Paddle kayaks do not have the necessary lateral resistance needed nor do they typically have a rudder for steering. We will calculate the freight charge based on your location and contact you to confirm costs before any costs are charged to your account.
The Patented MirageDrive™ pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and obtain higher speeds. Paddle kayaks require hands-on paddling which prohibits use of rudder and sail controls for sailing.

Its compact design easily fits inside the average apartment or home closet, and the back end allows the kayak to stand upright. The MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal out onto the water to sail and pedal back if needed. From paddling and fishing to surfing and even sailing, the Monterey is perfect for your outdoor adventure. The MirageDrive pedal system’s fins act as a keel or centerboard when in the down position offering the lateral resistance needed for upwind sailing.

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