I found your boat wiring website and would be grateful if you might comment on the following for installation of marine electrical systems in an aluminium hull boat.
DC system includes house battery, engine alternator (isolated negative) and engine battery. I have been told that it would be better to float the DC system entirely as well (same as AC) so that there is no negative ground at all.
On your boat generator, the AC ground and AC neutral are connected together on the metal engine block of the generator. Hull ground isolation is nearly impossible on an aluminum boat with an engine and unsafe on an aluminum boat with AC power. I am consider buying the EzAcDc kit for rewiring my existing boat switch panel to the instruments around the boat. Currently I have a 12 volt boat horn (dual), a 12 volt boat spotlight, and the bow and stern navigation lights. I am pretty much starting from scratch and was looking for boat wiring diagrams, fuses, wiring hubs and connectors when I realized that it is very complicated.
The rewire your switch panel kit from our partners at EzAcDc should work great for your boat wiring project. Here are links to the schematics for the smaller boat wiring harness and larger boat wiring harness to help determine which one will work best for your application All dimensions are in inches.
Oh yes Plans I think the pics that went missing from my first post may have been the plans for this 16ft alloy V bottom johnboat. And one last one showing the broad outline of how the pieces go together once released from their parent sheet bye cutting the tabs that hold it in place..
You get a step bye step guide booklet that tells you what to do and in what order, as well as another book that tells you all about the welding process and what your aiming to achieve in terms of a decent weld. Also you get all the info you need on electrolysis protection painting wiring etc etc the hull. If you want free hull lines for this kind of powerboat contact me and I will send you a 3D dxf files.

I probably should have added another post to this thread, about the Australian Standards that apply to powering such a vessel. Knowing that 60 Hp is the max you can get on a 16 ft alloy boat, you have to start to wonder how a manufacturer can get away then with putting 200 horses on the back of a similar vessel? The above standard AS 1799 is not a commercial vessel standard and does not apply to survey vessels. Hmmm thats got me thinking then I wonder how many horsepower I can get away with on one a these? Then again It mightn't be a bad idea if i conduct a few stability tests before I get too carried away! Sorry Joe 4 months later I spotted your question when I was reading back thru an old thread looking for something else.
All up with the 50 HP outboard it weighs a LOT more than you might think - like a full 1 tonne (1000 kilos, or ~2250 pounds). If you run that vessel lightship (minimal gear) then yes a 25 HP is ample and when fiorst buolt I ran her for a year or more with 25 ponies -including some relaticely long offshore islands runs of up to 38 Nm in one leg - 24 in another and about 40 in yet another. The rason for the 50 is the weight the vessel gained with the timber console gear locker thwart seat, flotation foam additional 5 gal tank, 3 batterys electroc troller and all the fly gear I cart while on charter. All that gear was required to achieve a comemrcial passenger survey cert from Govt transport authorities (along with epirbs and fkares radio sat phone charts etc etc etc etc.. I do agree that lightship with 50 ponies she would be a real handfull especially in it's current tiller steer configuration.
Then again the 16 ft Punt I posted painted white has 200 ponies on basically the same hullform.(go figure). I did hear the engione was recovered and that passengers survived the crocks due to the speed bouncing them across the water up the bank some meters beyond the waters edge (and crock territory).
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The generator negative battery cable is also connected to the engine block and your DC negative system.

The engine and its underwater gear are inevitably electrically connected to the engine block and the DC negative. I stumbled upon the switch panel rewire kit and was wondering if it is all I need to hook my three lights and my dual boat horn up to the toggle switches that I bought all getting power from the battery.
Thanks for the response and I hope the answer is a simple yes so I can buy this product and get out fishing! When combined with either the smaller boat wiring harness or larger boat wiring harness (depending on the size of your boat), it would provide you will all new accessory wiring, switch wiring, and fuse block.
Rumour has it she was written off douing 70MPH around a bend in Australia's northern territories East Alligator river. A positive hull connection to the DC negative gives a low resistance path back to AC ground and DC ground in the event of a fault. I like how you done your and wish I could do something like what you done to your Jon Boat.
A model wooden gravy holder Boat builders resouce with destitute plans and blueprints to reach model boats. Your AC distribution panel should have a link between the AC ground (Green) and the DC negative on your boat. The area with the positive cable connected to it will corrode to protect your engine and drive. If you are happy with the plans you download please build a small donation to helper hold back this service. When you're building the frame I'm assuming you're drilling into the boat at some spots so how do you ensure those don't leak? Get Simple mould Boat Plans here http GetBoatPlans There are many ways to find boat plans for boat models plans.

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