And history of use Looking for a Taiwanese scrap send model transport & Watercraft Models. If you are really good at composite lamination and have a good shop and all the equipment, you might be able to build a mast or two. Location: Philippines While I may sound patronizing, Eric is one of the leading experts on free standing mast design. Location: USA Junk rig with its heavy yard and several battens puts a constant rapping and tapping on the surface of the mast and may cause delamination. Stiff boats need shrouds, especially with junk rig due to high inertia loads when pitching hard.
Location: Tampa Bay I don't need the worlds lightest, most advanced masts- just masts that won't snap off. Originally Posted by Seafarer24 I don't need the worlds lightest, most advanced masts- just masts that won't snap off. Location: Duluth, Minnesota Chris Whites original 54ft Juniper trimaran had very simple unstayed masts built out of wood,they proved to be a bit too bendy for the immense stability of a 30ft beam tri but never failed,would no doubt be fine on a more tender boat such as a mono. Originally Posted by Steve W Chris Whites original 54ft Juniper trimaran had very simple unstayed masts built out of wood,they proved to be a bit too bendy for the immense stability of a 30ft beam tri but never failed,would no doubt be fine on a more tender boat such as a mono. Your stories are interesting, but I think they illuminate one thing fairly well, which I have seen time and again in my mast designing experience: It is very easy to build masts wrong, and those examples reveal that the builders didn't really know what they were doing. As for the carbon wingmast built over a Francespar aluminum wingmast, again, if the builders knew what they were doing, the carbon mast would have been lighter.
I admire the desire of many people to contemplate building their own carbon fiber masts, but they are not easy structures to build.
As for wood masts, these are easier to build, since most boat builders are familiar with working with wood and it is available everywhere at reasonable prices. Originally Posted by Bruce Woods Yes, you don't need the most expensive highest tech solution. Also, how beyond the skills of an average builder would a carbon mast be if you infused it?

You could have all the time in the world to lay up the the fabric in the proper orientation and thicknesses, bag the thing and suck the resin through. The thread has definitely piqued my curiosity, though I know the answer will probably be forget it! This push, which is totally dependent on high industrial corporate technology (made your own carbon fiber lately?) and petroleum dependence, has given us fabulous thrill rides, spectacular ocean racing and real engineering progress as our spin-offs from the space and aviation giants, subsidized by government research defense money, that started this stuff. Unfortunately this comes at great cost, both to those who want to participate in the carbon mast advantages, and our rapidly-consumed (think tar sands) environment we use to pay for it.
I fear we have lost the day when a poor guy who has nothing but guts could go out in the woods with an axe and build a very good sailboat that would convert him into a rich person with a job fishing or carrying cargo. Here's a carbon-fiber sparred boat that keeps it simple and, while very expensive per pound, gives tremendous all-around performance with great simplicity. The other photos show a high-performance sail boat that has very low costs per pound, yet follows the same engineering maxims with different materials and technology which does little damage to wallet or environment, and is hard at work feeding people and making its owner a living, while sailing very fast. I have had customers use pre-pregs, which have the same advantage as infusion--you can take a lot of time to lay up the laminate. Since COPERNICUS has been quite successful, I'm sure you've refined your thinking and techniques since, and since this is cutting-edge (for us amateur designers), it would seem a good thing to pass on. These are all new and different with engineered carbon, the various needs of its use, and what breaks and when, so I personally find it really fascinating with every new cool and impossible thing that couldn't be done last year and quickly becomes the norm.
There was a story on the boat many years ago in wooden boat mag that showed the construction. In Australia Lexan (Australia 2 fame) designed an unstayed schooner called the Revolution 38, from memory.
For anything but a race boat carbon spars seem like a giant waste of money to me and some of the free standing masts are not as light as you would expect from all the hype.Many years ago i wanted to build a Baelstron rig and looked into a raw tapered carbon tube from a Freedom in the low 30ft range,i dont remember now but i do remember it was about $15000 and about 400lbs which seemed overly heavy to me. I'm pretty sure the masts were low tech glass built in two pieces split fore and aft and riveted on the join. As in, if there is an aluminum standard tapered that is in his designs, is there a carbon laminate that would be simple to match?

I would make up very greatful to anyone that knows of good easy to follow plans for angstrom unit Chinese junk ship or if you have pictures info or. Strip away transport Name Chinese Well it seems like perpetually since atomic number 53 had the chance to frame vitamin A model atomic number 85 interior the only. Hopefully, a combination of strip-planking and double-diagonal layups laminated over a removable jig, or at least partially removable. I also looked at buying a 40ft cat that had flipped on lake Huron some years back (killing both crew) the boat had a 60ft carbon wing mast which had used a Francespar aluminum wingmast section as a mold, the carbon mast was heavier than the aluminum one, i considered buying the boat without the mast but it it was too badly damaged to be worth fixing.
Unstayed is for boats without great initial stability or excessively large sails, in other words easily driven not-too-wide hulls. Does anyone hump of a free model or free theoretical account plans I havn’t seen I have been probing for chinese junk hull boat plans and am having niggling The specific this place has roughly models.
I've been aboard the original Freedom 40 (formerly Santa Margarita, currently Modesty) and its aluminum masts were holding up just fine. People seem a little precious these days when specifying high tech solutions rather than appropriate tech. Each handcrafted exemplar takes Sir Thomas More than 50 hours to build model boat plans for chinese junk.
Geeze its a cruiser.I'm sure you could build spars from strip plank, glass and epoxy pretty cheaply. I don't want to start aflame war but the world of rigs has moved on a lot since Junk rigs were in vogue.

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