of the Ft Lauderdale sun.
And if you take a jet ski tour you’ll be able to snap a few awesome photos while you’re at it. If you have a large gathering of friends or family, we also offer deck boats that serve as party rental boats.
Our highly experienced guides are trained to give you the safest parasailing experience, so you’ll have a panoramic view without any worries. Welcome to Island Boat Rentals : Come and enjoy renting a boat at the best Aloha Boat and Jet Ski Rental Waverunner Rentals. We have ski boats, fishing boats, patio boats Ski boat rentals combine speed with water and allow for many recreational options while on a Minnesota lake. Please note that all jet ski drivers must be 14 years of age or older, although passengers can be any age. If born after  January 1st, 1988, you must have a valid boater’s license to operate and drive a jet ski. You can obtain a lifetime boater’s license at PWC Safety School, or grab yourself a temporary one-year license from Atlantic Beach Clubs when you rent a jet ski.

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