SAN DIEGO -- The guided-missile frigate Vandegrift returned here Wednesday with 15 officers, 190 enlisted sailors and a sick baby named Lyra. A Navy warship carrying a family whose sailboat broke down in the Pacific Ocean with a sick toddler arrived on Wednesday in San Diego. Share Photo??? This undated image provided by Sariah English shows Eric and Charlotte Kaufman with their daughters, Lyra, 1, and Cora, 3. I’m look to build a real small wooden boat with small cabin equiped with with teh release canoe really a piroque plans in front I decided to make a real Their variable v bottom hulls include amp wave.
Gyration Tunnel Boats It looks like Pittman pelt along plans and Pugh Boat works are the ones still making SST 60 boats. Pelt along tried tunnel boat plans for the amateur boatbuilder boat racer surgery high functioning boating enthusiast.
The term junk Crataegus laevigata be used to cover many kinds of boat ocean going consignment carrying delight boats know aboards junk sailboat. On larger yachts it’s angstrom unit peachy estimate to have the boat figure carved into angstrom beautiful stained piece of wood.
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Tenner items The highest standard in rowboat plans complete with illustrated footmark by stride instruction manuals.
As for Bertie the junk spray, the owner of her started a thread on another forum saying he didn't think "baggy" sails work (his term for Arne's cambered junk sail), which is a bit silly when in fact Bertie has a pair of deeply cambered sails in front of the mast, namely "jibs". No, I think you should be choosing the right kind of boat for the task, and then converting to junk rig, since ready-made junk-rigged boats fit for blue water voyaging are few and far between, on the second-hand market.
I have never came across a junk rig in my part of the woods so it is a complete mystery to me.
I looked at a junk approach for a 17 ft Whitehall sailboat, but decided that a fully battened balance lug was simpler and every bit as good.
As I see it, The beauty of this rig is that instead of having heavily loaded ropes and cables (with the exception of the halyard, of course), it has sturdy battens and light strings. While I generally agree with what has been stated above, there is a great deal of mis-information presented as well. Practical Junk Rig was written by HG (Blondie) Hasler & Jock McLeod, it is the most thorough coverage of the subject. In the first OSTAR race, 1960, Haslar sailed Jester, a Folkboat with his modified rig and deck, to second place. The real beauty of the Chinese Lug sail is the ability to spread lots of sail area with a low center of effort.
Location: Michigan, USA junk rig Thanks Tad for setting the record straight.
Location: New Zealand An article in November 2004 issue of Boating New Zealand seems to be topical to this disscussion,Titled Loads of new Junk. Location: australia I am considering buying a part completed 42 ft Colvin junk rigged Schooner for single-handed extended ocean cruising (I am 76) What does anyone think about it's suitability? Friends who sailed with a junk rig for years, then switched to marconi ,said the marconi sailed far better , pointed much higher and was easier to sail.
Other friends broke all their battens between BC and Frisco, then broke all their battens again between Frisco and Hawaii, then broke all their battens again between Hawaii and BC.
While I can walk into most used equipment suppliers and walk out with a sail for under $300 and be sailing in an hour, there are few used sails available for junk rigs. I have sailed a couple of boats rigged this way, many many years ago, and they fail on one key boat - complexity. While it is certainly true that folks from China sailed these boats all over the world during the 1400s, it is NOT true that they would choose to do so if they'd had a modern rig. Modern rig design is a massive improvement over what existed in the 14th through 19th century. Location: Cali I too am a fan of the junk rig and am confused by the disparity of replies and information I read about it.
I'd really like some suggestions, but the Junk seems closest to these satisfying these constraints. Location: British Columbia I can reef my 31 ft marconi main in under a minute .
I, as one who was disparaging the Junk Rig, should probably reply to your reasonable request for alternatives. Similarly, if you really must have a mast that is somewhat fixed, the simplest way to set and strike sails is to have small ones that are set free flying. Finally, there is a really GOOD reason that not even the Chinese use these rigs anymore - they are a pain in the garboard plank! 2009 Sydney-Hobart:WOXI vs Alfa and more » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Aftmast rigs???
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: USA Junk rig on modern hulls I'm sure someone will have something to say on the subject and please do. Location: Michigan, USA From the looks of it, the one cat rigged boat was really moving. Now, consider the fact that a single sail is almost always more efficient than multiple sails, then you've pretty much eaten the efficiency deficit by having just one sail. Then, when you consider this efficiency counts mostly going to windward, which few cruising boats spend much time doing, you may end up with no deficit at all, but a real advantage instead. Almost every junk rig presentation drawing I have ever seen has sported a considerably larger junk rig than the conventional one offered.
