Electronically fuel injected, providing turn-key starting, increased power, and improved fuel economy with spectacular reliability. Mercury?s jet-drive outboards are specifically designed to pilot boats in shallow waters where propeller-driven hulls are unable to operate. Water is drawn into the unit through the intake grill by an impeller, driven directly by the engine driveshaft. NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Value Prices are shown in US dollars only and initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges.

Because there is no lower unit extending below the hull, the jet drive permits passage over obstacles that would foul a propeller-driven outboard boat.
The water is then forced at high pressure through an outlet nozzle, creating thrust that drives the boat forward.
To obtain reverse, a gate lifts into position over the outlet re-directing the pressure stream in the opposite direction. Dealer installation fees for options, taxes, title, registration, documentation and license fees vary by situation and are in addition to prices shown.

STATE AND LOCAL LAWS vary; some equipment or engines offered may not be available in some states or may require additional equipment at extra cost.

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