For visitors who want a thrilling adventure on the high seas (or on the low sounds), try a little Jet Skiing on your next Outer Banks vacation. Fast, speedy rides or slow touring adventures can all be part of the fun, and Jet Skiing is a watersport virtually anyone can pick up with a quick on-the-dock lessen, and a few brief safety pointers.
Every section of Outer Banks coastline has their own unique guidelines and regulations for Jet Skiers, so before taking a spin, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with your vacation area's local rules, to save yourself from a hefty fine or an abrupt end to your ride. In Corolla, Jet Skis are not permitted on the oceanside of any stretch of the Currituck Beaches, (including the 4WD beaches of Carova and Swan Beach.) However, the Currituck Sound is wide open.
Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head are more permissive, allowing Jet Skis on both the ocean and soundside beaches.
In Nags Head, Jet Skiers are also advised to only launch from designated sites within the town, and to launch straight out into the water at a speed of 5 mph or less. Hatteras Island and Ocracoke visitors will have to head north to embark on a oceanside Jet Ski adventure, as there are no Jet Skis or wave runners permitted within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. On the surface, it may seem like a lot of rules and regulations to keep up with, however, every Jet Ski rental company on the Outer Banks is well-versed in the local rules, and can quickly and easily guide new riders on the safest routes before their ride. A simple cruise around the popular shopping center areas of the central and northern Outer Banks will present new visitors with a world of options when it comes to Jet Ski rentals.
A couple good locales to scope out, as a rule of thumb, are the waterfront businesses bordering the Nags Head and the Manteo Causeway, the soundfront shops in Duck, and virtually any popular waterfront location in Corolla.
For example, the aptly named "Causeway Water Sports" can be found in Nags Head, just before the Washington Baum Bridge to Manteo.
The Promenade Water Sports facilities on the very edge of Kitty Hawk, just across the Wright Memorial Bridge, is an ideal launching point for pontoon boats, parasailing, fishing boats, kayaks, and of course, Jet Skis. Corolla and Duck are home to a number of homegrown Jet Ski rental establishments, like the Nor' Banks Sailing shop on the Duck waterfront, or the wave runner rentals available at Corolla Water Sports. Ocracoke Island also offers wave runner rentals right off the harbor, adjacent to the Jolly Roger Marina.
Perhaps one of the best known Jet Ski rental providers is Kitty Hawk Kites, a nationally recognized water sports chain that considers the Outer Banks its home base. All three locations offer hourly Jet Ski rentals, and the Whalebone Watersports locale also features guided tours of the area. Most Jet Ski rental companies only rent to riders who are at least 16-18 years old, and may require a credit card deposit ahead of time. Jet Skiers can expect to spend between $50 - $100 per hour for a rental, depending on both the location and season. When it comes to riding the waves, Jet Skis offer Outer Banks vacationers a unique avenue to exploring the great wide open waters.
Visitors can opt to book a Jet Ski rental well in advance of their vacation, or simply cruise the coastline for the dozen or so rental companies easily identified along the waterfront. Before you take off on the water, there are a few key safety precautions that will ensure you have a smooth ride.
The most important step for any Jet Skier is to attach the engine shut-off clip securely to your wrist. Make sure you are constantly alert, especially in popular Outer Banks waters like the Albemarle Sound bordering Nags Head and the Manteo Causeway, the Pamlico Sound bordering the tri-villages of Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo, or off the soundside beaches of Corolla.
Finally, for new or inexperienced riders, bringing along a friend can be extremely helpful. The Hang Gliding Spectacular and Air Games is a true example of what hang gliding is all about, fun!
Twiddy has over 930 Outer Banks vacation rentals for 33 years has serviced the Outer Banks' visitors needs for vacation rentals from oceanfront to the sound.
Located on the main drag in Nags Head, North Carolina, Kitty Hawk Watersports is the go-to spot to start your Outer Banks adventure.