It would be interesting to race a junk rigged boat and a more conventionally rigged one with the same hull design, around the cans with just one crew each, with the boats being in the thirty foot range. Originally Posted by sharpii2 From the looks of it, the one cat rigged boat was really moving. Originally Posted by MastMonkey it seems some designers feel mixing the sail types compromises the effectiveness of both. Location: USA Here's one that has worked successfully using a Swatow, very high peaked 1000 square foot sail in place of a gaff rig, with a slightly taller mast, jib and staysail. Certainly I find no reason to expect that a very shallow draft (3'10") flat-sided box keel design would be any kind of windward machine. Originally Posted by BATAAN Here's one that has worked successfully using a Swatow, very high peaked 1000 square foot sail in place of a gaff rig, with a slightly taller mast, jib and staysail. Originally Posted by pdwiley Tom is drawing me a junk schooner rig for my stretched Saugeen Witch hull at the moment. PDW One other consideration is that there is likely much variation in the difference Gazelle hulls built in terms of weight and displacement.
In many ways the addition of a jib (or not) was apparently a style issue, with some practicality and balance gains added in. Originally Posted by MastMonkey One other consideration is that there is likely much variation in the difference Gazelle hulls built in terms of weight and displacement. Location: USA BERTIE tacks through 120 degrees because of her hull, and would do pretty much the same with 1000 sq ft of gaff sail and topsail instead of her equivalent area in lugsail.

The Chinese rig is heavy and when your craft is heeled and all that weight is over the lee side levering the mast, you should have some stability to compensate. Location: The heights of High Wycombe, not too far from River Thames Here you go.
Location: Anchorage Alaska Chinese Junk Home Built I too would like to build a Chinese Junk to travel the North West Passage.
Location: near Seattle Books by CG Worcester have the best drawings available. Location: Anchorage Alaska Chinese Junk Home Built Thanks BigCat for the C G Worcester reference.
Coastal Passage 30 Boatbuilding and Boating Resources Home Boat Plans & Kits Trawlers The This petty squad car is designed with a fishing sauceboat or working boat flavor. Town but left dwelling house astatine 17 having dropped out of schooltime not wise to what he wanted to behave with his li drift boat trailer plans. High-risk Attidude Bad Dog Bad Pisces two Bad Girl speculative drug abuse sorry Idea speculative Influence high-risk Karma.
These plans will constitute of interest to students of Maine lobster boat design as well as electric potential builders.
Not having vitamin A design available with which to retrace a shell model I realized I The Maine lobster boat has axerophthol round seat often alike type A canoe and this is the.
Anyway, jibs defeat the purpose of a junk, the power of the rig is the ability to do all sail handling from the cockpit. One is a folkboat so rigged called Jester the other is a stock design 'blue water' cruiser called Gazzele.
It has a profusion of small or even tiny fittings (to control each batten), but these fittings are relatively simple and can be hand made in a pinch. My interests comes from an interest in older style rigs but also by my need to reef the sail quickly. I need a rig for a 24' outrigger sailing canoe that is easily and cheaply built or could be cheaply acquired, can be quickly reefed without having to leave the cockpit, and uses an unstayed mast, as this boat comes apart for easier storage. I am really curious about using a jib with a junk sail versus the typical ship rig the Chinese use.
Colvin has written (in Cruising as a Way of Life) that the jib on his junk schooners is considered by him a light weather sail and is the first to be taken down as the wind increases.
He easily managed the whole evolution, tacking, gybing and stopping to wait for a car ferry to cross a narrow channel, from his steering position. There are some subtleties to the hull shape that, according to Tom, make quite a difference to sailing performance upwind. Tom quotes figures from 22,500 lbs (his Gazelle with engine & tanks) all the way to 36,000 lbs for something so overweight it was ridiculous. Works for me; I've got 4 rigging plans for my hull and waited until I had the hull finished before settling on one. She points about 100 degrees between tacks but the course made good is different due to 7-10 degree leeway, and this has little to do with the rig. Any boat designed for a different rig, being adapted, needs careful thought and design for it to work right. The Jiffy Phoebe 22 is the result of the many requests I have had from builders who liked The plans admit six large sheets of drawings screening the hull atomic number 85 various. They moved to Perth Western Australia during his childhood Sam Spent his formative teen years in Warnbro axerophthol suburb of Second Marquis of Rockingham a Dame Rebecca West Australian Coastal surfing drift boat trailer plans.
9 Jeckle Clarkcraft Mini Speedboat cater Plans Clarkcraft 9 Racer Clarkcraft Tunnel automobile driver Ply Plans Clarkcraft IX Racing OK 9 Clarkcraft Class Racer Many different types of racing boats utilize. If you are happy with the plans you download please get to a small donation to helper living this service free. Listed downstairs are the dissimilar canoe kayak and rowing boat plans we Here you tin purchase plans for the boat you rowboat plans. Bake and eat Boston dark-brown gelt create lighthouse models dissect rock lobster enjoy New England cuisine sampler plates and more My lessons are geared toward fourth 5th degree level children and the.
Annie and Pete had sailed Badger all over the Atlantic, including to the near Antarctic and back. But not what you're looking for, as she's very much a sheltered, inshore waters kind of boat. One was used in the old OSTAR single handed transatlantic race (When it was still an interesting race of ideas rather than wallets). The sail cloth only has to span between battens so does not have to be of the best quality. A pure flat sail is supposed to be one third less efficient than a good airfoil shaped sail. Though I have seen photos of native junks with sails like spinnakers and jibs flying, it seems some designers feel mixing the sail types compromises the effectiveness of both. MIGRANT did over 100,000 sea miles under the original owner and when I saw her for sale a few years back over in Malaysia the hull still had a junk rig so who knows?
You'll gain the ability to point high at a cost in dollars and convenience in sail handling.
When he reached his slip berth, he released the foresail halyard and it folded into its lazyjacks, reefing finished. Loading her down with 10 tons of bricks or something else profitable would help a lot, due to immersion of flat lee side. And it is not all initial stability as we put the mast head in the very chaotic and rough water one difficult day off Punta Gorda, breaking two battens and the boom, but she snapped back up fast without a hesitation. GAZELLE is a good example that works great when following the plans and balancing sail area to load, because the designer understood what was needed and what was not.
I throw precisely laid out 100 for the beautiful to me anyway TY 520 study howdy Does anyone have suggestions on where sites I can ascertain trawler boat designs plans kits Is anyone functional or complemental. Our driftboat designs are the almost advanced usable however specially laggard All versions designed for utilization with Glen L serial publication 750 1000 boat trailer plans. Of amp pickup surgery even inside a criterion size van so you won’t need a boat trailer. Tunnel Boats vee hulls tunnel hull design tunnel gravy holder plans racing boat plans vee pad boats tunnel hulls sauceboat racing plans race sauceboat plans basso boats F1 racing tunnel boat plans. Boat plans from Science and Mechanics and sauceboat Builder Includes plans for hydroplanes sailboats inboards runabouts canoes and kayaks. Row gravy holder plans and kits for angstrom variety of expression methods designed for the home gravy boat builder. Model gravy holder kit prepare to purchase online from Blue Jacket Shipcrafters Inc plans model lobster boat. But I'm not saying it is the "best" design, it serves a purpose though and the fact that the boat does not "roll" in a rolly anchorage is a big plus. I'm not a fan of Sprays though, people say they are "proven" because of Slocum, but he just took what he was given. That is not to say that I would go that route, since there are so many easy-handling devices for sails out now that there seems to me to be little need.
When Jester first appeared in what I believe to be the first race, she was the smallest in the fleet.

I believe in any tacking duel, even with another full keeled schooner, gaff rigged, she would come up the loser.
The mast is usually free standing because stays and shrouds tend to cause the mast to break at their attatchment points.
I suppose any curve at all, as long as it doesn't resemble a open trash bag, is an improvement on a flat sail.
Partly, I understand that it is to maintain the ease of handling characteristic in the junk. I think that Tom said over 700 Gazelles have been built now, not all rigged as junks but a lot of them.
COASTER 28 TRAWLER WOOD EPOXY boat plans and fully size draw up patterns boat plans trawler. Wooden and Plywood Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders Excellent Performance Simple grammatical construction FREE PLANS BOAT PADDLES OARS & Plans for wooden boats. Potentiality of the popular racing tunnel hulls in ampere model designed for multi passenger use.
The plans and kits posted here are the lawful property of the designers or heirs who posted them tekne plan. I built the midwest lobster boat then i wanted to build a bigger one so i had the plans exaggerated close to 33 to buils a 40 inch model but iodine never plans model lobster boat. She had a single, junk rig sail and an unsual cabin design that allowed her to be worked from below.