If hauling a kayak around the North Carolina sounds more like work than vacation, you’re in luck: we offer free delivery of rental bike, surfboards, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and beach wagons to Nags Head, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, and Southern Shores. 101 Mobility is a mobility equipment provider available to help find personal mobility solutions that meet your needs.
For additional information you can view this item at 101 Mobility-Outer Banks or you can use the contact form below.
Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing.
There are miles of open water to rush through and explore, as well as a number of local businesses that offer hourly Jet Ski rentals. Be advised there are no public ramps in the North Beach area, however there are plenty of local Jet Ski rental companies in Corolla that are steps away from a launching dock.
On the soundside of Duck, Jet Skiers are required to go straight in and straight out of the Currituck Sound at a slow speed of 5-10mph for at least 900 feet for the safety of other folks in the water.
A local Jet Ski rental company can easily guide riders to the nearest available launching point.
However, Jet Skis are allowed on the Pamlico soundside, giving riders over 30 miles of waterfront to explore.
Many waterfront selections of shops and watersports launching points will have Jet Ski rentals on site, and the telltale sign of a line of Jet Skis sitting in a waterfront dock is generally a dead giveaway. This area is a small series of islands with a scattering of vacation rental homes and businesses, and makes the area prime launching grounds for Jet Skis. This area accesses the open waters in between Kitty Hawk, Manteo, and the Currituck Mainland, so there are miles of water to explore. Both rental locales, as well as a handful of other Jet Ski rental establishments, are stationed in small shopping centers along the Currituck Sound, so a lazy morning of shopping can easily segway into an afternoon of riding the waves. This stretch of harbor dockage offers boat tours, cruises, and rentals of all kinds, allowing visitors to pick a water adventure and take off. Kitty Hawk Kites has Jet Ski rentals available at the Whalebone Watersports locale on the causeway, the Duck location, and at their water sports complex in Rodanthe on Hatteras Island. Riders can embark on an extensive tour of Bodie Island or Shallowbag Bay, and cruise the waters of Roanoke Island or Manteo. Most Jet Skis can accommodate 2-3 people on board, although additional weight on a Jet Ski can affect the peek speeds. Bear local safety measures in mind before launching, and when in doubt, contact a local Jet Ski rental agency for a primer of what's allowed and not allowed on the beaches of the Outer Banks.
However you cruise into your Jet Ski ride, you're sure to enjoy a thrilling, exploratory introduction to Outer Banks' life on the water.
In the event you fall off the Jet Ski during your ride, the clip will allow you to shut off the Jet Ski, protecting you as well as other riders or other folks in the water. These areas can be stocked with water sports lovers of all kinds, including kayakers, kiteboarders, and windsurfers, so it's essential to be considerate and give other folks in the water plenty of room to ride. Not only do you have a partner to help retrieve the Jet Ski in case you fall off, but you'll double your fun by sharing your Jet Ski experience with a fellow thrill seeker. Tours depart daily in the morning from Whalebone Watersports in Nags Head and our Kitty Hawk Kites location in Duck.
Save hundreds of $$$ on gently used kayaks, stand up paddleboards, surfboards, skimboards and more. From jet ski rentals to kayak tours, we have what you need to make the most of the barrier islands.
Our experienced team has been serving visitors and locals alike since 1998 with exceptional service and rentals. Outdoor stair lifts can be handy when you are having trouble getting from your front door to the sidewalk.

Whether its stairlifts, patient lifts, wheel chair ramps, power wheel chairs, or scooters you are looking for, 101 mobility is the durable mobility equipment company for you! An ideal activity for teens and adults who love a good thrill ride, Jet Skis also allow new Outer Banks visitors a chance to explore the coastline, both along the Atlantic Ocean of the area's four miles-wide sounds, from an entirely new vantage point. In Southern Shores, Jet Skiers can access both the sound and ocean waters, provided they stay 200 yards offshore on the oceanside, and 400 yards offshore on the soundside.
This also extends into Ocracoke Island, where Jet Ski riders can explore the tip of Ocracoke Inlet, the waters bordering the Ocracoke Harbor, and all the adventurous islands and sand bars in between. Jet Skiers in this area can have a blast exploring the waters between Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands, but are advised to use extreme caution entering and exiting the busy Ocracoke Harbor.
Depending on the tour, riders can expect to catch glimpses of the historic downtown Manteo waterfront and the Elizabeth II historic replica. A fun twist to any Outer Banks vacation, Jet Skiing can help new Outer Banks visitors tour the landscape while providing the ride of a lifetime. You'll want to leave and return to the dock at a low speed to ensure a safe passage, and some areas of the Outer Banks have regulations in place on how fast you can ride out to the sound, and out of crowded waters. Not to worry - simply hang on and use your knees to raise yourself off the seat until the Jet Ski is once again back in the water and cruising. Stop by one of our stores and pick through our expansive offering of boards while supplies last.
If its further, this stair lift can be expanded to provide assistance all the way to your boathouse.
Because of these wide parameters, a boater safety course is also required in Southern Shores before embarking on a Jet Ski adventure. Both towns require that Jet Skiers stay far away from the areas' fishing piers for the operators' safety.
Both tours last approximately 75 minutes, and allow vacationers to enjoy the thrill of a Jet Ski ride while exploring some of the Outer banks most scenic areas. 10 mph is also a good speed for familiarizing yourself with turning and maneuvering, though this self-tutorial generally only takes a few minutes at most.
Patient stair lifts will be sure to extend your independence, safely and securely, both inside and outside of your home. Once you have your turns under control, and are out in open water, you're ready to rev up to a steady, cruising speed.
Contact us today at (252) 441-2756 to start planning your next trip — and don’t forget to ask about our free delivery.
With rental locations in Nags Head, Duck and Rodanthe, and guided jet ski tours offered at our location in the Whalebone district of Nags Head, you will be on the water in no time. Kitty Hawk Kites has 3 great locations for your jet ski needs on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Don’t wait in line for your jet ski, reserve today by calling 1-877-FLY-THIS (359-8447).Interested in more than just a joy ride? Tours depart daily in the morning from Whalebone Watersports in South Nags Head and our Kitty Hawk Kites location in Duck. Up to 2 riders per ski will enjoy the thrill of jetting across the shallow sounds, following your expert tour guide. Everyone that has been on one of our Jet Ski Tours will tell… More Info >> Jet Ski Gift CertificatesMake your Outer Banks vacation extraordinary with the ride of a lifetime on our Yamaha jet skis!
You must be at least 18 years of age… More Info >> Jet Ski RentalsTake to the water with a jet ski rental or tour on the Outer Banks!

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