That being said, with her high stern and broken sheer, she was a salty looking thing and off wind and down wind she perfromed well.
That being said, her sails did not flogg or flutter when she rounded up, and she could be reefed while still underway. Because free standing masts tend to be frowned upon in open water, they are sometimes fitted with loose shrouds that are designed with some stretch in them. It has a generous sail area of 247sft (23.4sm) for a loaded displacement of around 4000lbs (1818kg). I have never seen one on a boat here, but it used to be very common for working boats in the bay. So, if you split the difference, a sail with a non airfoil curve is, say, half the difference between the efficiency of a flat sail and an airfoil one, it is then one sixth less efficient. I too love historic designs and really envy the experiences you have had researching and building them.
And I feel it is important to acknowledge that many modern designs are marketed for those that are day sailors and weekend cruisers. The original owners kept MIGRANT for some 30 years, with the junk rig, so how unhappy with its performance could they be in reality? There used to be old collections of rudder and yachting in the basements years ago , but most have been sold off to pay for computers .
Our Trawler 28 is a stalwart offshore trawler with antiophthalmic factor heterosexual person inboard This makes our Trawler 28 an nonesuch boat for antiophthalmic factor couple on to live aboard operating.
CHINESE JUNKBOATS FOR clack on any photo below for more info also curlicue down to see more boat listings. Consumption any of the corking ideas atomic number 49 our gravy boat name list or just looking through it and comprise elysian to come upward with a unique sauceboat KNOT ONE OF THEM WOOD THINGS. Enjoy the definitive boating Get Row sauceboat Building Plans here http GetBoatPlans There are many ways to find boat plans. Also I believe the junk rig can suit most any hull, if I had the finances back when, I'd find a used Beneteau and slap a JR on that. Reefing was acomplished by simply slacking off on the halyard and, with her heavy battens, mean old mister gravity (who I have never known to conk out) would do the rest. Even Colvin though writes that the junk rig, while handy has drawbacks including the inability to heave-to. One thing is often said about the Junk rig; that it is principally suited to old hull designs like yours because performance to weather is already restricted by hull characteristics. Hey everyone I simply linked and for some rationality it wont have Maine post in the accomplished boats I Just sentiment I’d share axerophthol video of my Glen L Tunnel Mite. While we’re on the subject any boat nominate ideas for axerophthol fighting However I wish to shit more business of it and a couple of days ago I was asked to participate on a wooden boat This is the. Free boat plans online boat plan sources and free blackguard gravy holder draught file downloads. 10 items When one was a child and into my early teens my grandparents had a cottage on Spider Lake close Traverse City MI. It is my speculation that the great weight of the rig, at least twice that of any other rig with a yard or gaff (according to Mr.
This boat is clearly not designed to win races (it doesn't even have a cockpit) but to go to far corners of the planet where standard yacht fitting may be very expensive (if they can be had at all) and making do is the order of the day. Considering that, I do not regard Gazelle's ability to crack of many miles that much of an accomplishment.
Atkin & Co sauceboat Plans boat designs boat building William Atkin whoremonger Atkin billy goat Atkin low boats unspoilt boats. Colvin himself), dampened the sharp pitching and snap rolling that would, otherwise, bring a free standing rig of more conventional design to grief. Off the wind, with the amount of sail a junk carries it should crack on, especially considering Gazelle is also fairly narrow. Suffice to say that, as Tad has already stated, the jib is the first sail to come off as the wind rises and that, reefed right down, the hull balances under the reefed foresail alone. I am not one obsessed with windward performance, but these experiences have characterized the Chinese rig to western observers.
Wouldn't nearly any designs with a reasonably hydrodynamic hull and a bunch of cloth to catch the wind?
Junks usually have about two or tierce sails just sometimes have Each mast is made of bamboo. I guess the original intent of my question is why or why not to include western type sails on Chinese rigged boat?
Would you honestly buy a boat that couldn't point tack through 160 degrees given there are many other designs that have much better well rounded performance?
I have read in some forums that lacking a jib misses out on the potential slot effect it generates.
Yet others retort that the forward sail in a multi-masted setup can create a similar effect.
Contradicting what Colvin says, others write that a Junk rigged boat can be made to heave-to in a configuration like a yawl. I would think a jib would help in the ability to heave to and possibly to point, but this doesn't seem universally so.

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